Name Location Picture Description
Cruel, sadistic Dominatrix with a special love for electrics, breathplay, and forced intox.
Sophisticated, elegant, naturally Dominant Woman. Lover of rope bondage and total mind control. Let your ego and shame drop as you surrender to the inner call.
Where Female Domination rules. Have a rubber fetish? Bondage fetish? Foot fetish? Choose from Their selective group of Mistresses for the thrill of your week!
6'2" Amazon Giantess - Sadistic Domination and Humiliation. Strong and powerful, She delights in using Her height to bully and overpower weak men.
No Limits Mistress... welCUM to Her Realm of dark fetishes and kinky fantasies!
An English rose, but beware once you have caught the gaze of Her hypnotic eyes, you will be under Her spell.
She's an English rose standing more than 6 feet tall in heels & will tower above most of you little men. She's friendly, intelligent, very spontaneous, & fun!
Domination Humiliation Discipline & Role Play!
Visit Huddersfield/West Yorkshire Mistresses in private, exclusive, discreet, luxurious, and well equipped Chambers.
Don't squander your chance to get in on the ground floor with this relatively new ProDomme. Lucky subs who serve in the early days will earn a higher position!
English Domintrix. Sessions and videos, cbt, wrestling, facestitting and more.
Gentle & erotic, severe & extreme. Domination, bondage, electrics, cbt, cpt, slave training and much more!
An experienced Disciplinatrix and Money Fetishista, She enjoys caning bad boys and draining little pay toys.
Playful devil in disguise, professional control freak. Classical Dominatrix from Northern Ireland with Her own private studio space.
She looks all sweetness and light with a very naughty and infectious giggle. However! Do not let that fool you as it will be the first mistake you make.
Loves to take Her subs, slaves & sissies on a thrilling journey that will fulfill their darkest fantasies. Bournemouth, Salisbury, Winchester, Portsmouth!
UK Dominatrix. Elite Disciplinarian and Inappropriate Therapist. Welcome to the Avasphere!
Skilled, serious, professional Dominant sadist, and fetishist. International travel!
Male and Female couple who provide a visiting spanking – CP therapy service and electro stimulation sessions for males, females, couples, TVs, and sissies.
Tattooed femme fatale and Queen of Erotic Sadism – Australian-born, Vancouver-based!
British MILF Mistress, Foot Goddess, Taboo Roleplay Expert, and Sissy Trainer. Brighton, London, Beirut, Dubai, & Singapore!
Stunning, seductive, perceptive, clever, and skillful domination artist. All you'll want to do is worship and appease Her!
Curvaceous Temptress who doesn’t need to scream and shout to get what She wants from Her slaves.
Comes with three well-equipped themed playrooms & is situated in a very private location with a private car park in a secluded location!
Alluring & mature County Durham Domme with Her own luxury chambers in NE England. Are you even worthy of Her time & consideration? SHE'LL be the judge.
Do you fantasize about the honour of serving two sensual and sadistic Mistresses? Then enter if you dare, the Huddersfield dungeon ...
6' Tall Dominant Mistress. Her intentions are clear: you're here solely for Her pleasure and Her commands will be obeyed.
Covers most aspects of the BDSM scene and excels in everything She does. You will not just feel obliged to submit to Her; you will want to!
Multifaceted Dominatrix who delights and excels in fulfilling fantasies while catalysing and energising the chemistry created and savoured by both of you.
Gets a real satisfaction, a real high, from the punishment and humiliation of Her slaves.
Highly experienced and well equipped Dominatrix with a large repertoire of BDSM interests ranging from mild to sadistic.
Offers a safe, sensual introduction to strapon play for beginners and the ultimate in safe strapon Domination for seasoned sluts. Spread those cheeks!
Professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. Sadistic, cruel, and erotic with 18+ years of BDSM experience.
Let Her show you the difference between pain and pleasurable pain, as well as the most exquisite humiliation and degradation you can imagine!
Sweet, sadistic British professional Dominatrix with a laughing mean streak and a penchant for beautiful shoes!
Medical fetish suite with two rooms dedicated to all things medical, built from pimped but traditional medical beds and tables.
Teasing temptress & cruel bitch who specialises in caning, spanking, corporal punishment, Femdom control, strict discipline, and foot worship... to name a few!
Friendly but strict Domme. Sessions from a very discrete and exceptionally well-stocked dungeon located between Northampton & Milton Keynes!
Strict yet sensual Mistress with a penchant for punishment, pain, and laughter!
Medical Mistress, Milton Keynes - The Matron has many years of medical experience behind her, so you are in safe hands.
Enjoys up close, hands on sessions, intense sensory and physical stimulation, coupled with the powerful exchange of the mental boundaries that lie within you!
Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix.
Not your average dungeon rental. Get the whole package: playroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room; even a sleeping area for overnights!
With traditional hourglass curves and strong looks, She steals the attention of any room She enters ... without even trying!
Seeks out all those whose longing desire is to experience and enjoy pain and pleasure through the hands of a voluptuous, beautiful, and powerful ebony Goddess.
If you're looking for a Domme who is fun, kind, friendly, warped, attractive, sadistic, and sensual… well, here She is!
Tall, slender, natural redheaded Mistress. Avid gym-goer, which means She can crush heads like watermelons between Her succulent legs.
Completely different than other venues! All fantasies and fetishes are catered to, with the entire dungeon at one’s fingertips.
Has a naturally dominant nature that varies from caring and sensual to harsh, strict, and sadistic. Only likes to session with genuine, obedient subs/slaves.
Her speciality is sensual sadism – one minute you'll be in raptures of lust and the next, you'll be in tortured agony!
