Name Location Picture Description
European style German competence for girls and boys! Highly selective; elegant and effective.
True Sensual Sadist and Lifestyler... enjoys being pampered, so bring a smile to your Mistress's face by showing your grace!
Female dominant / male submissive organization! Holding many play parties and gatherings.
Amazon Goddess. Former pro wrestler. 6'1"!
Award winning, experienced, and beautiful Mistress with the highest level of skills available in Domination today!
Dominant Ebony Femme Fatale... relinquish your everyday role of power to Her and She will escort you into a world of submission!
Sinfully sadistic and sometimes sweet. See what you've been missing... book your session NOW!
Strict, demanding, uncompromising, and always sensually sadistic... your fetish will come to life at Her feet!
Sweetly sadistic domination from a devilishly creative beauty. Are you ready for an expansive BDSM experience?
Pro Ebony Dominatrix! Makes men cry every day! She's been in the industry over 3 years and has made Her subs the happiest men in BDSM! Come find out how.
Strives to provide Her best self to each of Her subordinates. Her approach is to cater to each individual & use them to Her advantage.
Divine big-breasted Muscle Goddess.You can't resist the raw strength and beauty She harnesses.
Esoteric sadist and compassionate narcissist with 5+ years' manipulating submissives into mind-melting moments of weakness.
Intelligent sadistic siren. Your hopes and dreams belong to Her. Your fears, fantasies, and pleasures belong to Her. Your body, mind, and soul belong to Her.