Name Location Picture Description
A Lady not just in name, She aspires to combine a more sensual, soft approach with Her more sadistic inclinations.
Sydney's sensual, strict, and sadistic Dominatrix. Bespoke BDSM experiences for connoisseurs of kink.
Craving a Dominant Goddess to put you in your place? Bow down to this Norwegian Dominatrix, the tall, blonde Scandinavian Goddess of your dreams.
Australia's Bondage Mistress... explorations into BDSM and fetish are some of Her highest forms of personal expression.
Sydney’s most successful BDSM dungeon with 25+ years' experience providing trust, exploration, and adventure. Go and realize your most powerful fantasies!
She loves to mix an intoxicating element of eroticism to Her sessions that will leave you wanting more. Let Her take you there.
Professional Australian Dominatrix, filthy pervert, smiling sadist, & authentic Alpha Female. Sydney-based; Global Domination!
Beautiful Australian Goddess. Sensual and Cruel Dominatrix. Master of Tease and Denial!
Sensual or sadistic; always intense. From extreme torture to playful tormenting, She will lead you to the satisfaction you seek.
Domina. Pervert. Hedonist. Edging expert & exploitress of your desperation. She does what delights Her. Also tours Melbourne, Brisbane, & Canberra!
Sydney’s most experienced BBW Dominatrix. Professional Australian Dominatrix with 20 years of experience who offers an extensive range of BDSM services!
Sadistic, blonde feminine Mistress with a kink for latex and all things demented... one of Sydney's youngest Dominatrices!
Experienced voluptuous BBW Dominatrix with a love and need for all things BDSM and the kinks that lie within it.
Professional lifestyle Dominatrix & sadist. She's mature, outgoing, and naturally curious (but don’t make the mistake of letting Her friendly persona fool you)!
Sadistic seductress, male trainer, and professional Australian Dominatrix.
Amazonian Tantric Domina & BDSM Mentor. 15+ years' experience. Are you ready for a deeper experience? Newbies & veterans welcome. Also Oslo, London & Amsterdam!
High end Dominatrix and feminization specialist; She will immerse you in a different reality - HER reality. Travels to GoldCoast and Melbourne!
Approachable, elegant and sophisticated Brisbane-based British Domme who offers a wide range of sensual BDSM and fetish/kink play... where Heaven meets Hell!
Curvy, sadistic, professional Bitch. Derives immense enjoyment from delivering exactly what She decides Her pets need!
Dominatrix and Fetish Facilitator. Over 20 years' experience as a Pro Domme. Brisbane-based with amazing playrooms!
Highly regarded for Her skillset, empathic nature, and of course, the authenticity and passion for what She does.
Stylish, sophisticated, refined and assuredly in control, always, do not to be lulled into a false sense of security by Her sweet initial demeanour.
Genuinely enjoys dominating men. Seeks a sub/slave to serve Her and satisfy Her every whim.
The sacred realm of rituals and ceremonies for BDSM, fetish, kink, role play, and transformation.
Accomplished, elegant Mistress. Assertive, with a grounding presence. Wears the Dominatrix title with pride and authenticity.
'Classically trained to creatively tame' since 2014.
Her cane often draws blood; She is a sadistic Mistress. She adores the juxtaposition of a sweetly smiling Goddess delivering a brutal caning…
Let Her strip away your daily mask to reveal the deepest, darkest urgest of your primal self... welcome to Her world!
Asian Dominatrix cruel muse, latex bondage lover.
Melbourne's most notorious Pro Dominatrix, Switch, & Fetishist!
Elegant, imaginative, highly skilled professional Dominatrix who offers an extensive range of BDSM experiences. Tender, fierce, and delightfully mean!
Melbourne’s premier and ONLY fetish establishment custom-built for the sole purpose of fulfilling your darkest and kinkiest fantasies.
Sharp, competent, sophisticated, and independent Domina who shares with submissives, slaves, and fetishists alike. Call Her for your Latex, Shibari, & CP fix!
Traditional domination with a sophisticated, modern edge.
Sensual, gentle Femdom, mixed-Asian, petite princess. Be a minion in Her empire!
Sensual International French Dominatrix. Travels between Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK!