Name Location Picture Description
Birmingham Mistress with a well equipped cellar dungeon.
Mistress Lisa loves to tease... especially when you're all tied up. She enjoys dressing to please in a vast selection of outfits you can choose to see Her in!
Young, slim, 5'5" in stocking feet, beautiful, intelligent, charming, with a wicked sense of humour.
Sees who She believes will be right for Her kind of session & likes sessions to be fun... but She's always in control!
Size 8 to 10, 5'8" tall, with a slim & slender figure and a strong personality... this is an extension of the real Her and not just an act!
Stuck indoors? Wish you were under the desk of Birmingham's Black Empress, massaging excessive amounts of cocoa butter into Her feet? Check out Her website!
Birmingham Dominatrix and Mistress whose every decadent move is calculated to induce absolute rapture... has Her own private chambers!
Genuinely powerful and professional Dominatrix. Her natural instincts and maximum pleasure are derived by taking control and exerting power over men.
If you want to experience real Domination by a beautiful Mistress, there's no one better than the skilled and wonderfully sadistic Mistress Alexa!
Professional Mistress and Goddess who practises the art of full mind control, manipulation, & worship. You will be made to fully obey and respect.
Her resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirationaland at times sadistic.
She's a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian. And you do need discipline, don’t you? Has a selection of whips, paddles, and canes that She will use on you!
West Midlands, UK - Experienced Professional Dominatrix and Best Seller for Femdom clips!
Takes real-time sessions in Her chambers, but for those of you who cannot attend in-person, She has assembled an ever-growing collection of BDSM videos!
Come with Her on a journey of invigoration & transformation. Liberate your mind. Revel in the catharsis. Imagine the possibilities then bring them to fruition.