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22 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
French and English speaking Professional Dominatrix dominating men in Switzerland and England!
Female supremacist, Dominatrix and lifestyle purveyor of all things Fetish.
She was born a hot young Dominatrix and and has been Dominating men for years!
Sophisticated Alpha Femme with a penchant for sadism, subversion, psychology, and undermining taboos!
20 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The sweevil fetish kinkstress!
Physical domination specialist & Amazon Muscle Goddess based in Los Angeles. Femdom, wrestling, foot fetish, corporal punishment and more!
Professional Japanese Femdom based in Europe and Tokyo. World wide travel!
No Mercy Mistress from London/Brighton UK. Offering some of the more taboo kink others wouldn't dare think about!
19 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Stunning Dominatrix with kinky fetishes! Always on tour! Many fetish clips and daily updates!
Sensual & sadistic, intellectual & intimidating: meet your dark escape. Temptation awaits...
A naturally dominant and seductively cruel London Mistress!
18 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Dominant Confidante offering sessions in hypnosis, sensory dep, medical play, x-dressing, domestic service, electric play, and much more!
Elite Pro Domme who will turn your darkest fantasies into reality!
Towering Amazon Femme – strikingly beautiful & sensually sadistic – facilitator of fantasies!
17 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sharp, competent, sophisticated, and independent Domina who strives to share with submissives, slaves and fetishists alike.
Female Domination galleries and videos!
She is a Femdom, a Findom, and a traveling ProDomm... She loves religious dominating and is proud to be unique.
16 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Her natural beauty, sadistic personality, and wicked sense of humour will captivate your mind and body, transporting you to a parallel world.
Seriously Alpha. A real slave maker and Atlanta's most highly reviewed Dominatrix, Mistress Ayn is "a must see Domme". Fully equipped, professional Dungeon.
A 5’10”, 130-pound Scandinavian beauty. She has lived and played in many of the world’s major cultural centers, including Paris and London.
15 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
It's the darkest delights that are the MOST delectable!
Purveyor of erotic experiences!
Sweet, sadistic British professional Dominatrix with a laughing mean streak and a penchant for beautiful shoes!
An experienced Dominatrix with many specialties; a session with this Domina will leave you sorer than you've ever been and wanting so much more.
14 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A Dominatrix who enjoys men, sexuality, and female supremacy with a particular bent on role reversal and female empowerment. A Sapiosexual's dream!
Chicago's Premier African Dominatrix!
Natural Dominant; cultured sadist. Follow Her and go deeper...
Five years a Pro Domme, She specializes in Financial, Corporal Punishment, and Mental Domination, to name but a few!
Beautiful, mature experienced Mistress who is stern and creative in the art of fetishism and domination... very discerning about who She allows to serve Her!
13 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Pro Domme seeking the perfect submissives and slaves to serve her. Together you can discover the sensual and the sadistic side of domination!
Beautiful Mistresses in live chatrooms. As a slave you are obliged to carry out their orders without question and perhaps you will be rewarded.
12 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Highly experienced sadist with a penchent for perversity!
Resides in Phoenix but travels frequently to NYC, LA, and San Diego!
She enjoys connecting with Her slaves on a mental level. Specialties include CBT, corporal, bondage, sissification & electro, to name but a few!
With wicked eyes and a kind smile, Mistress Stone will help you reach levels of subspace your mind and body didn’t know were possible.
New York's Original Late Night Dungeon!
11 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Prepare to be mesmerised and totally mind controlled by Hampshire's premier Mistress & Dominatrix. What Princess Lola wants, Princess Lola gets!
Sensual Dominant Sadist who thrives on taking you from ecstasy to torment, then to complete submission. She'll have you moaning from pleasure and pain!
A stunning Renaissance woman. The eloquent, raven-haired, porcelain skinned Snow Mercy stands at nearly 5’11” and holds a PhD in Biochemistry.
Captivating and sensual Goddess who offers elite, eclectic BDSM exploration including corporal, domestic, medical, foot fetish, sissification, role play & more!
10 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The ass worship Queen of Atlanta! Dominatrix and fetish practitioner.
