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Atlanta Dungeon Kicks Off a Very Kinky Spring with a Visit from World Class Dominatrix, Sky Terrapin, March 21 – 25, 2024!

Kink is the language of world class LA kinkster Sky Terrapin’s soul, and She uses it to develop a depth of expression and satisfaction with Her play partners that is both deliciously intoxicating and overwhelmingly subtle. This is what She loves: to find a meeting place for the dichotomies that exist inside each of us. 

Sky Terrapin

She is:

  • an LA native

  • Lifestyle (since 2006) and professional (since 2009)

  • Kinkster

  • Opera singer

  • Equestrian

  • Pain coach

  • Poet

  • Violinist

  • Fire performer

  • Contact dancer

  • Yogi

  • Vipassana meditator

  • World traveller

  • Urban explorer

  • Multi-dimensional, multi-lingual pervert with an insatiable curiosity and a healthy obsession with experience curation

Sky Terrapin

Sky Terrapin specializes in such forms of play as: • ball busting • bondage/encasement • caning • CBT • chastity training • corporal punishment • discipline • edge play • feminization • mind-games • nipple torture • humiliation/objectification • orgasm control • role-play (nothing is too taboo) • sensory deprivation • service (both domestic and financial) • spanking (with a particular fondness for OTK …) • tease and denial • tickling • trampling • wrestling (fantasy).

Note to D-types: While Sky identifies primarily as Dominant, She does enjoy subbing to a select few who have earned the privilege of topping Her. If your pleasure is topping and you are a safe, sane, consensual, and experienced player with play partners who will enthusiastically vouch for you, She will gladly consider bottoming to you.

Sky Terrapin

Sky Terrapin adores playing with women and couples and offers a discounted rate when there is a female client present. She also loves to teach and brings over 16 years’ experience to the table.

Sky Terrapin

Go ahead and click on any of Sky's stunning photos … and book your session of a lifetime in Atlanta while space remains!

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Beautiful Mistress Ultra Violet welcomes stunning NYC-based Mistress Medusa to Atlanta Dungeon February 28 – March 7, 2024!

Get set, Atlanta! Stunning NYC-based Mistress Medusa will grace the hallowed halls of world-famous Atlanta Dungeon February 28 – March 7, 2024!

Mistress Medusa

Mistress Medusa is a Femme Fatale who loves to lure men into submission and bring them down to their knees.

During Her time at Atlanta Dungeon, Mistress Medusa will be available for double sessions along with Her Domme Sister, Empress Frida Love Flores. Frida is affectionately known as Atlanta’s Latina Domina Doll, and is a Professional Domina, Fetish Model, and BDSM Educator. She specializes in the exchange of power and energy through the science of kink practices. She’s an expensive, strict, and sensual sadist who attributes Her stunning looks and curvy body to Her Caribbean heritage.

Empress Frida Love Flores

Mistress Medusa loves to manipulate, control, and dominate in ways that will bring you both great pain and unbelievable pleasures.

She will toy with your emotions and mind-fuck you into a vortex of existential bliss and subspace.

She’ll help you embrace your deepest, darkest desires, your twisted fantasies, your secrets of the night. She’ll help you bring them to light and make you feel the most liberated you've ever felt in your life.

She'll destroy your life and your ego. She will shred your manhood to pieces.

She’ll make you completely helpless, to the point where you need Her to survive.

She'll completely devour your existence, relieving you of your human identity.

You are nothing but an object, a source of Her entertainment.

She’s a predator always looking for its prey.

Mistress Medusa

Dying to be helplessly trapped in Mistress Medusa's web of pain and pleasure? Go ahead and click on any of Her gorgeous photos for more information, and serve Her in Atlanta while you can!

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Gorgeous Florida-based Mistress Nyxon is All Set to Visit Atlanta Dungeon January 26 – 28!

Exciting news for all you submissives!

Mistress Nyxon

Beautiful Florida-based Mistress Nyxon will return to Atlanta Dungeon from the 26th of January through to the 28th. She will also attend the Mistress Brunch and Play Party slated for January 27. Be sure to contact lovely Atlanta Dungeon owner, Mistress Ultra Violet, for information:

Mistress Nyxon

Mistress Nyxon is an internationally travelled fetish model and professional Dominatrix located in St Petersburg, FL. She has been published in multiple adult books and magazines, including Penthouse's July/August 2015 issue. This Pittsburgh native first started doing bondage videos in 2008, but quickly accumulated experience in multiple genres, making Her one of the top performers in the industry. These days, Nyxon focuses on Her own productions and private Domme sessions.Mistress Nyxon

Click on any of Mistress Nyxon’s stunning photos for more information and book now to serve this legend!

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Lovely Lady Bellatrix Goes on Hiatus in 2024!

