Name Location Picture Description
Strict British Mistress and heavy rubber specialist!
Card-carrying, global-perveratti member. An American FemDom in Paris!
Petite but mighty French-American FemDom. Genuine BDSM enthusiast mentored by the legendary Eisanna Eiger. LA-based with quarterly visits to SF, NYC, & Paris.
She will calm your pains: the pains She has inflicted and the pains of your life.
Latex rubber clothing, fetish fashions, kinky couture... if you don't look great in latex, you're not wearing the right latex!
Defines Herself as a phallic highly psychologic Mistress... and Her imagination knows no limits!
Feminization, Domination, and many fetishes explored.
Practices everything that is legal, non-violent, non-hazardous, and which leaves no marks... except on your soul!
Humiliation, bondage, bdsm and many more fetishes.
We offer you various services ranging from simple consulting to the complete organization of an evening or an event to BDSM theme.
Blond or Brown! Reconstruct the Heart. Women until the end.
A true disciplinarian artist!
Become the slave to Her will. Offer Her your body and She'll give it back to you; well, maybe ...
A very experienced Mistress perfectly mastering the nuances and limitations of each fetish.
Flogging, whipping, domination, spanking, latex, fetish, dominatrix, fetish, mistress, masochism.
Experienced Domme. Punishments range from soft to hard!
Some of them are soft, some of them are very hard. Check out the free Domination website based in Paris France. Mistresses are there ...
A thinking man's Dominatrix! Deviance and kink for Her are not a lifestyle; they're Her religion.
Independent, elegant, and extreme... She's ready to help you discover what you've been missing in your life!
Have you dreamed of a beautiful, intelligent young Woman who commands you to obey? Who makes you serve Her & please Her with your darkest desires? Wait's over!
She'll create an unparalleled and unforgettable environment, like a dream, like something that never happened... but it IS happening!
The pretty college girl next door who secretly fucks men in the ass [Francais/English]!
Belle Dominatrice fétichiste à Paris.
Creative, discerning, and deliciously sadistic, She takes great pleasure in initiating beginners or pushing the most experienced subs to the extreme.
Explore your kinks and your darkest fantasies with this beautiful ProDomme. 💻 Visit Her website now for some 🔥 content!
Parisian high-end Dominatrix. Beginners, submissive or real slaves, She appreciates both men and Women, as well as couples.
Elegant, sophisticated, professional French Mistress who will guide you through many BDSM practices.
Creative, elegant and sadistic French Domme, with a latex fetish and a love for fear play and sensory deprivation.