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19 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Domina, sadist, and fetishist in the sleek form of a Woman.
Bondage, CBT, chastity, discipline, electroplay, fetish, force, FTT, humiliation, kidnapping, medical, roleplay, tease & denial, worship.
She's only interested in those who know what they like and who need Her to push them beyond their limits.
18 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
S & M studio for pain and pleasure!
The Bull of NYC. Elite Latina Dominatrix. Subscribe to Her site to stream Her videos and for contact info.
Domestic Discipline for naughty adults!
17 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Overpowering Disciplinarian – 6' 1'', elegant, and experienced.
Psychological Domme with a playfully wicked side. She will whip you into perfect submission and send you into total bliss, again and again...
16 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Experience sensational HypnoDomme action with HypnoSlave Training. Hypnotic Russian!
Superior Femdom Goddess and fetish video producer. Bending men to Her will is what pleases Her most!
15 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She has a reputation for being beautiful while still approachable; harsh and challenging, though still humorous and caring.
She's luxuriously kinky. She's on a mission to make worthy men Her personal toys. Curiosity Rose Thorne... because a good top is hard to find!
13 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Beautiful curvy Latina Goddess who commands respect and adoration... strict yet playful, sensual yet sadistic.
Eastern European Pro Domme... sophisticated, sensual, cruel, sadistic, beautiful!
12 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Atlanta’s only military Dominatrix! As a former US Army sergeant She expects and demands the utmost discipline from those who serve Her.
Surrender yourself...let go and give in to Her desires. She thoroughly loves being in control of those worthy enough to find themselves before Her!
Superior Asian Goddess. Supremacist, Disciplinarian, Humiliatrix.
11 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Every encounter will be unique and you will grow to crave Her dominant presence in your life.
Fort Worth's Prima Domina!
10 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sadistic Dominatrix and Goth Queen of Oakland... your sweetest wet dream or your worst nightmare!
Sensual Dominatrix, spanking enthusiast, professional Domina. She's a very confident Woman who knows Her place…above you!
9 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
With red hair and piercing blue eyes, She loves using Her appearance to put men off balance and loves the sight of a grown man whimpering naked at Her feet.
Slender with perfect skin and red hair, this gorgeous European Goddess loves to have fun by inflicting pain and punishment. Loves foot Worship!
Exceptionally exquisite, elegant, and sophisticated high class Dominatrix. She is the elite Mistress of feminisation and domination!
8 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sensualist, humiliatrix, sadist, and role-play extraordinaire. You will finally understand the meaning of true submission when in Her divine presence.
Experienced CP specialist and professional Mistress. She offers CP services, corrective therapy sessions with roleplay, and relaxation therapy.
7 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sadistic slave trainer with gorgeous feet and legs. Sexy and sadistic; sensual but strict. You WILL submit. Travels often to New York!
Sophisticated, charming, and experienced Mistress.To worship Her long legs and soft feet is an honor; to suffer for Her is an unforgettable pleasure!
6 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Most demanding & well equipped Dominatrix in Dallas/Fort Worth. 7,000 sq ft elaborately equipped dungeon in the heart of the city. Creator of true desires.
Professional and Lifestyle FemDom... English Lady of the Manor, Equestrian Lady and Office Seductress!
5 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Professional spanker and strict Disciplinarian.. surrender and fully accept your punishments!
The Tantric Domme... Goddess of sensual kink and the erotic arts.
Sadistic Russian Queen. Before Her, you are a mere insect: tonight's prey.
4 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Independent Atlanta based traveling GFE PSE escort... the beauty you require with the skills and technique you desire!
Foot fetish sessions, wrestling sessions, and other types of Domination with the Girl next door!
3 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Erotic sensual domination, sexy feet, strap-on, role play, bondage & restriction, soft to hard BDSM, bodyworship, nylon, leather, latex fetish, & more!
TS Pro-Domme of 20 years' experience now available near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. Double Domme available too!
1 Oct, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The Discipline you deserve, the deviance you CRAVE... sensual Dominance for the discerning sub!
Loves to perform and has the ability to take you with Her, wherever that may be. Can give sessions in Dutch, English, German, and French.
30 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Find Her Femdom clips on KinkBomb, Clips4sale, and iwantclips... if you like jerking off while being teased and humiliated, that is. Oh you do? That figures!
NYC and London's Legendary Mistress... sessions out of Soho and travels internationally!
Once you’ve met Her, you'll be unable to get Her out of your mind. She knows just how far to go until She reaches your limits.
