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Beautiful Evil Opal Discusses the Difference Between Foot Fetish & Foot Domination

To the uninitiated, ‘foot fetish’ and ‘foot domination‘ might seem interchangeable, but beautiful Tampa-based FemDom Evil Opal says they’re really not the same thing at all! They’re both examples of an intense erotic attraction to feet… but, one fetish relates to the foot as a simple body part or erogenous zone, akin to breasts or ass, while the other fixation considers the foot to be both a sex object and a symbol of dominant power and superiority.

Feet are a sensual fetish

The foot fetish camp includes loads of men who for the most part think of themselves as completely ‘vanilla’, i.e. not kinky at all, says Opal. These straightforward foot fetishists even include plenty of men who consider themselves kinky but who play a dominant role in the D/s dynamic.

Why this fascination with the female foot? For these foot-lovers, the curves of the feminine foot are just intrinsically sexy. Foot fetishists often have strong preferences for the size and shape of foot they like, and even for the types of decoration (nail polish, shoes, jewelry, etc.).

There’s a very sensual aspect to foot fetishes, Opal says. Well-cared-for feet are cushiony yet muscular, with invitingly soft skin and a peculiar agile dexterity. They tend to be very sensitive compared to other parts of the body. They have an earthy odor unique to each person. And this might just be why we tend to keep our feet private and hidden away, according to Opal. We may even act as if we feel a little ashamed of them in much the same way that we act and feel about our other ‘naughty bits’.

How submissive foot fetishes differ

Guys who’re into foot fetish in a non-submissive way tend to be interested in things like footjobs and foot-fucking. A submissive foot-lover would no more presume to anticipate such a privilege than he would of fucking his Mistress’s mouth or pussy, Opal explains. Subby foot fetishists might have the same erotic appreciation for the look, feel, and smell of feet that vanilla foot-lovers do. But, the foot domination fetish often has more to do with the symbolism of feet than an attraction to feet themselves.

It’s certainly true that foot domination calls upon a lot of powerful symbols, says Opal. In a D/s context, feet suggest many things: kneeling to kiss or worship them, being trampled underfoot like a loathsome insect or a worthless piece of trash, even being degraded and used to clean dirty feet or shoes. Opal sees the power of these experiences as archetypes that are incredibly potent. Most submissive males will have Pavlovian erotic responses to them regardless of whether they have a foot fetish. But for some sub guys, foot domination becomes their idea of heaven.

Opal Herself has beautiful feet: super high arches, soft meaty soles, and succulent little toes. Opal’s feet are unusually dexterous, and She’s often told they smell richly sensuous. She’s personally willing to engage with simple foot fetishists provided they’re able to treat Her with respectful deference – to stay put in their place! – and She never give footjobs or anything along those lines. What really gets Opal off, however, is to dish out foot domination. Her wide size 10s are perfect for trampling! And although She loves to do things that get Her feet dirty (like wearing sandals when she isn’t barefoot), She’s kind of obsessive about having clean feet… so She could get a lot of use out of a foot-cleaning bitch like you!

Want to be Opal’s foot bitch? It can happen!  Just click on any of the amazing photos below for a detailed set of instructions and begin your submissive journey with Her today!

Evil opal

Evil opal

Evil opal

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Mistress Ultra Violet Welcomes Lady Velvet & Sorceress Morgana to Atlanta Dungeon February 14 – 17… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Lovely Mistress Ultra Violet is pleased to announce that two of Florida's most beautiful Dommes, stunning Lady Velvet and gorgeous Sorceress Morgana, will visit Atlanta Dungeon February 14 – 17.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  And you’re in luck because the Ladies will be available for both single and double sessions.

Sorceress Morgana is a renowned foot fetish model and Dominatrix available throughout the state of Florida. Her silky, soft, and wide size 10s will captivate you, but don't be fooled; Her feet are the only soft part of Her. She’s a sadistic Domme who will remind you where you belong, and that will keep you coming back for more.  Indulge your dark desires and let Her train you to let go and become your real self.

Lady Velvet is a highly sought-after fetish/alternative model and Dominatrix, but you shall call Her Master. She’s an exotic, heavily tattooed Female to say the least, and is extremely pleasing to the eyes. Let yourself fall under Her trance, to a blissful stage where your mind, body, and soul belong to Her fully, in the moment. Worship Her beautiful size 6 ½ silky feet and obey Her commands. She’ll have you craving Her company and friendship by the end of your session.