Chicago's Leading BDSM Dungeon, just 5 mins from the Loop and literally seconds fom the I-90 expressway. Where Chicago's elite come to play!
Central London's Kensington full white medical clinic, clinical restraint, medical fetishes, hypnodomme, and anaesthesia fantasies. Discretion assured.
Attractive, well educated, sensual, sexual, powerful Dominatrix who enjoys dominating sub males and females who wish to further their education at her feet!
9 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Physically powerful, psychologically focused, strict disciplinarian. Sessions in LA and San Francisco!
With traditional hour glass curves and strong looks, She steals the attention of any room She enters without even trying!
European style German competence!
A Strict Mommy who will take you over Her knee and smack your bare bottom til it turns bright red.
8 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Los Angeles and San Diego based Pro Domme. You will be Her mindless obedient zombie before you even know it!
The Domme Collective is an elite group of Women who enslave and subjugate those with the willingness to explore their own fantasies and make them a reality.
Three Dommes, endless fantasies, total discretion!
7 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A 6'3" statuesque, raven-haired Goddess who enjoys bondage, foot worship, spanking, mummification, fire cupping, caging, CBT/NT, sissy play, and life coaching.
Authentic and sophisticated Domination administered by Philadelphia's most experienced Dominatrix. Stunning Femme Fatale and Engineer of Debauchery...
Looking for a true Alpha-Female to worship? Surrender your entire body, mind, and soul to a truly powerful and commanding Domme.
With raven black hair and full crimson red lips, you will be putty in Her hands within seconds. She's the best in Sensual Domination!
6 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She is a young experienced lifestyle Mistress with many erotic fantasies to indulge.
California's Most Beautiful Ebony Goddess!
She Dominates everyone!
5 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A professional lifestyle Domme who enjoys many different kinds of scenes from intense sadism to nurturing role play and everything in between.
She controls subs, cuckolds, sissies, & pay slaves with Her signature style of FemDom humiliation, financial domination, orgasm denial & manipulation.
Lifestyle Dominatrix and Fetish Enthusiast... Her petite and curvy frame belies a sadistic streak that runs deep in Her nature.
4 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Goddess D'Vita aka Nurse D'Vita. A Registered Nurse for many years... She's cruel to make you better!
Female Dominant, BDSM educator, sadist and energy player... brutally sweet and brilliantly wicked!
Sadistic, sweet, sensual, and strict; a Goddess who loves to be in control!
3 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Her beauty will captivate you and lock you into worshipping this stunning Leeds Mistress!
Miami's Only Commercial Playspace. Enjoy yourselves in an atmosphere that really lets you play the way you want to!
Come submit to The Chocolate Goddess and worship at Her feet!
2 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Beautiful Women well versed in the art of Sensual Domination!
California foot model, Humiliatrix, & FemDom tease!
A tall, flame haired, beautiful, English Domina. Intelligent, educated, and elegant with a wicked disposition!
Expect to be dominated by a wise, experienced, creative, elegant, and bratty Creature who will crush your most sensitive areas without hesitation.
1 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Femdom/tease & desperation specialist. Nothing pleases Her more than to see the excitement in your eyes while She makes you desperate, helpless and embarrassed.
London & Manchester. Picture of feminine charm but glows with evil. Premier sadist, Her dominance is an intoxicating privilege & Her presence a gift of torment!
Experience Her unique kind of domination and become Her toy... burn Her name into your mind for you will never forget it!
31 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
TS Mistress Kountessa's adult themed nightclub events... hottest fetish club nights in the South!
Fetish model & professional Dominatrix who is very athletic yet ultra-feminine... it’s a startling mixture!
An angel of Domination – She'll bring you to your knees and make you love every minute of it!
30 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Personalized transformational and corrective services for crossdressers, sissies, pantyboys, and foot slaves in South Florida and worldwide!
You're screwed from the moment she lays Her eyes on you and promises you will love every moment in submission.
Encounters can be as spontaneous or as predetermined as you’d like. Fetishes are spanking, GFE, face sitting, ass worship, foot worship, massage and more!
Disrobe and kneel before Her. Sensually sadistic Pro Domme in Phoenix with eight years of experience.