29 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Fully equipped, large dungeon with 12 play stations and the best play equipment in the city... over 2,500 square feet of FUN!
Professional Dominatrix in the Atlanta area providing both real time and online services. Strict. Demanding. Exacting. Insatiable.
Share your deepest darkest sins and desires with Her. As She pushes you to your limits, you'll feel safe but challenged.
28 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Professional Australian Dominatrix, filthy pervert, smiling sadist, authentic Alpha Female. Sydney-based; Global Domination!
Absolutely stunning Oriental Mistress; an intelligent Lady embodied in a sensual sadist character; you will squirm in Her Domain like a worm!
Let your mask melt and be reborn into the ultimate slave you were meant to be under Her guidance, as you worship, serve and sacrifice for your Mistress.
Dominant. Deviant. Sadistic. *Visiting NY Nov 11-28*
27 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
An exceptionally glamorous English Dominatrix with an adventurous mind who likes men to be very attentive and acquiescent.
Sensual, seductive TS Mistress who loves submission in every way! Nothing turns Her on more than an experienced sub willing to do anything to please Her.
26 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Australia's finest BDSM establishment offering a wide range of erotic alternative services in luxurious surrounds just a stone's throw from the heart of Sydney!
Nothing excites Her more than a sub who is ready, willing, and able to express their devotion by submitting to Her every command.
Unique and original Femdom hypnosis by HypnoDomme and Dominatrix Jenny DeMilo.
25 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sensual and sadistic Domination in a soft Scottish accent. Together you will explore the dirtiest corners of your mind and every inch of your anatomy.
A sexy Italian Mistress based in London who enjoys BDSM, foot fetish, CBT, watersports, HS, strapon, anal training, canes, floggers, and much more!
Welcome to the world of this Manchester Mistress... allow Her to intoxicate your thoughts and release your inner pervert with Her power and beauty.
24 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Noted Black Domina, Fetishist, exhibitionist, fetish model and art mannequin. Divides her time between New York, North Jersey, and the EU.
Cute but cruel, highly addictive, highly creative British Femdom based in Bristol and Swindon!
23 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Petite Ebony Mistress experienced in the art of Domination of submissives, slaves, whimps and miscreant males.
Recognized and respected as one of the best Pro Dommes and fetish educators in the business with over 15 years' experience in the BDSM community.
A deliciously sensual, intellectually provocative, and infinitely seductive kink Muse.
Sensual Dominatrix & Erotic Goddess. She will guide you into the deep, dark corners of your mind and body.
22 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
As a highly-skilled Dominant, She specializes in reaching into the dark places of your mind and extracting a fantasy enmeshed with Her twisted whims.
Seeks those who are serious about serving and training with a professional lifestyle Domme. Enjoys BDSM parties, fetish events, and forced bi evenings!
Nothing gives Her greater pleasure than seeing Her toys completely at Her mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… what bliss!
21 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Young and experienced Domme who loves to play and be in control. She's ready to help you discover what you've been missing in your life!
Fascinating, gorgeous, brilliant, vicious, kinky, bizarre and brutal. Enjoys world class domination and extreme Fetish addiction.
5'5" in bare feet; over 6' in Her tallest heels. She was blessed with incredible natural proportions of 34F-26-34 and natural silky ebony hair!
20 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Devote yourself to the one and only Japanese Dominatrix!
Financial Domination and Lifestyle Domination by a supreme ebony Goddess. Online and realtime sessions in London and Reading!
NYC's premiere discreet fetish providers, Mistress V and Master Victor. Private, safe, fully equipped play space in very discreet residence.
19 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Will She be merciless? Brainwash you, tease you, sting you, spread you, humiliate you?
Hazel eyes and long, dark hair that flows past Her shoulders. She stands 6’1″ without heels with 38DD breasts and also has a 7″ cock when erect.
ProDomme Lady Quill Specializing in Sensory Play, Impact Play, and much more. Travels frequently through West Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.
18 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Elegant, educated FemDom Princess!
Established in 1992, they focus on you and turn your deepest fantasies into reality in a safe, confidential, and secure environment.
17 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Paragon of Power and Prominent Podophile
Don't be fooled by Her beauty or Her poise.. She's a petite power house who will bring you to your knees!
A very firm but usually fair disciplinarian who uses Her natural dominance and love of power interaction.
If you're a heterosexual male experiencing unexplained depression, anxiety, or even feelings of anger towards your partner, you might consider trying strap-on.
16 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
High class Fetish and Domination - finest BDSM Studio in Frankfurt/Germany!