Go ahead and click on any of the captivating photos below for more information and book your opportunity of a lifetime today!

Lady Velvet

Lady Velvet

Sorceress Morgana

Sorceress Morgana

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Beautiful Princess Marx, Crowned Miss Footnight 2020, Announces Winter Western Ski + slave Tour!

We’re pleased to announce that gorgeous LA-based Princess Marx was recently crowned Miss Footnight International 2020! She’s honored and privileged to accept the award, and in doing so, joins the ranks of such illustrious Dominatrices as Isabella Sinclaire, Snow Mercy, and Natasha Sweet. Princess Marx would especially like to thank Her fans and supporters, as well as the Footnight International staff, as this wouldn’t have been possible without them!

WINTER WESTERN "Hit the slopes, hit the slaves!" TOUR

As She does every winter, Princess will hit the slopes … and She’ll hit some slaves while She's at it!

She’ll be joined in each city by one or more of Her studly Alphas, who will be available to the right supplicant for everything from light humiliation in public, to heavy play in private. When She isn’t touring, Princess Marx resides in Los Angeles, where She can also be joined by Her studs.  

Feb 2-11: Colorado (Denver, Aspen, and other mountain towns)
Feb 20: Los Angeles ‘Slave to the Foot’ Party
Feb 22-28: Utah (Salt Lake City, Snowbird/Alta area)
March: Jackson,  WY (5 days)
Late March/Early April: Palm Springs, CA (2 days)
April: Canada – Vancouver/Whistler & Calgary/Banff (5 days)
Late September/early October: Boston, NH/VT, New York City (10 days)

Finally, Princess Marx is pleased to report that Her OnlyFans is now thriving!

With over 150 videos and nearly 300 photos, Her OnlyFans features content that is not posted on any other social media.

Princess Marx's OnlyFans also offers personalized video messages and shoutouts to Her individual fans, up-to-the-minute pics of Her feet, special games, prizes, and rewards (socks, panties, stockings, TP, spit, personal items belonging to Her or Her studs), optional PTVs, even access to Her own personal porn playlists!

And Lovely Princess Marx has even more exciting news to share! She's offering ten people a special promotion: view all her OnlyFans content from the past two years (150+ videos and ~300 photos) for just $5.99 USD per month! Ten subscriptions are available until Feb 11.

Join Princess Marx’s OnlyFans today or click on any of the stunning photos below to get to Her website and book now while space on Her tour remains!

Princess Marx

Princess Marx

Princess Marx

Princess Marx

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Stunning Mistress Kiara Begins Another Epic Year!

Beautiful Detroit-based Mistress Kiara hopes the beginning of your 2020 has been everything you wished it would be. She kicked off the new year by getting a sexy new cosmic tattoo on Her left thigh – AND on Her slave doughboy's dime! The tattoo depicts Her favorite cosmic body, M42 AKA The Orion Nebula, and She loves to show if off. Be sure to tell Her how much you love it, too!

Mistress Kiara

Mistress Kiara is also pleased to announce that She has achieved one of Her lifelong goals. She has always wanted to be a published author and now She is! She recently published the first of five parts of a full-length, erotic fetish novel.  The Transformation tells the story of how Mistress Kiara transforms you from an ordinary guy into a cock-guzzling, cum-craving sissy slut.

Mistress Kiara

Here’s a snippet: “A chance encounter at a local coffee shop throws you head first into the clutches of a sexy, punk rocker Mistress. When Mistress Kiara sees how tiny your package is, She begins an onslaught of well-deserved punishment and humiliation. She openly begins an affair with a stronger man while making you do Her chores! She MAY let you have some fun with Her, too, IF you follow Her rules…”.

Sissification, cuckolding, cum eating, bi curiosity, and all kinds of sexy FemDom fun await you in Part One of this series! Find it on IWantClips, Niteflirt, and Amazon, available in Kindle, .epub, or .txt format. Mistress Kiara has been getting great reviews so far, and at only $2.99, this is a no-brainer. Do you have what it takes to let the transformation begin? Then check it out now!