Extreme sensation artist, role play & fetish specialist seeking worthy local and international clients. Email Her your deepest desires; She will be waiting...
29 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Fetish icon, Dominatrix, instructor, visionary... easy on the eyes; hard on everything else!
She's a sexy sadistic little minx and you'll feel an instant connection to the rules in her world.
NYC Elite Dominas, BDSM, Findom, & Humiliation Specialists – the most stunning Dommes of the CFNM Lifestyle – Females in Power!
Fetish, kink & roleplay artist into financial domination, edging, roleplay, prostate, strap-on, erotic hypnosis, infantization, sissy sluts, age play, and more!
28 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Elegant Sadist, Female Supremacist, Fetish Queen. Her golden blonde hair, rose lips, perfect body, and piercing eyes will leave you weak and feeling humbled.
Sensual sadist and perverted fetishist. She takes satisfaction in allowing you to live out your deepest desires and fulfilling your most guilty pleasures!
BBW ebony Mistress who loves to be served and paid. Offers both online and real time sessions!
27 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Witch by blood and bitch by choice!
An articulate and intoxicating woman with doe eyes, a sense of innocence mixed with a hint of tease, and a no mercy attitude!
Petite Feisty Red Head! Mistress of Austin!
Beautiful Blonde Mistress – private session possibilities worldwide!
26 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The perfect combination of powerful muscle and femine sex appeal... from erotically sensual to overwhelmingly intense!
A true sadist who genuinely enjoys playing with human toys!
Part of your experience includes the proper etiquette training for a submissive when in the company of a Goddess.
25 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Toronto’s top bondage, discipline and domination experience. An established Dominatrix, She is a powerful and sexual woman to worship.
6'5" Amazon Goddess. She is an artist, Alpha Female, submission specialist, fetish model, & BDSM video producer with BJJ Black Belt!
CBT, foot erotism, classic discipline and humiliation, and most of all, sissifying individuals before making them Her bitch!
24 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Award winning actress, model, producer, Domina, and international expert of fantasy fulfillment.
Beautiful Dommes and a five star dungeon with rental option!
Extremely open-minded fetish escort; completely free of hangups and inhibitions. Visit Her site for full menu.
She loves to mix an intoxicating element of eroticism to Her sessions that will leave you wanting more. Let Her take you there.
23 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
When you play with Mistress Freya, you'll receive a high level of sensuality which is uncommon in most BDSM sessions.
This versatile beauty delights in combining elements of classical BDSM and kink professionals with the intimacy of a companion.
Her perfect curves and flawless skin lend their maddening grace to Her delightful wardrobe of classic lingerie and fetish haute couture.
Lesbian Bondage and LezDom!
Sadistic seductress, male trainer, and professional Australian Dominatrix.
22 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Looking for experienced, committed, loyal, safe, obedient, and generous slaves/toys who can take direction from, submit to, worship & adore Her!
The sacred realm of rituals and ceremonies for BDSM, fetish, kink, role play, and transformation.
Elite, independent, professional Dominatrix hosting in-call sensual, aggressive fetish sessions at Her chamber of sin.
The very best in Women Spanking Men videos and photosets!
21 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A mature disciplinarian and skilled BDSM practitioner. You are here to be used and abused for Her amusement.
The Ultimate Asian Dominatrix. A proud Sister of the Atlanta Dungeon!
Beautiful naturally Dominant young girls humiliating, beating, and abusing Their male and female slaves.
The finest art of bizarre entertainment... will make the heart beat faster for any SM, clinic lover, latex fetishist, or whatever your fantasy!
20 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She practises BDSM at the highest level and first-class SM-sessions and fetishes of all kinds for discerning connoisseurs and fetish lovers.
Competitive Female wrestling where the loser gets strap-on punish fucked!
Delightfully delectable and exceptionally sinful. This benevolent Disciplinarian knows exactly how to keep you wrapped around Her little finger!
Let Her show you the part of yourself that's been yearning to break free... submit to Her and know bliss.
19 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Up and coming Dominatrix in Raleigh North Carolina! She'll take you by the collar and put you where you rightfully deserve.