Pro Domme based 17 miles west of Swansea, 5 mins off J49 M4. Dungeon, domestic, or outdoor setting. Private, discreet, rural location.
Ball-busting, bondage, restraint, caning, CBT, CPT, denial, foot worship, face slapping, human furniture, humiliation, nipple torture, and more!
Size 8 to 10, 5'8" tall, with a slim & slender figure and a strong personality... this is an extension of the real Her and not just an act!
Professional Mistress and Goddess who practises the art of full mind control, manipulation, & worship. You will be made to fully obey and respect.
Come with Her on a journey of invigoration & transformation. Liberate your mind. Revel in the catharsis. Imagine the possibilities then bring them to fruition.
Genuinely powerful and professional Dominatrix. Her natural instincts and maximum pleasure are derived by taking control and exerting power over men.
Her resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirationaland at times sadistic.
Mistress Lisa loves to tease... especially when you're all tied up. She enjoys dressing to please in a vast selection of outfits you can choose to see Her in!
Takes real-time sessions in Her chambers, but for those of you who cannot attend in-person, She has assembled an ever-growing collection of BDSM videos!
If you want to experience real Domination by a beautiful Mistress, there's no one better than the skilled and wonderfully sadistic Mistress Alexa!
Stuck indoors? Wish you were under the desk of Birmingham's Black Empress, massaging excessive amounts of cocoa butter into Her feet? Check out Her website!
Birmingham Dominatrix and Mistress whose every decadent move is calculated to induce absolute rapture... has Her own private chambers!
She's a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian. And you do need discipline, don’t you? Has a selection of whips, paddles, and canes that She will use on you!
Birmingham Mistress with a well equipped cellar dungeon.
Young, slim, 5'5" in stocking feet, beautiful, intelligent, charming, with a wicked sense of humour.
West Midlands, UK - Experienced Professional Dominatrix and Best Seller for Femdom clips!
Sees who She believes will be right for Her kind of session & likes sessions to be fun... but She's always in control!
Practises a fine vintage style of FemDom at The Dollhouse for discipline & punishment and The Babydoll Nursery for infantilisation & sissification.
World-famous life-style ProDomme. Her fully equipped BDSM dungeon awaits all those willing to kneel before Her. Regularly tours other UK & European dungeons!
Single, double, and triple Domme, including genuine mother/daughter Domination in Her Leeds chamber!
Elite British Leeds Mistress available at private Leeds dungeon, your home, or hotel. Also has Her own discreet chambers in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire!
Has a warm relaxed presence and is skilled at easing you into your session together; any nerves will soon be abated as She draws you into a space of excitement.
Whatever your kink or kinky leanings, Mistress will push your boundaries ... and you will enjoy every second of it.
Luxury Rubenesque Dominatrix who adores foot fetish, chastity, and much more. 18+ years of experience!
This Manchester Mistress loves to amuse Herself at your expense.
Young, beautiful, perfectly formed, raven haired Mistress, Dominatrix and Switch!
Her aim is for every second you spend with Her to be enjoyable for both of you. She watches you constantly and feels your reactions!
Ranges from gentle, caring, soft Domination to harsh, strict, and sadistic when She needs to be! Only sessions with genuine, obedient, and loyal subs.
Professional Dominatrix - BDSM role play & fetish inspired fantasies. Lifestyle fetishist who will push the boundaries of your fetishes!
Skillful domestic disciplinarian who will bring order to your life... welcome to Her secret world of exciting and nurturing feminine dominance!
Glamorous and sassy blonde Manchester Mistress. Show Her your devotion; earn Her attention!
Comprehensive multi-roomed BDSM themed premise in Greater Manchester... with resident Mistresses!
Private and discrete with a number of themed rooms including a Headmistress's Study for all the naughty boys/girls to be punished.
Professional Mistress, naturally gifted in the art of seduction, Domination and control; your submission is Her addiction.
Brunette Dominatrix with a penchant for teasing, bondage, sensory deprivation, and humiliation.
Switch Mistress enjoys both submissive roles and dominant play including strict headmistress, stern prison warden, unfair boss & Lady of the manor.
Her favourite things to do are bum worship, foot worship, humiliation, tie and tease, and fetishes. She loves to make you squirm!
Her size four feet will have no problem putting you in your place while you carry out your kinks together!
Exciting and stunning Pro Domme whose sessions include plenty of thrills! She is your ultimate and your ONLY luxury. Formidable filth: advanced sexual deviance.
Has practised the arts of bondage, Domination, & sado-masochism to the highest level of perfection; possesses a wild imagination, a firm hand & a strict manner!
Consensual kidnap, in Her opinion, is the ultimate fetish experience.
Young, strict, seductive, sadistic, and very sensual. She understands what it takes to dedicate yourself to a Mistress so don’t underestimate Her power!
This headmistress has had twenty years experience administering punishment to naughty school boys and girls.
Born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to Her will; it resonates in everything She does and everything She is!
Lifestyle Mistress & Kinky Fetishist who has always had a penchant for the bizarre & unusual; a fascination which quickly led Her into the dark shadows of BDSM!
Chemistry always exists between Herself and Her playthings. No two Domme/sub relationships are the same, therefore, all sessions are completely different.
Manchester’s consummate professional; a refined, polished, and beautiful Dominatrix, She's a fetish Lady to truly worship and adore!
Can you imagine the stomach-churning feeling of the long silent wait in the corridor outside Her study door? Then click to get to Her website!
Glamorous, educated, feminine, & sophisticated Professional Dominatrix... the epitome of the femme fatale.
Mature BBW ebony feet content. Buy pics, clips, worn items, and real time meets.