Frequently Asked Questions

dickie virgin is far and away the #1 ranked FemDom directory in the world and our primary purpose is to send traffic to sites like yours (and for FREE). We recommend using all the features we offer in order to ensure that you're getting the most traffic possible. There are three different ways to increase traffic to your site or promote your services through dickie virgin (and did we mention they're all free?):

1) The dickie Site ListingsThis is a comprehensive list of ProDommes around the world and is the go-to place for guys to search by region for the Domme of their dreams. Make sure your site is listed!

2) The dickie ClassifiedsMuch like the old Backpage but strictly FemDom so you're assured that the people contacting you are, in fact, submissive and understand the role dynamics involved. 

3) dickie TubeIf you produce FemDom content, you can showcase samples of your work on dickie Tube with links to your site or clip store.  We get a ton of traffic here and taking a couple of minutes to post a video sample means new traffic and sales for you.

Further details on these free services:

1) dickie Site Listings

Once you submit your site listing to us, it will be placed on the Worldwide Domme Guide and featured on our home page. When someone does a search for your city, state, or country, your listing will pop up. Click HERE to see how this looks.

2) dickie Classifieds

Classifieds are ads you create and manage yourself. They're perfect if you want to announce your availability that day, or if you have an upcoming tour and want to advertise in the various cities you'll be visiting.  If you you used to use Backpage, the process is very similar. On the Classifieds tab, look for ‘Submit Ad’ on the left side of the page. That’s the start button to create your account.  When setting up your account, be sure to make note of your username and password (we suggest a username with no spaces).  Once you've published your first ad, make note of the link that provides tips on how to best use this feature, which you'll find conveniently located on your Account tab. The Classifed Ad page is located HERE.

3) dickie Tube

If you have a clip store or a membership site, take advantage of dickie Tube to showcase your work. Post a recent clip, a shorter trailer of a clip, or produce an introduction video. This is a great way to tell people about yourself, your interests, the services you offer, and whatever else you consider important. Along with the clip description you can include links to your clip store, membership site, social media, or even your wishlist if you like. But please don't confuse adding a free clip here with having your clips pirated on other sites! Listing on dickie virgin is a marketing tool that allows you to reach our huge audience and send them directly to your site or clip store. Tens of thousands are on our site at any one time, so if you want our traffic, then showcase your work... or someone else will get the traffic instead. We have several producers who post clips on a regular basis, so it obviously works. We recently polled our site visitors and over 80% say they've paid for FemDom clips in the past year. As you can see, our traffic supports the FemDom industry, so get your content in front of the many thousands of dickie virgin site visitors now!


If you want even further site-reach, consider our paid advertising plans, which cost as little as $1.00 a day USD. If you know you should focus on marketing but just can't find the time, this is a simple cost effective option that probably costs less than your tribute for one 30 minute session. In one plan, we even manage all the features for you – we create and post clip trailers, post ads, update your site listing, retweet you, and do blog features about you.

If you need help with anything, we're pretty accessible, so write or send Dixie or dickie a DM on Twitter and we'll walk you through things step by step.

What's the difference between a text link and a classified ad and which can I submit to?

The text link is a constant link to your site with a brief description and your pic.  When someone is searching for a Domme by location they can find your name and site link amongst that list.  Your link can also appear on the dickie home page every 6 months upon request or remain there if a site advertiser.  Classifieds are ads that you manage yourself.  You can add multiple ads and delete them as you like, in fact there is an option when creating the ad to have a specific turn off date.  Ideal when travelling so you can have the ad terminate the day after your visit ends.  To Add a text link click on the 'submit Text Link' button on the toolbar.  To add a classifed ad, go to the classifed ads and look for the 'Submit new Ad' link on the left side of the page.

What is the HTML code to display your banner on my site?

Copy entire code below to display the most current dickie virgin banner on your site:

<p><a href=""><img src="" width="468" height="65" /></a></p>

<p><a href=""><img src="" width="180" height="300" /></a></p>


In addition to clicking the 'Custom Search' link you can also just click on a Country or State or City you see anywhere and it will sort the site to match that criteria.  As an example find a site listing under todays list and click on any of the options there, be it a City, State, Country, or so on.  If you click on 'United States' for example you will get an entire list of US Dommes, click on 'California' and it defines it fuurther into only California links.  Just want Los Angeles, then click on that.  The process is pretty simple so click around and it will make sense quickly.  There is also a Search by Country link above that some find to be the handiest way to search.

Ad banners are available for a monthly fee, with discounted rates for 3 or 6 month plans, as are other strategic marketing concepts that will greatly increase the traffic from dickie virgin to your site.  Contact dixie for full details!  Your banner will appear, for FREE, in rotation on the Top 100 page as long as you send traffic to dickie.  The best way to do this is to add the newest dickie banner below on a prominent location on your site and link to:


All FemDom site links are free and you can request that your site be added by filling out the form on the 'submit link' page. If you want your site listing highlighted and relisted as new every 30 days, along with other strategic site exposure on dickie virgin, check out our advertising plans.  For information on our ad plans, banner placement, display on our site of your personal tweets, etc., contact dixie at  


To submit a video you must be the owner of the content. We work collaboratively with others in our industry to protect their property, not steal it. To submit, you must have an email address that is displayed on your website, and you must also provide that page URL, so we can ensure it is being submitted by the content owner. After submitting a video, we will check the link, and send an email asking for a reply email confirmation. The entire process could take up to 24 hours but we hope you'll agree it's worth the wait, to ensure that all content has been approved for display by copyright owners.  Click on the 'submit video' link in the toolbar to submit your video(s).  There are no limits currently on the number of videos that can be submitted.  Thank you!

Because there are numerous requests for interviews, you must have been in business for at least three years in order to be interviewed.  You should be able to supply at least four or five high quality images (900 pixels minimum) and have a good story to tell. Five word answers don't make for a great interview ;).  Priority is given to advertisers who spend a minimum of $125 USD per month, but interviews are not necessarily limited to advertisers.  All interview enquiries should be sent by email to Dixie.

How do I reach dickie virgin?

Write or with any questions or comments.