Name Location Picture Description
Elegant cruelty and sophisticated dominance. Assured, precise, devastating.
An internationally renowned psychological Beauty.
Oregon based Mistress who has been a recreational BDSM-fetish practitioner for 20 years and a professional pervert and Domme for six years.
Possesses a duality and etherealness that will always keep Her 'up here' and you 'down there'. Stop looking at Her ass and book a session, creep!
International Dominatrix Provocateur. From this moment on, you will be Hers; you will relinquish all control and submit.
Specializes in the sissification of the wayward male. She is a a Gleeful Humiliatrix, an Evil Seductress, and a Manipulative Mommy.
Beautiful and violent Pro Domme. Submit in Her well-equipped Portland Dungeon!
Portland Oregon's Dominatrix Next Door and FemDom Event Host. Fully equipped luxe private fetish space!
The Sensual Domme. Specializes in sensation play, spanking, feminization, and role play.
Also known as The Shamanatrix, She incorporates somatic healing into Her incredibly diverse and judgment free house of domination and submission!
Stunningly beautiful Asian Dominatrix. Protocol, ritual, and sensual sadism. 忍