In the ‘more good news department’, Mistress Kiara currently has 880 followers on Her Twitter account! This is still a far cry from the 9,700 followers She had before Her account got iced in late 2018, but hey, it’s growing by about 10 followers every day. She’s closing in quickly on Her first 1,000 followers and when She gets there, She’ll give away five free one-month subscriptions to Her AVN Stars! She also plans to give away a free one-month subscription between now and Valentine’s Day to everyone who gifts Her with something from Mistress Kiara’s Wishlist.  There’s one catch though – in order to win, you need to be on Mistress Kiara’s Mailing List and a current follower on Mistress Kiara’s Twitter. Both are free to join, and both give you free, exclusive content, so what are you waiting for?!

Lovely Mistress Kiara will also run another smaller ongoing giveaway for the foreseeable future involving Niteflirt. One of the best ways to help your Mistress get better exposure is to leave good Niteflirt ratings. Effective immediately, anyone who leaves Her a five-star Niteflirt rating will get at least one free minute. This includes goody bag purchases, PTV emails, and Niteflirt calls. You know you’re going to serve Her and binge on Her content anyway, so why not do it now?

Mistress Kiara’s current goal is to save for a Caribbean cruise and you can help Her reach the $2,000 goal! Her best friend invited Her on a cruise in January of 2021 and Mistress Kiara would like to bring at least one of Her partners.  Click HERE to contribute to your Goddess’s cruise fund!

Mistress Kiara

And last but certainly not least is Mistress Kiara’s latest clip! The clip is actually Part Two of ‘The Contract’ and She included a free little preview in the beginning so you can see just how hot and fun Part One is. Mistress Kiara suggests that you purchase Part One before you watch Part Two here, so you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on in the scene. In this clip, She officially collars doughboy and makes him sign a slave contract for Her! She reads every line to him while he worships Her feet, then forces him to eat Her toenail clippings and foot dust. She fucks his loser ass with two different toys, then rapes his wallet and counts the cash while She smothers his face with Her sexy, curvy ass.

There are lots of ways to impress your Goddess, so go ahead and click on any of Her commandingly beautiful photos above to begin your journey today!

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Don’t Miss the House of Chatterley sub and slave Extravaganza – February 14, 2020!

Are you a submissive male looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  We have just the thing!  Blonde and beautiful London-based Mistress Chatterley will host Her annual inauguration alongside four other stunning Mistresses at Her private and exclusive Mayfair apartment.

Mistress Chatterley and Her Domina friends are proud to host an evening of debauchery with a selected invited number of true slaves and submissives. Exclusive fetish scene DJs, house boys and girls, a stocked bar, and access to Mistress Chatterley’s dungeon are all included.

Go ahead and click on any of the gorgeous photos below for booking information.  This is a coveted and exclusive event that’s expected to sell out quickly, so act now!

Mistress Chatterley

Mistress Chatterley

Mistress Chatterley

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King Lexa Returns to Atlanta Dungeon January 16–22!

If you’re an Atlanta sub who has been aching for a return visit from stunning Los Angeles-based King Lexa, you’re in luck!  Beautiful Mistress Ultra Violet welcomes Her colleague and close personal friend back to Atlanta Dungeon January 16–22!

King Lexa is a rising star rapidly becoming a who's who in the BDSM scene. She specializes in full toilet training, verbal humiliation, ass worship, CBT, torture and enslavement, tease and denial, cuckolding, gender-queer friendly, sploshing, orgasm control, and sissy/feminization training.  

Mistress Ultra Violet is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, whose contributions as an entrepreneur, mentor, artist, and producer/director are widely recognized.  She also owns and operates internationally renowned Atlanta Dungeon, a fully equipped, state of the art, five room play space, which is currently home to a number of high profile Atlanta-based independent Mistresses, as well as numerous traveling professional Dominatrices.

Mistress Ultra Violet and King Lexa have just finished filming together in Southern California.  Click HERE for a heart-stopping sneak preview!

The Ladies will offer both single and double sessions and will also film in Atlanta Dungeon during King Lexa’s visit.

Go ahead and click on any of the gorgeous photos below for details and book your session of a lifetime today!

King Lexa

King Lexa

King Lexa and Mistress Ultra Violet

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Mistress Ultra Violet Welcomes Domina Thalia to Atlanta Dungeon January 15–17!

