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20 Jan, 2020
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Her Domme side comes from a place of love, playfulness, curiosity, mischief, creativity, spirituality, and good old fashioned lustiness.
Young, friendly-run dungeon space available for hire by individuals, couples or small groups. You get full, exclusive use of the entire self contained building!
Has a naturally dominant nature that varies from caring and sensual to harsh, strict, and sadistic. Only likes to session with genuine, obedient subs/slaves.
19 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Stunning and very sexy Mistress with Her own dungeon, The Fortescue. Want Her to dominate you alongside one of Her submissive TV sissywhores or gayboy studs?
Connoisseur of quality admirers; trained in BDSM by the breathtaking, enigmatic Cruel Adventuress. She will transform you into Her ideal admirer!
Under Goddess Brianna's leadership, Mystique has become the definitive benchmark of discretion, safety, cleanliness, professionalism, and diversity.
Knightsbridge Central London Dominatrix, skilled in all areas of BDSM. Discrete with very high quality facilities, refreshments, and separate client shower.
17 Jan, 2020
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Practices everything that is legal, non-violent, non-hazardous, and which leaves no marks... except on your soul!
Curvy, dirty games expert!
Petite, black, curvy, Puerto Rican Dominatrix. If you're truly interested in submission, She'll take you to new places with Her sensual touch & playful nature!
16 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Imagine Her above you, looking down at you & deep into your eyes; feel the weight of Her body on top of you, making you nice & hard & wet. She already owns you!
Divine Dominican Dominatrix with a sharp wit and whip. Beg at Her altar.
You’ve just taken the first step to give your life purpose by serving Her. Congratulations on recognizing perfection when you see it!
BBW Dominatrix with size 12 feet and legs like no other. NYC & The Hamptons!
Elite Asian Femdom Mistresses based in Sydney, Australia.
15 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Intelligent and highly educated Disciplinarian. She's proficient wielding most implements, such as a hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle, belt, strap, cane, & more!
Competitive, semi-competitive, and light fantasy wrestling.
14 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Physical punishment, brain washing, body exploration, & more… this is your invitation to travel through different atmospheres. Control, Dominance, Discipline!
Classically trained Dominatrix & hedonist at heart. Takes Her high-protocol sub training very seriously & enjoys shaping Her submissives to bring Her pleasure!
The webs #1 source for women riding men PonyPlay. Mild to Wild but the women is always on top!
13 Jan, 2020
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Having studied martial arts since the age of 5, She has a deep understanding of power dynamics & the strength to overpower subs just like you!
Dominatrix who specializes in humiliation, corporal, erotica, and more. Find Her online as well & get your own custom clip! Sessions in Seattle & Vancouver.
The Goddess. The Sadist. The Femme Fatale.
12 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Sadistic, blonde feminine Mistress with a kink for latex and all things demented... one of Sydney's youngest Dominatrices!
Strict blonde Amazon beauty who seeks sissies, pain sluts, fetishists, and more for training & Her enjoyment.
She'll create an unparalleled and unforgettable environment, like a dream, like something that never happened... but it IS happening!
Hochkarätige Göttin ... Keine noch so ungewöhnliche Fantasie ist ihr fremd! High class Goddess… any fantasy - no matter how unusual - is foreign to Her!
Superior Female XXX Domination over helpless men captured in Femdom galleries.
10 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
FinDom of intelligence who doesn't just want your money but your MIND as well. She'll make you feel like the weak, lifeless, futile little runt that you are.
Sexy black Mistress available for jerk off instructions, cum eating instructions, ass worship, and foot worship.
Lifestyle approach, sensual sadist, disciplinarian, patient trainer, super tease~explore your kinks through Her and Her site.
8 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Seattle's French Spankologist.
They say a sucker is born every minute... well it looks like your time has just arrived!
A Mistress who uses Her dominance with pleasure and passion to get you exactly where She wants you!
7 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Sees who She believes will be right for Her kind of session & likes sessions to be fun... but She's always in control!
Strict, Classy Femdom located in the Houston area... your fetish will come to life at Her feet!
She talks - you listen. She orders - you obey.
6 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Women making boys be girls! Watch their sissy slut training videos online or download their HD videos to view at your leisure.
Allow Her sensual voice to guide you into a deep state of submission. You'll love Her erotic hypnosis and FemDom hypnosis recordings, and you'll beg for more!
These Ladies enjoy a wide range of fetishes and D/s fantasies, so regardless of what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it here!
Internationally renowned Spankologist & Life Coach. Have you been naughty? You'll feel much better after a sound spanking! Creative sessions tailored for you!