Elite MATURE Fetish Goddess and Sensual Domina. Fetish fantasies, sensual Domination, strap on, age play, CBT, tease & denial, cross dressing, and more!
15 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sadistic Pro/Lifestyle Latina Domme with a knack for bruising egos and breaking hearts.
The power of her beauty, youth and intelligence is an inexorable force that you will yearn to submit to.
Ballbusting, trampling, foot worship, humiliation, cuckold fantasies, and other play with this devastatingly beautiful, harsh and cruel traveling Mistress!
Dominatrix Next Door. Travels extensively, visiting 10 different cities & 5 different states each week but is in Boston 65% of the time. Catch Her when you can!
14 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Medical Mistress who loves to invade your personal spaces... She specializes in needles, sounds, enemas, electric, and more!
Intelligent, creative, and always in control, this exotic Asian beauty will bring you to your knees.
Professional premises with a variety of Pro Dommes available to session... multiple playrooms including medical, domestic, and more!
13 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Check out Her ever expanding list of fav games, wide range of scenarios, fetishes and disciplines. Anything listed on her website is something She truly enjoys!
Professional lifestyle Dominatrix & sadist. She's mature, outgoing, and naturally curious (but don’t make the mistake of letting Her friendly persona fool you)!
Männlich Dom/Master. Bekannt durch seine monatliche Sexkolumne bespielt der Studio Lux Resident die gesamte BDSM Partitur.
12 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She exacerbates desire, stretches limits, and makes you cross borders you believed were beyond reach.
The cruel, cold dark Mistress of the north. Ebony pro domme based in Sweden. Travels frequently throughout Europe and the US.
Between kinky bizarre temptation and sensual seduction...
11 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Goddess for Hire. Kind heart, CRUEL mind... bend the knee and confess to Her your kinkiest of dreams!
Click to see loads of private videoclips, pics, or beg to serve this cruel and sadistic German Mistress!
10 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a professional Disciplinarian in the Seattle area who travels extensively, *loves* spanking, paddling, and more!
Busty, curvy, highly reviewed erotic entertainment specialist who truly enjoys the kinky side of life!
Charismatic, refined and mysterious. Her powerful and intense gaze plays with the eroticism; the cruelty that characterizes Her personality.
9 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Fine art BDSM, high class fetish & BDSM movies for connoisseurs and fetish lovers. All movies are in absolute top quality & are exclusive!
High class BDSM escort... with later years comes experience!
She is a hedonist with experience in the arts of touch and fetish since 2010. She takes pleasure in making others feel good... but sometimes with a dark twist!
8 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A professional Dominatrix with over 15 years of experience... has a fully equipped dungeon/playroom and nothing is taboo!
This 6'3" Ebony Amazon is educated, well-traveled and uses Her sensuality to get what She wants in all aspects of Her life. Oklahoma based but travels!
Usually located in Berlin in Germany from where She Dominates Her subjects at the ever popular Studio Avalon facility; visits London several times a year.
7 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's the superior Cheshire Mistress D, commonly known as CMD or just Cruel Mistress D... a twisted Mistress and sadist who does not stop at only spanking!
Transgender Dominatrix specializing in BDSM, kinky fetish play & D/s games!
6 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Indulgent and nurturing to brutal and punishing. Let Her bring your fantasies to life!
Sadistic young mistress who accommodates many kinks and fetishes... everything from corporal punishment to hard sports!
Divine Feminine Worship. She will break down barriers or preconceived notions of what a powerful Woman means to you.
5 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Lifestyle BDSM player with more than 10 years of experience on both the top and the bottom... Seattle's most sensual Dominatrix!
Seasoned and Gorgeous Grappler, S/O, & Interrogation FemDom!
She thrives on the love of the game, the power exchange, and the satisfaction She feels when telling you to drop to your knees at Her pedicured feet!
4 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
New videos every day. Fetish, female dominance, leather, boots, high heels, strapon, smoking, sadism, bondage, original videos.
A sadistic tease. A thought-provoking Muse who deserves your utmost respect. Role-play, tease & denial, corporal and more!
2 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A dark little treasure, cherished and pampered, yet remaining forever untamed.
Dominatrix, fetishist, taboo roleplayer... sessions in the Bay Area of San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, LA, and San Diego!
1 Sep, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Ex porn star turned Pro Domme located in Glasgow Scotland. Based in the city centre, providing TV makeovers, feminisation and all forms of BDSM.
