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23 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Let your servitude to this beautiful yet addictive Ebony Goddess begin – FemDom, FinDom, Sensual Domination, Humiliation, and VOD site!
She's a card-carrying, global-perveratti member. An American FemDom in Paris!
True, professional, domestic disciplinarian. 6' tall in bare feet! See dickie Classifieds for current North American tour locations!
Sensual Domination by experienced, mature, elegant German Mistress... happy to see the novice and the more experienced. She may be just what you're looking for!
She caters to all levels of submissives from first-timers to the experienced slave. Join Her on your journey into submissive fantasy!
22 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Known for Her cruel passion and creativity, She claims complete control of your mind and body. Submit and She will own your every desire...
A lifestyle Mistress and switch with an immaculately filthy mind.
21 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The premier house of bondage and discipline in the Bay Area.
Get ready to play with kink, fetish, and BDSM in a whole new way. She loves fetishists, submissives, hedonists, kinksters, women, and couples!
20 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Unique Fetish ProDomme and Humiliation Expert for BDSM kink experiences. An experience with Her is priceless and unlike any other you'll find today.
She possesses a duality and etherealness that will always keep Her “up here” and you “down there. Stop looking at Her ass and book a session, creep!
19 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She will use Her feminine wiles against you and take absolute delight in having you as Her slave or plaything.
Blonde and beautiful, ProDomme, fetish starlet, sensual sadist, mindfucker, fantasy maker, sharp intellect and demonically playful!
Young, strict, seductive and sadistic Domina from Croatia. Once the submissive is in subspace the Dominant gets to enjoy the power exchange!
18 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Exotic long fingernailed Black Beauty with pretty feet & pretty heels... seductive, hypnotic & addictive Domination!
Head Mistress Porsche Lynn is an established Pro Domme with an award winning career in adult films, videos, and DVDs!
Welcome to Domina Vengeance's Domain. Female Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, Financial Dominatrix, Sadistic Ebony Goddess.
This beautiful blue eyed blonde lifestyle Dominatrix will captivate you with Her classic style and creative skills.
17 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a seductive, sophisticated Mistress who loves nothing better than bringing you lesser beings to your knees for Her.
Lifestyle Mistress with a twist! You may call Her Mistress, Goddess, or Princess... just make sure you're mindful of your manners when you address Her.
Sensual to strict, available most weekdays and some weekends.
16 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a hedonist who revels in pain, pleasure, and fantasy alike. Busty German, sensual sadist, brown shower master, and tease and denial specialist.
Dominant Blonde Goddess. Alpha Femme. Passionate about Female Domination and BDSM. Playfully Sadistic. Fetishist. Humiliatrix.
Come and kneel on bended knees at Her feet. Obey, submit, and sacrifice your body, mind & soul for Her.
15 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a very strict Mistress with many years of experience in training submissives; of encouraging them to explore their innermost desires and feelings.
Strong. Confident. Self Assured. Educated and well spoken with a fantastic sense of humour. She was born to Dominate and have men submit to Her will.
13 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Femdom site free and paid since 2005
12 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Medical dreams come true - Europe's best latex doctors, rubber nurses, fetish clinics, and more!
Financial domination, email tasks, and worn panties from an amazing ebony BBW Domme!
11 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She straddles the line between sensual and sadistic. Highly intelligent and intuitive, She knows exactly what punishment you need.
A sensual, hypnotic, yet sadistic Goddess; a naturally dominant Woman who enjoys Total Power Exchange, Spanking, Protocol/Service, Humiliation, and much more!
10 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Buxom Blonde Succubus touching your shadowed desires.
Strict disciplinarian, Findomme, fetish enthusiast, and ProDomme. The true Goddess you've been searching for.
Do you desire to learn all aspects of Femdomme servitude? Contact this Lifestyle Mistress for phone sessions, phone training and in-person training!
9 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Young Alternative BBW Mistress. Her personal and intoxicating method of Domination leaves all those who serve her breathless and begging for more!
The best Mistresses and BDSM studios in Germany and Switzerland!
Abrasion play, ass worship, ball gags, ball stretching, bastinado, bdsm, biting, body modification, body worship, boots, breast/nipple play and more!
An elegant and attractive young woman who derives a great deal of pleasure from dominating, torturing, and ridiculing you!
8 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A Czech Dominatrix and wrestler – mixed wrestling, boxing, lift & carry, female domination, BDSM.
