Name Location Picture Description
Elegant cruelty and sophisticated dominance. Assured, precise, devastating.
An internationally renowned psychological beauty.
Oregon based Mistress who has been a recreational BDSM-fetish practitioner for 20 years and a professional pervert and Domme for six years.
Miss Torture sees beauty in diversity and takes pleasure in a wide variety of life.
She possesses a duality and etherealness that will always keep Her “up here” and you “down there. Stop looking at Her ass and book a session, creep!
International Dominatrix Provocateur. From this moment on, you will be Hers; you will relinquish all control and submit.
Female Domination in Portland OR – feet, wrestling, trampling, smothering, and more!
Natasha Strange specializes in the sissification of the wayward male. She is a a Gleeful Humiliatrix, an Evil Seductress and a Manipulative Mommy.
Beautiful and violent Pro Domme. Submit in Her well-equipped Portland Dungeon!
Portland Oregon's Dominatrix Next Door and FemDom Event Host. Fully equipped luxe private fetish space!