4 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
High quality and unique foot fetish content with beautiful Women and eager slaves!
She wants to use your hard earned cash to buy frivolous and extravagant gifts; She wants to laugh as She rinses you... again and again. 5+ years of experience!
BDSM, Fetisch und Bizarres. Ihre Qual befriedigt ihre Bedürfnisse. BDSM, fetish, and Bizzarres. Your agony satisfies Her needs.
3 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Dominanz and Bizarrerotic im exklusiven privatstudio mit privatclinik, fetish-room und outdoorbereich!
So young, so beautiful, She needs to be spoiled... and you will not be able to resist!
Disciplinarian, Coach, Educator, & Mentor who specializes in spanking, domestic discipline, and corporal punishment.
2 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Iconic Fetish Vixen who will dominate, humiliate, and exploit you... get on your knees and beg to serve! Also travels to LA, DC, New York, and Las Vegas.
She really enjoys the feeling of dominance She gets from a session, and believe Her, once you're in Her power you'll have no choice but to submit to Her.
Elite Mistress and Alpha Female. Lifestyle Financial Dominatrix and pet trainer. London, NY, LA, Singapore, HK. Submission requests via email only.
1 Jan, 2020
Name Location Picture Description
Mature and fit Dominant Lady with nicely equipped chambers and fetish clinic in Preston. Open weekdays to explore your fetish and fantasies.
News and articles for the fetish community. Blog, adult directory, gallery post, and fetish wiki covering over 140 niches. Online since 1999!
Chicago AB/DL nursery featuring the best age-play Mistress in America - live, phone, cam, and e-mail sessions available.
30 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Mentor, Mistress, Educator & Photographer active in the lifestyle for 20+ yrs. She'll help you explore all the delicious and wicked things She has discovered!
Lifestyle Dominatrix based in London City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Bournemouth, & Southampton airports. See Her before or after your flight!
29 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Auntie uses various forms of discipline to assist naughty boys and girls to curb unwanted behaviors and/or improve sour attitudes.
The Girl next door with a lovely face, an exquisitely sexy, slim, tight, curvaceous, silky soft body, and a wickedly sharp mind.
28 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
5' 10" tall with a classic hourglass figure, She's the curvy, sensual Goddess you dream of; the sublimation of your desires!
Divine Dominican Dominatrix with a sharp wit and whip. Beg at Her altar.
Surrender your soul to the WILD inside ~ discover where heaven lies and passions are set free.
She is your Keeper. She is a first-class Professional Dominatrix with an array of traditional and modern ways of teasing and tormenting Her subs.
27 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Tall, slim, attractive blonde Disciplinarian, located in the prestigious Yorkville District!
She will control your mind and demand your worship; delights in using Her feminine charms to humiliate and punish Her slaves!
Elite Chicago Femdom BBW Mistress with an amazing, independent dungeon. Welcomes everyone from sincere novices to experienced players!
26 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Fun & approachable but also has a severe side.. cpt, caning, whipping, spanking, belly punching, face slapping, bondage, NT, ball busting, trampling, & more!
Only true submissives may worship at the feet of your statuesque, beautiful, elegant, and intelligent Dominatrix.
24 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
A ella le encanta tenerte como le plazca para poder hacer lo que quiera contigo. ¿Por qué estás esperando satisfacer a tu Diosa como se merece?
Sadistic, dominant, playful fetish companion. From beginners to extreme players. Specializes in CBT, pegging, medical, and more!
Brings a creative imagination to Her sessions & Her enjoyment in humiliating men will quickly become apparent.
23 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Sensually sadistic & fatally addictive Caribbean FemDom & military-trained combat nurse!
She has the same impulses as you but on the opposite side... which is why, even though you share the same impulses, you are NOT equals. FemDom at its finest!
22 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Erotic style of domination combined with a demanding protocol. Private dungeon includes main room, fetish room, & clinic room!
5 '9", trained actress, black belt, & former body building champion. Strong of body and hard of mind!
Gorgeous, sexy, playful, & sweet Asian sadist. Queen of Tease and your manhood. Your new addiction!
21 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
They love to train, dominate, humiliate and correct Their slaves!
The most beautiful, experienced, & professional Mistresses await you in Their fully equipped dungeon in central Bangkok... close to Sukhumvit & the airport!
Features cuckold articles, stories, confessions, plus live 'Talk to the Cuckoldress' feature!
Real-life Dominant Woman who lives in kinky San Francisco... these are the chronicles of Her kinky adventures!
FemDom sex, pussy worship, chastity training, CBT, ruined orgasms, punishment, and so much more!
