Name Location Picture Description
Sadistic, pretty Goddess and experienced fetish model. Visit Her to experience all of the highs and lows of your slavish existence. Travels throughout Germany!
Lady Marlon, Domina Mercedes and many others.
Creative role playing, bondage, beginners to advanced, hospital erotica!
Domina, latex diva, femme fatal, sadist, escort & studio.
Passionate Dominatrix based in Berlin! Severe treatment, hard punishment!
Since She was young She has found nothing more exciting than to kindle the lust of men, to fire it, then discharge them. Your imagination is Her inspiration.
Young, beautiful, Berlin-based English speaking Dominatrix... with a sweet side and a wicked side!
Lady of Dreams. Stunning, sensual, and powerful in Her femininity as well as Her sophistication.
Professional Domme with 20+ years of experience... arrogant, sadistic, and strong!
Professional Domina since 1982. Specializes in caged holidays for human-pigs and human-dogs!
Has a very sadistic side and you will feel Her extremely rough approach coupled with a softness and attention to your fragility. Perverted as an angel with not
Curvy, dirty games expert!
She dreams that She can apply Her fetish desires, character and fears on worthy subs.
Power – pain – lust – passion!
From Berlin comes your Black German Dominatrix! The discreet and mature gentleman may enjoy Her presence as She indulges in Her predilections.
Their beautifully trained Domina Escorts require servants and companions who are ready to travel into the realm of dominance and devotion.
She celebrates lust, as well as playing with power and trust. Her sadism is precise and She practices fetish experiments of all kinds.
Conducts classical education sessions, including bondage & flaggelation, with great pleasure. Facesitting, piss, & scat are Her passions!
She is the sympathic sadist you are looking for. Small, smart, and sexy as hell. With a smile She will bring you to your knees.
Beautiful Blonde Mistress – private session possibilities available worldwide!
A superior, elitist, and yet very active Woman in person, in every outfit of classical dominance, the elegant embodiment of Female superiority.
Money Mistress with that special something.
Whether it's about classic Dominance, facesitting, foot fetish, humiliation, or toilet training – She’ll take you to your limits and even further!
Berlin's Domina & Bizarr Studio. Enjoy extravagant intimacies with the finest Dominas, Doms and submissives. Studio rental available and they speak English!
An elegant and attractive young woman who derives a great deal of pleasure from dominating, torturing, and ridiculing you!
Head Mistress of the Fantasies Department - erotic domination; tenderly perverted!
Berlin-based Dominatrix. Elegance, Dominance and Sadism. Submit all power to Her.
Charming deviant, painfully sensual, and intelligent Asian Mistress. Curious kitties, newbies, and experienced submissives and slaves are welcomed!
Palace of Domination and Sinful Delights featuring High Class Dominas and Fetish Models!
Intelligent, well-educated, passionate. Kinky and sadistic, yet compassionate and attentive.
Germany-based Mistress: heavy sadist, sensual and dominant, extremely sadistic... and a little masochistic.
Ladylike sadist with a taste for perverted games...and a soft spot for nervous newcomers. Sadism, sweetly delivered!
Like iron dipped in honey. Experienced Finnish and international Mistress. Meet a true Nordic Goddess; submit now!
Modern Dominance crafted in the German Capitol. Sessions available in fluent English. Bondage Expert. Sensuality & Sadism.
Usually located in Berlin, where She Dominates Her subjects at the ever popular Studio Avalon facility; also visits London several times a year.