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Atlanta Dungeon Just Got Better – Welcome to Mistress Vera Virgo!

The lovely Mistress Ultra Violet is very excited to announce the arrival of Mistress Vera Virgo!  That’s right, radiantly beautiful Mistress Vera has relocated to Atlanta and is now part of world-famous Atlanta Dungeon! You’ve likely already heard of Her, as She’s a well known Dominatrix from the Midwest, not to mention former Head Mistress and Lifestyle Domme with several years’ experience.  With attributes like these, a conventional life could never satisfy a Woman like Her!  Mistress Vera’s insatiable curiosity, lust for adventure, and devotion to BDSM have shaped Her daily life and Her very existence. By exploring Her constantly evolving fantasies and desires, this blonde bombshell has honed Her skills to a fine point.  Along the way, Her love for BDSM grew into a passion that allows Her to teach and guide others in the Lifestyle today.  Her interests range from the softest, sensual domination or role-play to the most extreme or taboo.  Mistress Vera loves to explore a vast array of fantasies and fetishes, and She continues to find each experience unique and fulfilling.  Word of Her arrival is spreading fast though, so click on any of Her hot photos below for further information, and book your session today!

Mistress Vera Virgo

Mistress Vera Virgo

Mistress Vera Virgo

Mistress Vera Virgo

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Goddess Cheyenne – Got to Get Her into your Life!

Being a natural Dominant, on Goddess Cheyenne’s first day of kindergarten She lured a boy into a garbage can, slammed the lid shut, jumped on top of it with rocks in hand, and beat the sides until he cried.  Her stuffed animals were frequently tied to Her canopy bedposts with hair ribbons and left suspended. For as long as She can remember, Female Domination has been an integral part of this Atlanta-based Domme’s personality and She naturally gravitated towards BDSM as She grew older.

Flash forward nearly 20 years later and we see a strikingly beautiful Goddess who practises Domination for Her own pleasure in Her professional life as well as Her personal life.  Goddess Cheyenne has been Guest of Honor at multiple DomCon events, was elected to the DomCon Advisory Board, and has attained many other achievements far too numerous to mention here.  Her private dungeon is located in the heart of Atlanta and is an opulent spectacle, unique in grandeur, style, and function.  To call it ‘fully equipped’ is a huge understatement, and you really have to visit her website – or go in person – to appreciate just how spectacular it is.  Goddess Cheyenne is an enchanting, classic beauty you will ache to be near: your only responsibility is to obey and your only duty is to serve.

But wait, it gets even better!  Goddess Cheyenne will welcome iconic Ms Irene Boss to Atlanta from November 14 to 17, where both Solo and Double Domme sessions will be available.  Click on any of Goddess Cheyenne's stunningly beautiful images below to get to Her website and book the session of your life!

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Mistress Evilyne – Playing with men’s Desires, Bodies, and Egos

Based in Central London, Mistress Evilyne has been dominating men professionally since 2013. In those few years, She has gone from being ‘another out of nowhere newbie to the London BDSM scene armed with a corset and a pair of high heels, to being recognised as one of the international elite of Female Domination’. How? By doing things Her way.  She is ever learning and evolving, constantly honing Her craft.  The more She dominates, the more She adores it.  Through this lifestyle, She has connected with Her true core, and that core radiates from Her every pore.  As She likes to say, “In coming into Femdom, I have come home.”  Mistress Evilyne plays with men’s desires, bodies and egos. The smell of fear makes Her pulse race and Her pupils dilate. Seeing a man immobilised and suffering or humiliating himself for Her makes Her feel sparks of electricity in Her groin. She wants to use you, She wants to see you put yourself through seven Hells just because you know it will make Her juices flow.  She wants you to be excited by exciting Her through your show of submission. Mistress Evilyne considers this to be a true connection: an infinite cycle of emotional intimacy exchanged between two people.​"  Go ahead and click on any of Her striking pics below to get to Her site, and be prepared to have your mind blown!