Divine Bitches demanding devotion!
Geldherrin Ella – Luxuriöse Dominanz. Just the thought that She will be your Mistress makes your heart beat faster!
18 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A sensual and severe Mistress. Adaptable to light and heavy play. Enjoys playing with all the senses... mental, emotional, and physical.
Loves to play, to see Her slave writhe with pleasure, to scream out in pain or to beg for mercy.
Welcome to Mistress Sidonia's domain – where Women use men for Their pleasure!
17 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A classically minded sadist, with old fashioned values in one corner and a modern flair in the other.
Sessions in a special old-fashioned bedroom, befitting Her emphasis on domestic discipline.
Passion for corporal punishment and role play scenarios. An expert in discipline with a large array of quality implements which are a joy for Her to use!
Adorable girls and slutty bimbos owning and destroying your manhood while they giggle.
16 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
YVR – T-girl – ProDomme – Sensual Sadist – Endorphin Artist – Humiliatrix – Demonic Priestess!
Welcome to Her world of sensual domination, divine bondage, discipline and fetishes. She is your quintessential English Mistress.
Birmingham Mistress with a well equipped cellar dungeon.
See him getting pushed away as she's getting nailed by a bigger, meaner stud.
15 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She exudes power and gracefully takes charge. Specializes in sensory play, CBT/NT, corporal punishment, encasement, and spankings.
Now you have to suffer the ultimate humiliation – watching the bull fuck your wife. She even makes you put your face up close to watch the dick going in & out!
The Queen of Erotic Domination is here to be served by all you slut fucks. Bow down to Her!
14 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Melbourne's most notorious Pro Dominatrix, Switch & Fetishist!
The best sex, BDSM and Femdom video clip shop on the net!
She is an ingenious sensual sadist, exquisite FemDom companion, and a highly skilled practitioner of professional BDSM.
London-based outcall Mistress bringing the pleasure to you – worship Her at hotels in London, Heathrow, Gatwick, and more!
Girls and boys getting fucked with huge strapon cocks. Hardcore action with Strapon Jane!
13 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She celebrates lust, as well as playing with power and trust. Her sadism is precise and She practise fetish experiments of all kinds.
Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website where you can get traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking.
Sweet, powerful and hypnotic. This Princess will take your mind, your will and your body.
With her sweet-as-pie exterior and glowing smile, She will effortlessly mold you into the perfect plaything for Her entertainment and pleasure!
12 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Seduction into submission best describes Her style of domination.
During the day She's a model but at night She turns into a hot-tempered Mistress.
Super mocha perfection, the one and only Ebony Goddess Diva.
Professional fantasy provider and golden haired, green eyed Goddess who loves to be admired. Enjoys erotic play and loves exploring the limits of a man!
11 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Her name is Rubber Doll and you have reached her kinky corner of the web!
She is your new Owner as well as Mistress of SM Studio Antwerp! She has the experience, resources and the need to make a difference in your existence.
Authentic, multi-faceted, and creative are some of the qualities this beautiful Domme calls Her own!
Asian ProDomme, sensual sadist, luxury traveling adventurer, lover of fine dining, leather, & latex!
10 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Stunning, professional Mistress and Supreme Domina Star of Femdom!
Tell your dirty little secret to Houston's hottest new Dominatrix!
Creative and sadistic Mistress who values discretion and chasity!
Atlanta's premier black Dominatrix. Worldly and wickedly inventive, She has the intellect to stimulate your senses and take you beyond any limits ever imagined!
9 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Passionate online Domina and fetish model who also produces Her own BDSM film series. Into BDSM, glamor, eroticism, tattoo, gothic & rock lifestyle!
A sensual, erotic Mistress, with a taste for the exotic and unusual. Imaginative and inventive, with a wicked sense of humor.
Professional Dominatrix, certified erotic hypnotist, BDSM and sex educator, fetish model and actress, Humilatrix, Goddess, sadist, FinDom.
8 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
London Dominatrix and foot fetish Goddess available for BDSM and fetish sessions internationally!