Stunning Paris-based Lady Bellatrix is pleased to announce Her official hiatus during 2024!

Lady Bellatrix

That's right, Bellatrix will officially close the doors of Chez Bellatrix as of January 19, 2024. She’s had a good run, but the time has come to move on. So, this is your last call to submit final requests before She takes a break from Paris incall sessions!

To be clear, Bellatrix has no plans to retire; She’s simply taking a break from real-time sessions in Paris for the time being. She plans to shift Her business from incall sessions to strictly online during Her hiatus. You'll be relieved to hear that She’ll remain active most days on Her usual social networks and premium platforms.

Lady Bellatrix

Later in the spring, Bellatrix will make Herself available to cherished regulars at four-star or higher hotels in Paris. She’ll eventually open Her books for FMTY but will not host incall sessions in Paris for the foreseeable future. Don't say we didn't warn you!

While some of you may not be able to serve Lady Bellatrix in realtime, there are still many ways you can support the cause. She’ll remain active online as She continues all operations behind the scenes and Her online activities will not be altered by this decision.

So, if you were thinking of sessioning with Bellatrix in Paris, She suggests you do so sooner rather than later. As and when She returns to realtime sessions, Her rates will increase, however, this will not affect Her regulars or anyone She sessioned with in 2023. Tribute for these loyal patrons will be ‘grandfathered’, i.e., the price will remain the same.

Warning: Bellatrix has limited availability for Femdom sessions from now until January 19, 2024!

Go ahead and click on any of Lady Bellatrix's gorgeous photos for more information, and apply for your final session at Chez Bellatrix while space remains!

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Take a Deep Breath … and Prepare to Meet Gorgeous Divine Ruler, Ororo Snow, of Atlanta Dungeon!

Lovely Atlanta Dungeon Owner Mistress Ultra Violet is proud to welcome one of the brightest new stars in the BDSM world, beautiful divine ruler Ororo Snow, to the Sisterhood!

Ororo Snow

Welcome to Ororo Snow’s heaven, little snowflake! You may have worshiped and admired Her for some time, or you could be new to Her harem of devotees. Either way, your sins are safe with Her. You have made a great decision to step into Her heaven of beauty, pleasure, and servitude.

Ororo Snow

Ororo Snow adores being completely worshiped by the penis carrier, a known lesser species to Her Supreme Feminine. To create space where fantasy and desire intertwine is Her greatest pleasure. As an artist, She takes great pride in what She creates. Every audio and visual She creates is crafted with deep intention to meet Her own very high standards. This inevitably indoctrinates you into becoming Her molded obedient devotee. You will know this at the first sound of Her voice. The first connection of Her gaze. The instant She smiles your way. She is nothing like any other Woman you've ever met.

Ororo Snow

Ororo Snow specializes in hypnotic indoctrination better known to some as hypnosis, brainwashing, mind meld, and mind fucking. To release control is the greatest form of submission to your divine ruler and shows the depth of servitude Her devotees go to for Her pleasure.

To turn your mind into an alley for Her teachings, rulings, and dark pleasures makes your final release that much more intense; Ororo Snow will warp your mind and body even deeper into Her way of life. She adores the way it heightens your arousal and consumes you with desire for Her. You thirst for Her all day and night. She loves how this keeps you so obedient and worshiping, as you focus your mind on your one true purpose: pleasuring your divine ruler.

Ororo Snow

Dying to know more? Go ahead and click on any of Ororo Snow’s stunning photos for more information … and book your session of a lifetime today!

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Calling all submissives! Atlanta Dungeon Welcomes Three New Dungeon Sisters!

Gorgeous Atlanta Dungeon-owner, Mistress Ultra Violet, has great news for all you submissives. Three stunning beauties, namely, Empress Frida Love Flores, Goddess Evelyn Nightshade, and Princess Roxi Razorblade have joined the Sisterhood of Atlanta Dungeon!

Meet Frida Love Flores

Frida is affectionately known as Atlanta’s Latina Domina Doll, and is a Professional Domina, Fetish Model, and BDSM Educator. She specializes in the exchange of power and energy through the science of kink practices. She’s an expensive, strict, and sensual sadist who attributes Her stunning looks and curvy body to Her Caribbean heritage. Although only five foot two, She lifts weights regularly and has a background in martial arts. She’s a bold charismatic siren, capable of bending the will of others to Her desire through coercion and physical force. She employs psychological domination and emotional manipulation to reprogram the self-serving ideals of the weak.

Frida Love Flores

Frida travels and tours often and offers FMTY for Her best-behaved disciples. When at home in Atlanta, She works exclusively out of the South's largest fully-equipped modern dungeon play space: Atlanta Dungeon!