Sie ist eine hübsche 30-jährige erfahrene Arabian Domina .... Lass sie deine Hingabe fühlen oder sie muss dich ignorieren!
Site d'histoires érotiques BDSM et de rencontre entre maître et soumises.
31 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Seductively sensual, classically corrective and refined. She adores deeply authentic role play, domestic discipline, age play, feminization and fetishes.
Combines killer beauty and skill to give you the best BDSM experience.
Sweetheart sadist, pervert princess, doe-eyed demon!
30 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Fun-loving sadist and trainer of sissies, sluts and aspiring slaves. Ferociously charming with a whip-smart sense of humor. You WILL be Hers.
She is skilled in the art of fetish, corporal punishment, medical, sensory deprivation, is a trampling extremist, and much more!
Decadent Domina. Mystical Muse. Divinely perverted practitioner of the Dark Arts.
29 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Experienced, discrete, sadistic & sweet Mistress. Dungeon in Sacramento available for repeat clients. Loves: sadism, Goddess & foot worship.
She's a powerful, intelligent, well rounded Woman who happens to be highly skilled at the art of Female Domination... She's NC's Femdom Fetish Queen!
Ivy League educated and dripping with sexuality, this Pro Dominatrix and Lifestyle Mistress will take you places others only dream of going.
28 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A fetish model, pro switch, & session wrestler seen on C4S #69201, academywrestling.com & many other sites offering switch sessions from sensual to sadistic!
No limits Mistress... welCUM to Her Realm of dark fetishes and kinky fantasies!
Fate has brought you to Her feet!
27 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Young and wicked enchantress; true femme fatale. The girl you fantasized about but could never have as a boy and now She might allow you to crawl to Her Feet.
"The moral of the tale is this: whoever allows himself to be whipped, deserves to be whipped.” Stern Sensual Psychological Play.
Elegance is Her fetish. Elegance is Her lifestyle! Czech lifestyle Mistress and fetish model based in the Netherlands.
Delightfully Dominant Lascivious Latina for the discerning submissive gentleman.
26 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Breaker of minds and bodies.
Style ranges from playful, sensual scenarios to sophisticated power play. She has an arsenal of toys and tools of the trade and an extensive fetish wardrobe!
BBW London Mistresses Kings X, twice weekly fetish parties (Sunday/Wednesday)!
25 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A Dominant Female who loves to lock up little boy clits. She finds the control it gives Her very stimulating.
She celebrates lust, as well as playing with power and trust. Her sadism is precise and She practise fetish experiments of all kinds.
24 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Philadelphia's own Ebony goddess with glazed golden brown skin is here to fulfill your kinkiest desires at ANY TIME at Destiny's Chamber... why wait?
23 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Let your servitude to this beautiful yet addictive Ebony Goddess begin – FemDom, FinDom, Sensual Domination, Humiliation, and VOD site!
True, professional, domestic disciplinarian. 6' tall in bare feet! See dickie Classifieds for current North American tour locations!
She caters to all levels of submissives from first-timers to the experienced slave. Join Her on your journey into submissive fantasy!
22 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Known for Her cruel passion and creativity, She claims complete control of your mind and body. Submit and She will own your every desire...
A lifestyle Mistress and switch with an immaculately filthy mind.
21 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The premier house of bondage and discipline in the Bay Area.
Get ready to play with kink, fetish, and BDSM in a whole new way. She loves fetishists, submissives, hedonists, kinksters, women, and couples!
20 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Unique Fetish ProDomme and Humiliation Expert for BDSM kink experiences. An experience with Her is priceless and unlike any other you'll find today.
She possesses a duality and etherealness that will always keep Her “up here” and you “down there. Stop looking at Her ass and book a session, creep!
19 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She will use Her feminine wiles against you and take absolute delight in having you as Her slave or plaything.
Blonde and beautiful, ProDomme, fetish starlet, sensual sadist, mindfucker, fantasy maker, sharp intellect and demonically playful!
Young, strict, seductive and sadistic Domina from Croatia. Once the submissive is in subspace the Dominant gets to enjoy the power exchange!
18 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Exotic long fingernailed Black Beauty with pretty feet & pretty heels... seductive, hypnotic & addictive Domination!
Head Mistress Porsche Lynn is an established Pro Domme with an award winning career in adult films, videos, and DVDs!
Welcome to Domina Vengeance's Domain. Female Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, Financial Dominatrix, Sadistic Ebony Goddess.
This beautiful blue eyed blonde lifestyle Dominatrix will captivate you with Her classic style and creative skills.