Great news, all you Atlanta subs! Beautiful Mistress Ultra Violet will welcome gorgeous Chicago-based Domina Thalia to Atlanta Dungeon January 15–17!

Domina Thalia has been a professional Dominant since the age of eighteen. Always aware of Her nature, She began to take sessions in downtown Chicago while She still attended highschool. And if you think She’s just trying to titillate you, we assure you, it’s absolutely true!

Fortunately for Domina Thalia, Chicago takes its kink very seriously and She was able discern Her taste and distill Her style at two houses before She decided to go out on Her own. Since then, She has travelled extensively and learned much. Her dominance is not a character She plays, but rather, it’s woven through to the core of Her being. Everything She brings to the table is 100% genuine, no matter how dramatic or bizarre. Your time together is based entirely on you and Her – nothing else. Every scene is tailored specifically for Her pleasure and your self-discovery, and Her style is as dependent on Her mood as it is on the palpable magic that is your shared energy. She truly enjoys Her role as a Pro Dominant, in part because She refuses to fake chemistry. In a nutshell, if it isn't fun for Her, it won't be any fun at all.

Go ahead and click on Domina Thalia's gorgeous photos below for more information and learn to serve your new Mistress today!

Domina Thalia of Chicago

Domina Thalia of Chicago

Domina Thalia of Chicago


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The Latest Comings & Goings of Dallas Beauty Domina Daria – including Dungeon News, Tour Dates, & More!

Gorgeous Dallas-based Domina Daria has so much on the go we can hardly keep it all straight!

Domina Daria

Daria officially opened the doors to The Meridian Dallas last year and it has become a dungeon to be reckoned with!  The Meridian is available for rent to ProDommes, photographers who need a stunning background for their fetish photography, and lifestyle couples who seek an erotic adventure at a kinky BNB. 

And the numbers are growing at The Meridian! Lovely Domina Daria has just welcomed blonde bombshell Lady Grace to the fold as a full-time Domina and you may contact Domina Daria directly if you wish to session with Lady Grace.  And yes, doubles are available!

Lady Grace

Raven-haired beauty Mistress Nina Mar from New York will visit The Meridian January 12–17 and will also accept sessions in Dallas while She’s there. For more information and photos, check Domina Daria’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Daria just sent out an exciting newsletter with all the details on Mistress Nina’s arrival, so if you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time!  Hint: click HERE and scroll halfway down.

Mistress Nina

Interested in learning sensual massage with a twist of kink?  Well you came to the right place because Domina Daria and a male kink partner now teach this art to couples!  They also conduct a monthly massage group experience where you can practice what you learn after you attend the workshop.  Classes are based on Domina Daria’s BondassageTM Training and She trains practitioners in the art as well. For information on event-planning, classes, workshops, and parties visit:

Do you ever find it a challenge to fit a Domme fix into your busy day? Then Whipsmart Domme Talk is for you! It’s a brand new podcast created by Domina Daria and super hot Dallas-based Mistress Montana! The two beauties will discuss fetish, BDSM adventures, FemDom topics, Professional BDSM and sex work issues, domination, awareness, education, and more. They’ll interview guests and will invite Their friends to join in as well.  We can’t wait to listen to the first episode!!

And there’s even more going on in beautiful Daria’s world! Stunning Goddess Ashlee and Domina Daria have co-created a sissy club for crossdressers – the Dazzling Dolz Club! The Ladies will conduct classes on gender-bending, dressing, hair and makeup, and will hold social events for crossdressers to get together and have fun. Isn't it time you, too, learned to dress properly in a feminine and glamorous way?!

And do not miss Domina Daria’s upcoming tour dates!

  • Austin TX:         January 13–14
  • Houston TX:              January 15–16
  • Oklahoma City OK:            January 17–18

Go ahead and click on the stunning photos below to get to Domina Daria’s website and make your wildest dreams come true!

Domina Daria

Domina Daria

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Beautiful Mistress Kiara Celebrates the Holidays with a HUGE Update!

Many Dominas try to build a wall between themselves and their Domme persona. Over the years, bewitching beauty Mistress Kiara has striven to break down this wall and become more and more Herself in every way when She interacts with Her subs and slaves. Earlier this week marked a huge moment for Her as She knocked down another of those walls… and what better time than the morning after the longest night of the year – the winter solstice!