Over 1,500 FemDom POV Humiliatrix videos inside!
20 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Sensual, intelligent courtesan with the skills and experience necessary to turn your wildest dreams into reality! English spoken.
Sadistic, skilled, and sophisticated Mistress. She will take control, intoxicate your mind, and captivate your attention forever.
Cuckold losers and sissy humiliation sluts will long to worship these POV videos and captioned photosets which feature the hottest, snobby, bratty girls around!
Illustrated FemDom action portraying dolled-up males in feminized, sissified, and punished submission as they wear lingerie and slutty attire.
19 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Beautiful 40s Danish Domme with Latino genes. Natural tan, brown hair, brown eyes, 158 cm, 50 kg soft D cups, and an ass to die for... or die UNDER!
Do you fantasize about being tied up and tormented? Trampled and humiliated? Then click on Her site listing to make all those dreams come true!
One of a kind reality site that focuses on cuckold sex. Some of the hottest Wives you'll ever see, cheating on film with Their hubby's approval!
18 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Worship and obey this supreme HypnoDomme... the deeper you go, the better it feels; the better it feels, the deeper you go!
Professional Dominatrix located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Creates fun BDSM experiences that will challenge and excite your mind, body, and soul!
17 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Mistress in the DC, VA, and MD areas for 15+ years. Loves all kinds and levels of play!
Premium Japanese BDSM Professional Fetish Dominatrix. Beautiful, sensual, strict, and sadistic; where fantasy becomes reality and submitting comes easily!
5-star superior dungeon rental located in Huddersfield, Yorkshire; luxuriously equipped multi-room playspace with large secluded garden!
AfroLatina Goddess with thick thighs, thick ass, and a thick accent... She is your Dark Goddess.
Charismatic, hypnotic, intuitive, creative, demanding, sexy, feminine, sultry… She's that Goddess you’ve been searching for!
16 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Sensual and Sadistic ProDomme. She sees all of you, every part of you; your deepest desires, your hidden secrets.
Ein Tempel der verschiedensten Gelüste, Bedürfnisse, und Phantasien. Die dunkle Seite der Lust ist divers und vielschichtig, wie das Leben selbst.
15 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Dominatrix of your dreams & nightmares. Naturally dominant & extremely controlling, She genuinely enjoys building relationships with each of Her subs. LA & OC!
Erotic Muse & Temptress... Tattooed Brunette with Exotic Attributes who offers FEMDOM+... your rare Full-service Provider, Mistress, Switch, & Kink Connoisseur!
Lifestyle Goddess turns so-called alpha males into weak-willed, beta wimps.
14 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Experienced Pro-Domme Duo – your pain Is Their absolute pleasure ...
Mistress of Desire. Explore submission and experience true freedom. Experienced Domme. Fully functional dungeon at affordable rates. Let Her take your hand!
13 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Professional Mistress based in Central London. Naturally gifted in the art of seduction, domination and control; your submission is Her addiction.
Seductively hypnotic mind fuck Goddess into humiliation, tease, worship, and more!
Kinky Latex GODdess... welcome to Her world, to the domain of your darkest dreams of domination, to a place of pain and pleasure, and so much more!
Men made to dress as sluts and sissies, fucked with strapons, and taught to suck cock. Get in touch with your inner woman!
12 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Meet your new addiction... psychologically intense sessions for full immersion into submission.
Beautiful Australian Goddess. Sensual and Cruel Dominatrix. Master of Tease and Denial.
11 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
High Priestess of Pleasure & Pain – 19 years' experience!
Beautiful, sensual, and sadistic Woman cleverly disguised as the super hot Asian girl next door. 5'11" in stocking feet and well over 6' in boots or shoes!
She exudes power and gracefully takes charge. Specializes in sensory play, CBT/NT, corporal punishment, encasement, and spankings.
Mistress and facilitator of your deep dark desires, with a fully functional dungeon. Specializes in bondage, discipline, CBT, sissification, training, and more.
10 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Palace of Domination and Sinful Delights featuring High Class Dominas and Fetish Models!
Using the dark craft of FemDom, this sophisticated, raven English Dominatrix beauty will use you to Her advantage: have you the will to become powerless?
Shame & Humiliation Virtual At Home Specialists.
9 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
The Meanest Woman in FemDom. Professional NYC Dominatrix, Disciplinarian, and Humiliatrix.
If you need to be owned, controlled, used, and led by a genuine, charismatic, knowledgeable, old-school Dominatrix, She's the one!
Modern. Upscale. Spacious. Available for personal and professional use, including sessions, filming, and private parties!
