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Atlanta Dungeon Welcomes Back the Only Female King, King Lexa, August 22–24!

Couldn’t get enough of Los Angeles-based King Lexa during Her last visit to Atlanta Dungeon?  Well, we have some great news for you!  This beautiful young Domme will visit Her Atlanta home from August 22–24, where She’ll conduct single and multi Domme sessions with stunning Mistress Ultra Violet and gorgeous Mistress Ayn!

King Lexa is attracted to the authentic submissive who exhibits intelligence, civility, attentiveness, and financial oblation. Her focus is power exchange, but what she enjoys most is to craft personal challenges with the sole purpose of exploring new levels of submission. Let’s be clear. You will submit to some if not all of Her primary interests: the erotic art of denial, verbal humiliation, CBT, anguished control, coerced and forced scenarios. The list may also include TT, emasculation, sissy modification, mental manipulation, and impact play.

Mistress Ultra Violet is an honest-to-goodness Playboy TV Star, DomCon LA and New Orleans Honored Guest, and owner/operator of world-famous Atlanta Dungeon

Mistress Ayn is Manager and a founding member of the Sisterhood of Atlanta Dungeon. She’s also the creative mind behind MindFuck Productions and is Head Mistress of FemDom Mansion

Do not miss your chance to serve these gorgeous Women together in Atlanta. Click on any of the stunningly beautiful photos below for more information and book your session of a lifetime!

King Lexa

King Lexa

King Lexa

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Mistress Ayn Combines Forces with Domina Daria in the Lone Star State August 12–14… Buckle Up, Dallas Subs!

Are you ready, Dallas? Beautiful and legendary Mistress Ayn of Atlanta Dungeon and FemDom Mansion fame will visit gorgeous Domina Daria in Dallas TX August 12–14!  And you can start getting excited now, boys, because double sessions are on the menu!

Mistress Ayn is Atlanta’s most highly reviewed Dominatrix.  A demanding Mistress, She finds pleasure in rendering you completely powerless and at Her mercy. Mental domination is Her specialty, but She also takes great delight in your physical captivity and vulnerability. To administer just the right amount of pain heightens her senses as well as yours and gives Her indescribable pleasure. Your complete surrender is the only thing that will satisfy Her. You are Hers.

Domina Daria is an exotic fetish Mistress.  She commands a luxury BDSM play space in Dallas, where She enjoys Her reign as the Goddess of Her fetish domain. Her extensive experience includes a long list of kinky activities from the hardcore to the sublime, but She particularly enjoys sessions with foot fetishists, bondage enthusiasts, cross-dressers, and creative role-players.

The two beautiful and talented Dommes will offer both single and double sessions in Domina Daria's well-equipped private dungeon in Dallas. If you can only have one session this August, make sure it's with Mistress Ayn and Domina Daria!  Go ahead and click on any of the super-hot photos below to get to their websites, and book now while space remains!

Mistress Ayn

Mistress Ayn

Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria

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The Latest and Greatest Goings-on in the Life of Florida’s Finest, Evil Opal, the World’s Only Silk Domme!

Florida FemDom Evil Opal has an awful lot on the go these days, but we’ll do our best to fit it all into one blog feature.

For starters, lovely Opal has brand new Twitter and Justfor.Fans accounts, geared specifically towards all you foot fetish subs who long to worship Her sexy, sexy feet. There are already enough photos and videos there to keep you busy for quite a while and She usually updates twice a day, so don’t forget to come back!

Click HERE for a special trailer of the very first video featuring Opal’s new slave, marilyn, who She hopes you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future.  This scene was legit his first time ever getting pegged, on or off camera, and Opal has another hot video of marilyn in Her editing queue!

Opal has also started to do live streaming shows on, the first platform to Her knowledge which has integrated support for payment in cryptocurrency. Her shows mainly focus on foot fetish themes but there will be other themes to come.  You may now add ‘Cyber GILF’ to Her list of attributes!

And for all you subs who have been dying to meet Evil Opal live and in person, you’ll find Her at FetCon this year from August 8–11 and She'll be available then for sessions as well. Opal will also attend the Florida Power Exchange Weekend September 19–22! You can say hello to Her at the registration booth if you’re lucky enough to check in during Her volunteer shift. Or, just say hello when you see Her around!

You’re probably ready for an Opal fix right about now, aren’t you?  Then go ahead and click on any of the enticing photos below to get to Her website for more information… and begin your journey with Her today!

Evil Opal

Evil Opal

Evil Opal

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Atlanta’s Own Mistress Ultra Violet Returns to New York City August 8–12!

We have great news for all you subs in the Big Apple!  Atlanta-based Mistress Ultra Violet will head back to NYC August 8–12 to host sessions at world famous Pandora's Box!