Your kinky dreams, fetish, latex, and clinical practice with multiple Dommes.
An imperious Boot-Lady in black leather trains Her slaves to be a loadable riding animal or devoted lick slaves.
7 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A place where your deepest darkest perversions can be experienced without judgment.
She is considered arrogant, sadistic, and strong.
London's Sublime British Domina - erotic sultry, seductive, and powerful, with a touch of class and style... exquisitely refined and alluring.
6 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She's a passionate, intelligent, and goal-driven Alpha female who loves to explore the kinkier side of life with the submissives She encounters.
Now offering special Dom/sub classes for novices and experts alike, as well as personal sessions!
5 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
With a varied range of skills and interests, Mistress Sakura creates a custom experience for every naughty submissive with whom She chooses to spend time.
Come with Her on your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment; realise and explore your desires, fears and fantasies. Femdom at its finest!
Earned Spanking Award's "Best New Female Top 2016"... She's into OTK spankings, corporal punishment, role play, life coaching, & behavior modification!
4 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Her beauty and femininity are alluring and infectious; one look and Her slaves fall easily under Her spell.
Explore your fetishes and fantasies with an experienced, erotic, and sadistic Dominatrix!
Naughty nephews, school boys, maids, and sissies – to dress, to tease, to punish and torment, to use as Her toy or for the amusement of Her friends!!
Genuine UK Mistress with frequent travel to Dubai, Bahrain, Greece, Cairo, Lebanon, and Qatar! Are you ready to be trained?
3 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She has over ten years of expertise but still enjoys training beginners. 5'5", 36C-26-36, 118 pounds, foot size 7. Submit to Her now!
Her enticing body, persuasive manner, and witty sense of humor will cause you noticeable mental anguish and sometimes severe physical discomfort.
A seductive & demanding Siren with a body built to manipulate and take total control. Her natural talent is Financial Domination, but you'll see!
She's a sexy Italian Mistress with super long legs (180cm) and amazingly sexy feet!
Pro-Domme who runs a beautiful play area called "The Office" in a surburban area. Mistress has a degree in psychology and loves to push her slaves' limits.
2 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Experience Femdom, Fetish, and Findom with a genuine Dutch Beauty!
Young, fresh, sensual, but fierce mixed Black/Asian Domme. Based in Victoria, BC and also travels to Vancouver and the UK!
Asian ProDomme, sensual sadist, luxury traveling adventurer, lover of fine dining, leather, & latex!
1 Aug, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Elegant Dominance in central Connecticut at fully equipped, private facility. She demands 100% from Her submissives and gives the same in return!
This independent Domina is based in Chicago and travels to NYC. You may refer to Her as Countess Lillith.
5’11” curvaceous bombshell who will leave you begging. Accept that She takes pleasure in controlling you. Submit to The EuroBlack Phoenix!
31 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Two of the hottest and naughtiest Dommes around... they will blow your mind!
She may look feminine while dressed as a Dominatrix, but there's nothing soft about Her in leather or rubber armour. Also sells DVDs and clips.
Do you crave the feeling of inferiority? Of humility? Of degradation? She is happy to oblige.
Some of them are soft, some of them are very hard. Check out the free Domination website based in Paris France. Mistresses are there ...
30 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She only accepts real slaves who understand the sacrifice a slave must make to live the life of servitude.
A legendary financial exploitrix, She specializes in brainwashing, financial domination, and humiliation. The original Financial Dominatrix!
It's all about Mistress Jennifer and her kinky, perverted, and cruel girlfriends. Click for free, hot eight minute video!
Internationally travelling professional escort Dominatrix. Blonde, dollish, empathic but even more capable of being cold, cruel and sadistic.
29 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
You will hand over control to Her, your Mistress, and in Her hands you will find your true self.
Extremely perceptive of minutia and skilled at analyzing and intuiting details about people, which She uses to Her pronounced advantage.
She has the complexity, sex appeal, the natural Dominance and confidence to get you to the greatest level of excitement, on your knees submitting to Her.
28 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Female supremacy for the lowly male slave... submit body and mind (it was never yours to begin with)!
Elegant, feminine, charming and disarming, playful, perverted, fierce and fearless. Ms. Winchester's reign and rule strikes a balance unlike any other.
Cerebral Domination with a sense of humor. Professionally trained and naturally superior.