Luxury Professional Dominatrix & FinDom Goddess. Female Supremacist and Sophisticated Sadist Extraordinaire.
8 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Dominatrix, Fetishist, & Humiliatrix. Nothing amuses Her more than to beguile a man into realizing his deepest, darkest, and dirtiest desires!
Asian Dominatrix who specializes in bespoke BDSM, fetish, and fantasy explorations.
San Francisco's Elegant, Evil Genius... always a steady 10 steps ahead of you, leading you down the path of who She wants you to become.
Puts 110% into every session. Intelligent and very well spoken, always well dressed, and has a mixture of custom made latex dresses, PVC, and underwear.
7 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Elite 20 year old Femdom Princess.
If you're looking for pleasure and pain then you've come to the right place. She oozes sophistication and loves nothing more than to tie and tease you!
Experienced, well equipped, beautiful Dominatrix whose specialties include BDSM, AB/DL, CBT, and more!
Luxurious redheaded Mistress and curvaceous BDSM switch with unbelievable proportions and a spirit to match Her hair. Also available internationally!
6 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
A painfully loving and therapeutic way to absolve yourself and release all emotional and mental blockages. Frequently travels to Los Angeles & Orange County!
Fetish site with real Dommes and slaves in real sessions!
Divine Androgyne - tattooed Goth Dream Girl; indulgent, perverted, playful switch & companion.
British MILF Mistress, Foot Goddess, Taboo Roleplay Expert, and Sissy Trainer. Brighton, London, Beirut, Dubai, & Singapore!
5 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Premium behaviour lessons custom-made in Germany!
Seattle’s Premier Alternative Ebony Fetish Goddess. Openly fluid in Her sexuality, She welcomes you into Her safe space to explore yours!
Fetish Queen & Florida-based Dominatrix // Bondage, Sissification, Foot Worship, Trampling, Pet Play, & More!
4 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
From Berlin comes your Black German Dominatrix! The discreet and mature gentleman may enjoy Her presence as She indulges in Her predilections.
Portland's Dominatrix Next Door & FemDom Event Host with fully equipped luxe private fetish space. It's time to crack you open & let those secrets out to play!
Soft to hard! She has mastered them both!
3 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Discreet, kinky playhouse nestled comfortably in the suburbs just north of Detroit... bringing your fetish fantasies into reality!
Sissy community where you can upload, access, organize, collect, and share sissy images to enjoy!
Step into Her domain, enter Her world of Domination, and allow Her to traverse the depths of your mind.
2 Dec, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Her favourite things to do are bum worship, foot worship, humiliation, tie and tease, and fetishes. She loves to make you squirm!
Travelling ProDomme... knowing who you are in this world is to know that you belong on your knees worshipping Her and paying all Her bills, sissy!
Professional Domina based in The Hague, Netherlands.
Phone Femdomme & Cuckoldress... online instruction, virtual BDSM, chastity, and orgasm denial assignments.
30 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Highly sought-after LA Icon who will seduce you into allowing Her to test your mental limits and lead you to break new thresholds... solely to please Her!
27 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Atlanta's Premier FBSM Specialist & Sensual Dominatrix.
Voluptuous and Buxom Temptress, who specializes in the psychological and sensual aspects of BDSM.
Petite Oriental Camden Mistress with 20+ years' experience, who specialises in fantasy enactment and roleplay fetishes. Incall and outcall service in London!
26 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Based out of Chicago but travels often both nationally and internationally... a creative pervert who loves to push limits and get into your head!
YVR – T-girl – ProDomme – Sensual Sadist – Endorphin Artist – Humiliatrix – Demonic Priestess!
Classically minded sadist with old fashioned values in one corner and a modern flair in the other.
She has many toys to make the manliest of men scream with excitement and which make noises only a silicone dildo can do when it touches your G-spot!
Calling all sissies, sluts and slaves! From the moment you arrive at Her feet, you will be torn down. The power is now Hers; you play Her game, Her way.
25 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Fetish, kink & roleplay artist into financial domination, edging, roleplay, prostate, strap-on, erotic hypnosis, infantization, sissy sluts, age play, and more!
Exudes a quiet and humble sense of self-confidence that will inspire you to surrender with trust to Her realm of sensual Dominance.
Berlin-based Dominatrix. Elegance, Dominance and Sadism. Submit all power to Her.
24 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Sensually torturous and seductively powerful, this is a Lady of pure, dark, and mysterious Femininity of the finest grade. Worship this Greek Goddess!
Indulgent & nurturing to brutal & punishing... let Her bring your fantasies to life. At 6' tall in Her bare size 11 feet, She is THE NYC and Portland Domme!