Stunning Mistress Ultra Violet is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix whose contributions as an entrepreneur, mentor, artist, and producer/director are widely recognized. She has twice been recognized by DomCon as an Honored Guest and has many other achievements, far too numerous to list here.

This beautiful Woman is owner and operator of the internationally renowned Atlanta Dungeon, a fully equipped, state of the art, five room play space.  Atlanta Dungeon is currently home to nine Atlanta-based independent Mistresses and numerous other traveling professional Dominatrices.

Mistress Ultra Violet recently starred in Playboy TV’s ‘Undercover’ with comedian and actress Kate Quigley, in ‘Slave Training Atlanta Dungeon Style!’.  She also stars in and directs the wildly successful Atlanta Dungeon video production series, and is featured in The English Mansion,, and FemDom Mansion. 

Mistress Ultra Violet is truly the new breed of Dominatrix: strong, aggressive, fearless, and genuinely enthusiastic, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to serve Her in NYC.  Go ahead and click on any of the gorgeous photos below to get to Her website and book now while space remains!

Mistress Ultra Violet

Mistress Ultra Violet

Mistress Ultra Violet

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World-renowned Beauty Mistress Ultra Violet Takes Over St Louis MO July 19–22!

Attention all you St Louis subs!  Lovely Mistress Ultra Violet is poised to take over your city again, this time from July 19–22, 2019!

Arguably one of the most beautiful Dommes on the scene today, Mistress Ultra Violet has filmed with The English Mansion and has been featured on Playboy TV.  She owns and operates one of the top dungeons in the entire USA, Atlanta Dungeon, and was recognized at DomCon LA as well as DomCon New Orleans 2017, where She attended as an Honored Guest.

Her skill sets and interests are diverse, and Mistress Ultra Violet can truly be called one of the top Dommes under 35 on the scene today. She specializes in CBT, ball busting, humiliation, body worship, forced bi fantasy, toilet training (GS only), queening, ass worship, strap on worship, corporal, and lesbian cuckolding fantasy.  Elegant, beautiful, and mysterious are just a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe Mistress Ultra Violet, who is also known to many of Her fans as Atlanta’s Superhero of Kink.  Her intellect, razor sharp wit, world class 34D-20-34 figure, and perfect ass, however, are a few of the unique attributes that place Her in a class far above mere mortals.

Can’t wait to see Her in person? Then go ahead and click on any of the stunning photos below to get to Her website and apply to serve Her in St Louis. Her schedule fills quickly so we suggest you book now to avoid disappointment!

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

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Stunning Lady Bellatrix Kicks Off Her Summer 2019 UK & Canadian Tour!

Yes, you heard right! It’s time for iconic Lady Bellatrix to bid adieu to Paris and hello to London!  Bellatrix is an adventuresome soul and ten months in one place is the longest She’s gone without crossing a border in an entire decade.  This latest chapter of Her life – as the highest profile international Dominatrix in Paris – has finally started to take hold, as Her many long-suffering Parisian slaves will attest.

Taking a break from touring gave Bellatrix a chance to actually settle into one place and to enjoy a routine, which is a whole new way of life for Her. After months of intense French lessons, She finally feels She has made some progress in Her third language. The martial arts classes She takes made Her kick Her own ass and have been a great source of focus and discipline. But, all of that is coming to an end and She’ll continue Her quest for global domination as Her summer tour kicks off!  Look for Lady Bellatrix in the following places:

PARIS: until July 8

Your last opportunity to session with Her at Chez Bellatrix will be July 8.  Sessions take place at a spacious penthouse apartment in the 3rd arrondissement in the historic neighbourhood of le Marais. Bellatrix has a wide selection of implements and fetish gear, but Her favourites are the latex body bag and the vac bed (which are more popular than ever!).

Catch Her in Paris while you can, but if you miss Her this time, She’ll be back at the beginning of September!

LONDON: July 10–26

Lovely Bellatrix will make Her way back to London for the first time in almost a year! Starting July 10, She’ll offer Femdom sessions from the Blue Door Dungeon in Angel (She no longer sessions from Swiss Cottage and says it’s the end of an era).  

On July 18, Bellatrix will film with gorgeous Mistress Nikki Whiplash in Hampshire!  The Ladies have shot together several times before and are looking to do something epic this time around, including a multi-slave shoot. To find out how you can be a part of this, read all the juicy details here in Her recent BLOG!

On July 25, Bellatrix will film with Miss Tiffany Naylor and Mistress Esme at Blue Door Dungeon in Angel, N1. That’s just far too much beauty in one place!

VANCOUVER: August 1–25

Bellatrix’s summer wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Her hometown and She can’t believe it’s been nearly twenty years since She witnessed Her first BDSM scene. She says it’s always good to go back to where you came from to see how far you’ve come… once a pervert, always a pervert!