27 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Distinctively deviant domina – sensual and sadistic; smart and seductive!
Relentlessly persevering, compassionate and understanding, touchable... but unattainable.
26 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Financial Blondes – THE Blonde Rinsers Goddess Lycia & Diamond Diva Princess!
Seductress of Sin | Entertainer | Model | Provocoteur SinDom™ | FemDom | HypnoDom | FinDom | Bronze Goddess Capri!
Site d'annonce d'escort dominatrice à Paris : humiliation, bondage, sissification. Les plus belles et cruelles Déesses Dominas de la Domination Parisienne.
25 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She has a very wide range of BDSM interests and a particular penchant for the humiliation and degradation of Her slaves.
Young, professional, demanding Domme who can hold a witty conversation with you outside the bedroom and dominate you with confidence when the time comes!
A fantasy facilitator, She focuses on FBST, either traditional or sensual Domination. Highly educated and looks like the girl next door!
24 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She will push your limits (within reason) because She wants you to explore the depths of your kink with HER.
A bizarre young Dominatrix. A Woman who loves Her body and makes you Her toy as you succumb to the object of your desire.
From behind the Iron Curtain and through your barriers.
23 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She has always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led Her into the dark shadows of BDSM.
Seductive elite Eurasian Dominatrix... She travels internationally and is known as the Bond of Domme!
Whether it's about classic Dominance, facesitting, foot fetish, humiliation, or toilet training – She’ll take you to your limits and even further!
22 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She defines Herself as a phallic highly psychologic Mistress and Her imagination knows no limits!
A natural with Her own unique style, She will leave you begging for more. Be forewarned though, She will become your addictive pleasure!
Pay, pray and obey to serve your Dominant Russian Goddess today! Also join Her membership site at: onlyfans.com/theQueen.
21 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Let Her strip away your daily mask to reveal the deepest, darkest urgest of your primal self... welcome to Her world!
Come and worship at Her feet; She is magnificent, beautiful, and London's first ever Sensual Mistress... the original sin!
The most amazing BDSM studio in Switzerland!
20 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She was born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to Her will.
Extremely versed in all forms of BDSM, She is Asia's #1 Corporal Punisher!
19 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She has practised the art of bondage, Domination, and sado-masochism to the highest level of perfection.
A playground for the Dominant Woman and those who worship Her!
The Sweetest Taboo! Forbidden Fruit is on Her menu...come taste Her sweetness.
18 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Over 1,500 FemDom POV Humiliatrix videos inside!
BDSM and fetish training facility with multiple Dommes!
This sexual Dominator, intuitive master, and demon can make your dreams come true but you probably aren’t worth it. Distance training, live chat, video chat!
17 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Place your mind in Her hands and see where this sadistic, playful, and perverse Mistress can take you!
Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body made to tease and torment you... 5'9" in stocking feet, 34C-22-34!
Statuesque 6' tall Latex Dominatrix with a divine obsession for humiliation and inflicting pain!
16 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Beautiful blonde Domina and role play specialist based in Central London.
One of San Diego's top Dominas with sessions ranging from sensual to sadistic!
She is a blissful nightmare... the Southern Belle straight from hell!
An award winning foot fetishist, She's top in the Giantess world and treats Her slaves with Corporal Punishment. Clips and photo sets also available!
15 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Highly skilled and professional TS offers services from tickling and playing dress up to total leather enclosure and more in extremely discreet upscale studio!
A pro and lifestyle Dominatrix with a stunning hourglass body and powerful mind, She will leave you begging to come back for more!
The epitome of the perfect Woman, Her appetite for control over your pleasure and pain is insatiable!
14 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sydney based purveyor of pleasure and perversion for men, women and couples!
The intuitive kinkstress. She's a sexy Goddess who loves taking things "deeper".
Medical Femdom blog and news site!
13 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Beautiful Dominant girls treating men poorly. Surrender to Them!
An Ebony Goddess who loves training slaves. Foot slave training, cuckolding, financial Domination, Goddess worship, and humiliation are some of Her favorites.
12 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Cruel and calculating Dominatrix with a powerful body, unique appearance, and a strong willed attitude.
Apply to serve this transsexual MILF Mistress. Real time sessions and online education for submissive slaves and sissies!
Sensually sadistic and naturally dominant Goddess with long flowing hair and perfect curves. Highly educated, intoxicating, and sophisticated Domina.