22 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Stunningly Beautiful Blonde ProDomme... Online, Phone (Niteflirt), Custom Requests, and more... 20+ years of experience!
Southern Goddess looking to humiliate and dominate.
Sensual Strap as well as Tie and Tease for a more intense session. Confess your perversions and be absolved through service!
NYC Femme Supreme... from the restorative and meditative meeting with Her whip to your most outlandish role-play fantasies!
21 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
BBW Dominatrix who sessions out of TWO dungeons: DTLA (Dungeon East) and Dungeon West (Midtown). Strict and sensual sessions!
Diet and exercise accountability program. Fitness Mistress Ilyse will whip you into shape!
6'1" Goddess who is "a rare breed of rock-n-roll and Amazonian elegance"... bay area and beyond!
Ridiculously sexy redhead for eroticism and kink... the perfect blend of leather and lace with a distinguished appetite and talent for erotic attentions.
20 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Top Bondage, Discipline and Domination experience in Toronto! An established Dominatrix, She's a powerful and sexual Woman you will crave to worship.
Elite Bombshell & Ebony Kinky Connoisseur. Your search ends here; you are everything and you are nothing... She will complete you.
This versatile beauty delights in combining elements of classical BDSM and kink professionals with the intimacy of a companion.
19 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Bisexual Hypno-Domme and creative sadist with a fully-equipped dungeon in Hastings, East Sussex. Clients of all genders welcome.
Experienced English Dominatrix who is intelligent, sophisticated, and highly articulate. Confident, severe, sensual, & uncompromising!
Niche group of pegging and strapon Mistresses... extremely discreet and professional!
18 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Ukrainian Mistress offers Femdom/Findom & potential collaring for real-time slaves. Online servitude & fetish content...your submissive temptations await!
16 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
A temptress because of Her looks but She can also hold an informed, educated conversation on current affairs... but with a naughty side of course!
Fetish Enchantress, Bad Girl, Thrill-seeker, and ProDomina. Also travels to Regina & Saskatoon!
Come and play in Her eccentric S & M studio!
15 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Are you secretly seeking a superior who will take control of you? Gaze at Her beauty and tell Her how you think you could serve Her!
14 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Every decadent move is calculated to induce absolute rapture.
LA WitchDomme who wields the tools of magick and BDSM to achieve the same end result...do YOU have the courage to discover it with Her?
12 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Role play specialist; Domina Supreme.
Domina, Queen, Latex, & Kaviar Lady. Bizarre especially for you!
11 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Tantalizing ProSwitch and Exotic Fetish Companion. As a switch She has a proclivity for both Dominance and submission and delights in power exchange dynamics!
Sexy Ebony London Mistress. Sensual to Strict Domination.
Blonde, 5' 6" & Curvy... you know you've been bad and need to be punished. Come get your well-deserved spankings!
Klassische Dominanz in Perfektion!
10 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
You may address Her as The Queen or Queen Domme & you are about to enter Her kingdom... She can be very sadistic while whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
Experienced Domme. Punishments range from soft to hard!
Classic NYC-based Domina. Her mind is darker than Her raven hair and She's always looking for a twisted time!
Confident and experienced Goddess capable of blending desire and submission.
Prodomme Mistreses in Edmonton, Canada. Dungeon & Antique Sissy Boudoir!
9 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Intoxicatingly sweet cocktease and a total ballbusting sadistic Bitch...watch Her stunningly sexual videos now!!!
Professional Money Mistress. Ballbusting & Foot Fetish Goddess, as well as a very cruel & sadistic Bitch.
8 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
British FinDomme and FemmeDomme looking for boys who can hold a conversation and discuss vanilla topics AND engage in a D/s relationship.
Intelligent, well educated Lady with a wicked sense of humour and an even more wicked approach to domination!
The place to be just who you are!
7 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Fall in love with THE Financial Dominatrix and Hypno FinDom Extraordinaire... She will control your mind, heart, and wallet.
One stop shop! Models, pictures, videos, and live in-person interactions!
6 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Boston and San Francisco-based Sensual Dominatrix. Minx. Muse. Mistress.
Professional Eastern European Dominatrix. Over four years of experience in BDSM and the fetish industry. Alpha Female. Ruthless Sadist. Reliable Psych.
5 Nov, 2019
Name Location Picture Description
Lifestyle and Professional Humiliatrix... an adventurist who loves to play on the edge.
Some say that Women who are both submissive and dominant can’t fully surrender or take complete ownership... those people are sorely mistaken.