They are a group of naturally dominant, supreme Females with a vision of world Female Domination. They all session and hold FemDom parties around UK & Ireland.
Sensual, seductive, strict and sadistic Australian Dominatrix based in London. The queen of strapon, bespoke realtime sessions and occasional cammer.
7 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Stunning, experienced, challenging, intelligent, and powerful Russian Goddess!
She's a kink-positive fantasy facilitator, BDSM consultant, Dominatrix, warrior of love, purveyor of filth, and much more; She's the Goddess of LA!
Sadistic, intuitive, creative, with a "bad girl" look. Nothing She does is cookie cutter; it's art!
Facesitting, Femdom, ass worship, cuckolding, deep ass smother, full weight sitting, rimming... hours of exclusive video!
Perfection has a name... Dahlia Rain!
6 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Beautiful, intelligent and witty Pro Domme who is also one of the hottest and best session wrestlers in the country!
German discipline meted out by an authentic, sadistic, gorgeous Dominant Female!
An Alpha Female and devoted fitness fanatic, She possesses sex appeal, sass, and a naturally sultry and erotic disposition.
Practicing lifestyle Florida Dominatrix with over 10 years of experience in BDSM & Fetish. Available to her submissives in person, via webcam, or by phone.
5 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Real life Mistress, exhibitionist, tease, and webcammer. She will take you on an exquisite experience you will never forget!
She stands 6ft in heels, with ice blonde hair and deep blue eyes, and encompasses the natural traits of a lioness; dominating, powerful, royal, and ferocious.
Enticing, fascinating, seductive. Mistress Noctra is unlike any other Mistress.
4 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Apply to serve this Humiliatrix and Findomme. She offers virtual and real time sessions and long-term service may be considered upon accepted application.
Dominance is Her passion and She offers sessions for beginners as well as more strict training for experienced slaves.
Fetish specialist and fetish film producer. Her major talents combined: getting into your head and creating a video where your fantasy becomes reality.
Legendary Latina Mistress who relishes in abusing and exploiting your perverse side!
3 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
One of the world’s leading providers of live and online foot fetish content. Internationally recognized as the #1 foot party scene in the US and Canada!
She expects complete and utter devotion from Her slaves and can be both sadistic and sensual depending on Her mood.
Sadistic Dominatrix & Hardcore Humiliatrix who openly owns and exploits submissive males for personal gain and convenience in whatever ways She sees fit!
2 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Professional Disciplinarian and ABDL Expert based in NYC.
Experienced, well equipped, beautiful Dominatrix whose specialties include BDSM, AB/DL, CBT.
Strong Dominant Women kicking, squeezing, biting, and torturing submissive men.
She is Mistress Sammie, a stunning TV Dominatrix and quite possibly the most convincing TV Mistress currently available in the UK!
1 May, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She is detail-oriented and seeks a balance between assertiveness and adaptability but She is first and foremost an intelligent, sensual dominant.
In addition to classic BDSM, she also offers mixed wrestling sessions, as well as facesitting, beatdowns and one-sided boxing/kickboxing/MMA.
We both know you're only good for ONE thing, worshipping Her feet. Tasting, kissing, licking, sniffing & spending on South Florida's premier Foot Goddess.
No nonsense Mistresses with little patience for bitch boys... pictures, clips, and streaming!
30 Apr, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
DC's Premiere Black Domme is dominating the nation's capitol and you should be kissing the ground she walks on!
Mature, experienced, French Disciplinarian & Spankologist!
Rubber Goddess with a gorgeous, slender and supple body that far surpasses most cat walk models.
Beautiful Chinese Dominatrix looking for gentlemen slaves.
29 Apr, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The ultimate glam Goddess! Financial Domination, human ashtray, leather, PVC.
Don't be fooled by Her beauty or poise, She is all power! Her style is varied, and She loves a wide variety of scenes!
The ultimate superior brat! The evil, snobby, manipulative humiliation princess you’ve been dreaming about your whole miserable existence!
28 Apr, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The Dominant Wife... real life Domestic Domination!
Cruel Gothic Goddess... She's into RT and online Domination for serious subs, slaves, and sissies of all experience levels.