Join the Cult of Mistress Kiara, Femdom Witch

Mistress Kiara became a practicing witch at a young age and She now embraces the art in Her FemDom lifestyle. Of course, this isn’t really a first for Her… She has cast spells, curses, and hexes to influence Her fetish life for years. She has caused relapses, brought subs to obsess over Her, and used general spells to bring Her more money and subs. But now She brings that part of Her life into the forefront with a brand new listing, clips, assignments, and more!

Not quite ready for a call with a sorceress? That’s ok because Mistress Kiara has plenty of FemDom witch PTVs for you to choose from, starting with this hot erectile dysfunction curse clip!

You’ll also find several other PTVs which involve Her Pagan practices in Her shop. And to give you a taste of the way She likes to do things, click HERE for a free clip that shows how She celebrated Yule a few nights ago.

New FemDom Shop!

In keeping with Mistress Kiara’s goal not to procrastinate, She would like to introduce you all to Her latest updates in this blog post. First, there’s a brand new shop feature! She has added almost all of Her clips, picture packs, assignments, and other PTVs to this new page, which you can search and sort any way you like! Mistress Kiara plans to go through all Her sales platforms to make sure 100% of Her content is available in all the places She knows you like to shop.

Doughboy Holiday Session & Clip

Every year, Mistress Kiara’s lovely little doughboy treats Her to some fun and a big, fat tribute for the holidays, and this year is no exception. So, of course, She just had to film their fun for you to see! This festive roleplay clip has it all – tons of punching, kicking, and slapping of course, along with some strapon fun, sissification, face sitting, gagging, boot worship, wallet rinsing, and loads of humiliation! You get all this in one 26-minute clip so how can you resist? Doughboy plays a sugar daddy who uses women for their bodies when they need his money. Today, however, he picks on the wrong Domme!  Mistress Kiara lures him in with Her sexy FemDom outfit, then gives him everything he deserves …

The scene starts as doughboy talks to his viewers. He has set up a webcam so his internet followers can watch while he humiliates and fucks a desperate sugar baby he has enticed with his huge wad of cash. Gorgeous Mistress Kiara enters, dressed to kill in Her thigh-high leather boots, opera length fingerless leather gloves, a sexy leather corset, and a short leather skirt. Doughboy takes the time to give Her razor-sharp nails some much-deserved worship, then kisses Her neck as he does his best to turn Her on. When he reaches under Her skirt, he gets a huge handful of Her strapon! LOL! After a long scuffle, where doughboy is slapped silly, Kiara finally uses the belt he had threatened Her with earlier, to choke him out.

Doughboy wakes to find himself tied to a chair. He looks down and discovers that Mistress Kiara has sissified him with a humiliating pig mask, a rainbow bikini, and high-heeled sandals. She takes some more easy shots while he’s bound and even uses his own boxing gloves on him! She finally releases him and allows (forces) him to worship Her boots. She makes him kiss, lick, and suck those sexy leather boots from heel to toe.

After She makes him suck Her strapon, Kiara decides that he needs to have his loser mouth filled with cock all the time. She straps a penis gag to his face, and he presents his ass to Her. Using a vibrating anal toy, Mistress Kiara stretches his ass wider than it’s ever been before. When he’s well and truly sodomized, She decides to have some fun, so She sits on his face and smothers him with Her beautiful, thick ass.

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, Mistress Kiara decorates poor doughboy like a Christmas tree and wraps him up nicely in Christmas lights. But this still isn’t enough humiliation to suit Her! She wants this to be a day that this freak will never forget, so She leaves him with some claw marks from Her perfectly manicured nails as a reminder not to fuck with Women ever again. Lastly, She steals a lock of his hair, which She will likely use later in some nefarious ritual, curse, or hex. Satisfied that Her slave is fully humiliated, Mistress Kiara rapes his wallet and flips off his viewers, lol!

If you crave humiliation the way this slave does, go ahead and click on any of the gorgeous images below to get to Mistress Kiara’s website and check out all Her new features!

Mistress Kiara

Mistress Kiara

Mistress Kiara

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Gorgeous Mistress Roberta Announces Her Christmas & New Year’s Travel Specials!