She'll be in Vancouver from August 1 to 25, and as usual, will session and film from a private studio on Burnaby Mountain.

Although Bellatrix got quite sedentary while living in Paris, She looks forward to Her upcoming visits to London and Vancouver. It’s been a while since She was on the road, so She really looks forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones along the way! And no, She won’t make any pitstops, so don’t bother asking (unless, of course, you’re willing to sponsor Her and pay Her day-rate).

Click on any of the super-hot photos below to get to Bellatrix’s website and book now before Her schedule becomes full!

Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix

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Intoxicatingly Beautiful Mistress Bliss to Visit Vancouver, Canada July 10–27!

We’re very pleased to announce that world-renowned London-based Mistress Bliss will visit us in Vancouver in July!  She’ll accept sessions at our private dungeon space just 25 minutes outside the city from the 15th to the 27th and will also be available for doubles with gorgeous Mistress Damazonia and captivatingly cruel Miss XI! Stunning Mistress Bliss very much looks forward to filming with Mistress Damazonia, Miss Jasmine, Club Stiletto, and us:@dickievirgin and @VirginDixie, starting on the 10th (and we look forward to having Her here)!

Mistress Bliss is an Australian-born lifestyle fetishist, BDSM specialist, and Dominatrix based in East London, UK.  She specialises in tease and denial, CBT, anal play, as well as toilet games, and provides an all-encompassing experience in which your deepest and darkest desires are exposed and you're stripped bare before Her.  She'll work with you to bring your fantasies to life, with zero judgement and absolute discretion.

Sessions which involve erotic domination, sensation play, spanking, tie and tease, anal play, trampling, rubber play, age play, humiliation, sissification, blackmail, and financial domination appeal greatly to Mistress Bliss. She’s particularly turned on by taboo role play, corporal punishment, and toilet games (hard sports and water sports). Cock and ball torture is another favourite, along with needle play and fear play.

You will find Mistress Bliss to be as nurturing as She is sadistic, and She gets off on your reactions to Her and what She inflicts on you.  She has developed a keen understanding of how to navigate a submissive into subspace by bringing out their innermost desires.  Once there, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and willingness to be open and adventurous.  No fantasy or fetish is out of bounds unless it conflicts with the Safe, Sane and Consensual principles.

Mistress Bliss knows that control is not an easy thing to give up and She dares you to take that step with Her. Go ahead and click on any of the bewitching photos below to get to Her website and book your session while space remains! She can't wait to get back on the road to play with all you filthy little animals out there!

Mistress Bliss

Mistress Bliss

Mistress Bliss

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Evil Opal – Domination for the Discerning Adventurer

Evil Opal, the world’s only Silk Domme, was blessed with the innate ability to be both sexy and stern at the same time.  She has a very feminine style and adores such things as silk, lingerie, hosiery, and playing sexy dress-up. But don’t let that fool you... She also has a serious fetish for consensual non-consent and loves to torment cuckolded girly-boys.  As Her prey, She will enthrall and annihilate you.  She'll not only enjoy making you beg to be abused but you'll thank Her by paying for the privilege. That's just how powerful a force She is. And did we mention Her diversity? This experienced ProDom does it all – real-time sessions, domination by phone, webcam, email, text, worn items for sale, custom videos, custom audio recordings, and the list goes on.

Opal is a quintessential jet-setting Mistress who loves to travel.  In fact, She visited New York City just last month, thanks to a fan who sponsored Her trip.  Based in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida, She travels frequently to Miami, Orlando, and Sarasota.  She’s in the Tampa/St. Pete area right now and is available for sissy shopping excursions, publicly humiliating cash point meets, and sensually sadistic FemDom sessions.  Click on any of Her hot photos below to get to Her website and learn how you, too, can serve this beautiful and powerful Woman!

Be sure to follow Evil Opal on Twitter here and here!

Gorgeous Princess Marx Kicks Off Her Summer Northeast Tour!

We’re very pleased to announce that award-winning LA-based Princess Marx has officially announced Her Summer Northeast Tour

Worthy slaves, fans, and submissives may apply to serve Her in the following locations around the East Coast this summer:

Hanover, NH June 14–16
Provincetown, MA June 16–18
Boston, MA June 18–20
New York City, NY June 21–25


Princess Marx offers bespoke BDSM experiences with a laughing mean streak. Her primary interest is always real power exchange. Turn yourself over to a lifetime’s worth of kinky exploration. Six years of professional experience, Eastern European roots, and an Ivy League education don't hurt, either. Well, they don't hurt Her, anyway. ;-)

Classic Domination: true, deep power exchange, bondage, discipline, corporal punishment, sissification, CBT, foot worship, shoe worship, stocking worship, trampling, Femme Supremacy, and so much more.

