Name Location Picture Description
Sydney's sensual, strict, and sadistic Dominatrix!
Australia's Bondage Mistresss... Her explorations into BDSM and fetish are one of Her highest forms of personal expression.
Sydney’s most successful BDSM dungeon with 25+ years' experience in providing trust, exploration, and adventure. Go and realize your most powerful fantasies!
Australia's finest BDSM establishment offering a wide range of erotic alternative services in luxurious surrounds just a stone's throw from the heart of Sydney!
She loves to mix an intoxicating element of eroticism to Her sessions that will leave you wanting more. Let Her take you there.
Professional Australian Dominatrix, filthy pervert, smiling sadist, authentic Alpha Female. Sydney-based; Global Domination!
Sensual, cruel, beautiful Dominatrix! Enter Her world and let Her listen to what you yearn for; together you can explore the depths of passion and perversion.
Sensual or sadistic; always intense.