Beautiful Mistress Roberta understands that Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve can be lonely occasions for naughty people. She also knows you’ve had ‘urges’ all year and that you’ve been very naughty!  You choose to hide this ‘indecent’ side because it doesn’t conform with the preconceptions of what society considers normal… BUT being dominated by a beautiful Woman is all you can think about!

Since you were young, the domination and submission lifestyle called to you. Outwardly, you’re successful on so many different levels; you have money, health, and you command. But when it comes to your private, intimate side, you just love the way it feels to be controlled and teased by a dominant Woman. Hiding this side of yourself is like living a double life, but Mistress Roberta knows that what you hide is actually your bright side!

Nevertheless, you have ended up alone. Sometimes you prefer to stay away from family, or you may even choose not to have one at all... no wife or relationship... but this is Christmas, not to mention the close of another year.  As the people around you celebrate, do you wonder what you should be doing?  Well, this is a unique chance for you to enjoy the Christmas or New Year’s of your life.  Can you imagine being honored by a special visit from a Woman who has been nominated as a Top Ten Dominatrix for several years now?

Mistress Roberta has the ability to meet you anywhere in North America over the holidays and you will not be responsible for travel costs. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with one of North America’s most sought-after Dommes. Just visualize what it would be like to open your door to find Mistress Roberta standing there in all Her beauty, live and in person!

Mistress Roberta also has access to some very upscale dungeons and residences in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City, Manhattan, Toronto, and Montreal.  Or perhaps you’d like to spend time with Her in that five-star hotel you’ve been dreaming of. Mistress Roberta travels worldwide on request, so if you’re located anywhere else in the world such as London, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, or Hong Kong, She will fly to you under an exclusive arrangement. 

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend time with an elite Dominatrix during the holidays. Go ahead and click on any of the stunningly beautiful images below to get to Mistress Roberta’s website and bring Her into your life now!

Miss Roberta

Miss Roberta

Miss Roberta

Miss Roberta

Scroll down for a special Christmas greeting from Mistress Roberta!

And be sure to follow Mistress Roberta on Twitter!

Beautiful & Diverse Evil Opal – She’s Everything you’ve been Looking for!

Beautiful Evil Opal of Tampa/St. Petersburg FL is the curvy, mature Mistress of your wildest Namio-inspired dreams.  Do you fantasize that your voluptuous co-worker or perhaps the attractive neighbor lady has a hidden FemDom side?  It could even be your own wife or girlfriend.  Well, Opal knows all about slaves like you.  She recognizes your vulnerability, manipulates your weaknesses, lays her trap, and the next thing you know, She has captured and seduced you into permanent enslavement! Evil Opal is that gorgeous BBW Goddess you drool over; the one whose killer curves, luscious legs, and perfect, tasty feet put a tent in your trousers (as She likes to put it).  Factor Her high intelligence level and sophistication into the mix and She’ll really make you feel inferior.

Opal is amazingly diverse, and as an experienced ProDom, She does it all – real-time sessions, domination by phone, webcam, email, text, worn items for sale, custom videos, and custom audio recordings, to name only some. 

And it’s no secret that sexy Opal loves foot worship. There are few things in this world She finds more pleasurable than to have Her feet kissed and licked and Her pretty polished toes sucked. In fact, Her plump, mature feet are so exquisitely beautiful that throngs of men constantly beg to worship them. But only those candidates who prove themselves capable of pleasing Her – who can make themselves genuinely useful and truly satisfy Her desires – may earn the privilege of becoming one of Her foot slaves. Are you worthy? Then click HERE to learn all the juicy details about Her new, enhanced, streamlined foot slave program!

And speaking of Her sexy, sexy feet, Opal has new Twitter and JustforFans accounts exclusively for foot fetish subs like you who can’t get enough of Her feet. There are already plenty of photos and videos there to keep you busy for quite a while and She usually updates twice a day, so be sure to follow Her there… and come back often!

Go ahead and click on any of the sexy photos below to get to Evil Opal’s website and begin your servitude to this powerfully beautiful Woman today!

Evil Opal

Evil Opal

Evil Opal

Be sure to follow Evil Opal on Twitter HERE and HERE!