Additional Interests: OTK, whipping, caning, spanking, cuckolding, trampling, foot domination, Femme Supremacy, ballbusting, cash drops, tributed vanilla outings.

  • Priority is given to longer sessions
  • No one sees Her without being screened first
  • A deposit is always required
  • Bulls/studs available in most cities, but only if you’ve played together before, with advance notice & additional tribute

Go ahead and click on any of Her stunning photos below to get to Her website and book the experience of a lifetime!

Princess Marx

Princess Marx

Princess Marx

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Legendary Dominatrix Mistress Ayn of Atlanta Dungeon & FemDom Mansion Fame Returns to Washington DC June 24–26!

The rumors are true!  Legendary Dominatrix Mistress Ayn of Atlanta Dungeon and FemDom Mansion fame will pay a return visit to the nation’s capitol June 24–26!

Do you need a Woman strong enough to bring a resilient man to his knees and make him love every minute?  Atlanta’s most highly reviewed Dominatrix, Mistress Ayn, is that Woman.  A demanding Mistress, She finds pleasure in rendering you completely powerless and at Her mercy. Mental domination is Her specialty, but She also takes great delight in your physical captivity and vulnerability. Administering just the right amount of pain heightens her senses as well as yours and gives Her indescribable pleasure. Your complete surrender is the only thing that will satisfy Her. You are Hers.

For those who have not sessioned with Mistress Ayn before, following are some of Her interests:

  • Body Worship – respectful feet, legs and ass
  • Bondage – from the light to the extreme
  • CBT (cock and ball torment)
  • Corporal punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, whips, etc.
  • Electro torture/stimulation (ErosTek)
  • Face sitting and smothering (clothed)
  • Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
  • Foot fetish – includes boot and shoe worship – She has an extensive shoe collection and will entertain advance requests.
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Medical play – includes naughty exams, urethral sounds, enema play, stretching, toy play
  • Nipple torture
  • Strap on worship/training
  • Tease and denial
  • Toilet training – golden only
  • Trampling
  • Sensory deprivation/sensory overload
  • Wax play
  • Venus 2000 – tease and denial and forced O

Mistress Ayn is not interested in full toilet (hard sports), blood play, adult baby, or intimate sexual contact.  Almost any other fetish can be accommodated, but if you’re looking for something special that is not on the list, you may send Her a polite request.

Click on any of Her stunning photos below for more information and book now to serve Her in DC!

Mistress Ayn

Mistress Ayn

Mistress Ayn

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Mistress Simone Kross & Mistress Kiva Take Over Asheville & Charlotte, NC – June 12-16!

Legendary Disciplinarians Mistress Simone Kross and Mistress Kiva are all set to kick off their North Carolina tour!  The two beauties will descend upon Ashville from June 12-14 and plan to show Charlotte who’s boss from June 14-16. 

Mistress Simone and Mistress Kiva are world-renowned Mistresses with almost 50 years of combined experience.  To name just a couple of their accomplishments, Mistress Simone was an honored guest at LA DomCon 2019, and Mistress Kiva received rave reviews for Her role in the AVN multi award winning film The Fashionistas.  Both Ladies have starred in countless other movies, clips, and stage performances. 

Mistress Kiva, The Dark Muse, is an elegant, seductive, and sensual Dominatrix.  Beauty, femininity, and understanding your needs and desires are the sources of Her power and control over you.  Mistress Kiva began practicing the fine art of Female Domination in Los Angeles at Pandemonia in 1997.  She continued to hone Her craft at The Chateau, Lady Laura’s, and The Den of Iniquity, before going independent.  She received rave reviews for Her role in the AVN multi award winning film The Fashionistas and has also been featured on HBO's TV series Real Sex.  Her combination art gallery/dungeon ‘Divine Decadence’ reflects all that is beautiful and spiritual, yet playful and perverse, about Mistress Kiva.

Mistress Simone is genuine in Her approach and Her applications. She provides a wide array of intense, professional precision tactics for the serious submissive who is genuine in pursuing the optimum experience.  She expects a submissive to be able to honestly express and articulate their personal needs and expectations. She feels that communication and proper negotiations are the foundation for honest relationships that enhance the Mistress/slave dynamic. Her range of play is extensive, and Her domination style is versatile, intuitive, seductive, and erotic. Her style combines both sensual and sadistic applications and She specializes in psychological fundamentals that feed both the mental and physical. You will find Her to be strict, domineering, condescending and severe, as well as compassionate, caring, and playful… but you will always find Her in control. She can play at any level depending on the experience and limits of the submissive. She has a sincere passion for all aspects of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism and Her philosophies are firmly based in the concepts of power exchange.

Go ahead and click on any of the super-hot photos below to get to Their pages on the Atlanta Dungeon website, and book your session while space remains!

Mistress Kiva

Mistress Kiva

Mistress Simone Kross

Mistress Simone Kross

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