17 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a seductive, sophisticated Mistress who loves nothing better than bringing you lesser beings to your knees for Her.
Lifestyle Mistress with a twist! You may call Her Mistress, Goddess, or Princess... just make sure you're mindful of your manners when you address Her.
Sensual to strict, available most weekdays and some weekends.
16 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a hedonist who revels in pain, pleasure, and fantasy alike. Busty German, sensual sadist, brown shower master, and tease and denial specialist.
Dominant Blonde Goddess. Alpha Femme. Passionate about Female Domination and BDSM. Playfully Sadistic. Fetishist. Humiliatrix.
Come and kneel on bended knees at Her feet. Obey, submit, and sacrifice your body, mind & soul for Her.
15 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a very strict Mistress with many years of experience in training submissives; of encouraging them to explore their innermost desires and feelings.
Strong. Confident. Self Assured. Educated and well spoken with a fantastic sense of humour. She was born to Dominate and have men submit to Her will.
12 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Medical dreams come true - Europe's best latex doctors, rubber nurses, fetish clinics, and more!
Financial domination, email tasks, and worn panties from an amazing ebony BBW Domme!
11 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She straddles the line between sensual and sadistic. Highly intelligent and intuitive, She knows exactly what punishment you need.
A sensual, hypnotic, yet sadistic Goddess; a naturally dominant Woman who enjoys Total Power Exchange, Spanking, Protocol/Service, Humiliation, and much more!
10 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Buxom Blonde Succubus touching your shadowed desires.
Strict disciplinarian, Findomme, fetish enthusiast, and ProDomme. The true Goddess you've been searching for.
Do you desire to learn all aspects of Femdomme servitude? Contact this Lifestyle Mistress for phone sessions, phone training and in-person training!
9 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The best Mistresses and BDSM studios in Germany and Switzerland!
Abrasion play, ass worship, ball gags, ball stretching, bastinado, bdsm, biting, body modification, body worship, boots, breast/nipple play and more!
An elegant and attractive young woman who derives a great deal of pleasure from dominating, torturing, and ridiculing you!
8 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A Czech Dominatrix and wrestler – mixed wrestling, boxing, lift & carry, female domination, BDSM.
Your kinky dreams, fetish, latex, and clinical practice with multiple Dommes.
An imperious Boot-Lady in black leather trains Her slaves to be a loadable riding animal or devoted lick slaves.
7 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A place where your deepest darkest perversions can be experienced without judgment.
She is considered arrogant, sadistic, and strong.
London's Sublime British Domina - erotic sultry, seductive, and powerful, with a touch of class and style... exquisitely refined and alluring.
6 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a passionate, intelligent, and goal-driven Alpha female who loves to explore the kinkier side of life with the submissives She encounters.
Now offering special Dom/sub classes for novices and experts alike, as well as personal sessions!
5 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
With a varied range of skills and interests, Mistress Sakura creates a custom experience for every naughty submissive with whom She chooses to spend time.
Come with Her on your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment; realise and explore your desires, fears and fantasies. Femdom at its finest!
Earned Spanking Award's "Best New Female Top 2016"... She's into OTK spankings, corporal punishment, role play, life coaching, & behavior modification!
4 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Her beauty and femininity are alluring and infectious; one look and Her slaves fall easily under Her spell.
Explore your fetishes and fantasies with an experienced, erotic, and sadistic Dominatrix!
Naughty nephews, school boys, maids, and sissies – to dress, to tease, to punish and torment, to use as Her toy or for the amusement of Her friends!!
Genuine UK Mistress with frequent travel to Dubai, Bahrain, Greece, Cairo, Lebanon, and Qatar! Are you ready to be trained?
3 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She has over ten years of expertise but still enjoys training beginners. 5'5", 36C-26-36, 118 pounds, foot size 7. Submit to Her now!
Her enticing body, persuasive manner, and witty sense of humor will cause you noticeable mental anguish and sometimes severe physical discomfort.
A seductive & demanding Siren with a body built to manipulate and take total control. Her natural talent is Financial Domination, but you'll see!
Pro-Domme who runs a beautiful play area called "The Office" in a surburban area. Mistress has a degree in psychology and loves to push her slaves' limits.
2 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Experience Femdom, Fetish, and Findom with a genuine Dutch Beauty!
Young, fresh, sensual, but fierce mixed Black/Asian Domme. Based in Victoria, BC and also travels to Vancouver and the UK!
Asian ProDomme, sensual sadist, luxury traveling adventurer, lover of fine dining, leather, & latex!