11 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Beautiful women humiliate, punish, and use submissive men.
Female Domination site. Click to enjoy amateur domestic fetish, trample, foot domination, boot worship, shoe worship, human furniture, and more!
A Financial Dominatrix, She's the bitch in your boardroom who drives a hard bargain.
10 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Video content on Femdom, domination, cuckolding, sissies, ass fetish, foot fantasy, and more!
Premier alternative club for adventurous adults... well equipped luxury premises!
Intelligent, educated Mistress serving the Shenandoah Valley, Washington DC & beyond. Discipline, humiliation, corporal punishment, foot worship, and more.
9 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Professional nude/fetish model with an exhibitionist streak, She's the hottest cougar webcam model on the internet!
Cuckoldress and FinDom into extreme humiliation!
A professional Dominatrix who is glamorous, educated, feminine, and sophisticated... the epitome of the femme fatale.
Southeast Asia's most famous Dominatrix. Based in Manila, She's one of the hottest and kinkiest Mistresses you will ever experience!
8 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
She will enslave you with heart and soul and give your desolate life a new sense again!
A sympathetic yet forceful beauty who understands a wide range of classical dominant techniques and practices.
Edinburgh's premier BDSM dungeon with three resident Mistresses & regular visiting Mistresses. Fabulously equipped BDSM play space & fetish nights!
7 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Zero cost content creation. If you film for 4 hours you get 4 hours of content. It is shared copyright and all footage will be supplied to you in MP4 format.
Alpha Femme Goddess, a remarkable deity devoted to the suffering and servitude of beta men. The moment of truth is upon you.
Gorgeous Asian Domme who enjoys the playful, creative, and sadistic sides of BDSM.
6 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Pro Domme with exciting dungeon, sessions, hire of facilities, and plenty of thrills! She is your ultimate and your ONLY luxury.
Demanding Lifestyle Female Supremacist who believes men belong at the feet of Superior Females!
If you want to experience real Domination by a beautiful Mistress, there's no one better than the skilled and wonderfully sadistic Mistress Alexa!
5 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
A naturally dominant Woman in all areas of life, who takes delight in governing Her slaves with firm yet calm control.
Open for private sessions and room rentals seven days a week with the exception of major holidays. An experience you will not soon forget!
Apply now to serve this classically trained infamous Dominatrix and former resident Domina of The English Mansion and Queen of Femme Fatale Films!
4 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The ultimate destination to satisfy your desires and turn your dreams into reality. With dungeon studios in Los Angeles and New York!
She will take you by the hand, hair, or leash and lead you into your aligning fantasies.
Authentic FemDom from a highly-reviewed, ultra professional, and First-Class Dominatrix.
3 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Young, beautiful, perfectly formed, raven haired Mistress, Dominatrix and Switch!
A “size queen” who only admires large cocks and takes pleasure in making fun of men with small ones. 24/7 position available in New England!
The Goddess of wisdom and beauty stretches across many domains, and in the world of BDSM, it knows no boundaries.
2 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Unique and vivacious Bohemian princess with a hint of Sex Goddess... the kinky playmate and authentic experience you've been seeking!
Sweet but stern Goddess. Come worship Her now... She'll give you what you crave and take what She wants!
A creative, experimental Mistress who caters to the least trodden fetishes and is fascinated by the erotic power of the mind.
Learn what it takes to please a Mistress like Her and get ready to have your mind blown by your new Latina Dominatrix! LA & Orange County based.
Fall into Her world, subs. Open up your wallets or serve Her in realtime!
Online Erziehung,Geldherrin,Onlineherrin,Schlüsselherrin,Blackmail, Schuldschein,Camherrin,Telefon Erziehung,Whatsapp Erziehung, SMS Erziehung uvm.
Expereinced, mature, professional cougar Dominatrix resident at the Maison de Debauch. Seeking subby sissies to worship at Her feet.
1 Jul, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
London Dominatrix with an insatiable curiosity and playful approach to the world of BDSM.
Single, double, and triple Domme, including genuine mother/daughter Domination in Her Leeds chamber!
SM Studio Domatrix over the rooftops of Stuttgart! High class dominance by Lady Victoria Valente and guest Ladies.
30 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Classic authoritarian! Corporal punishment governess! Visits London and NYC!
Find yourself at the feet of a strong, beautiful Woman who possesses a powerful Dominant character and a rock hard 36D-24-36 muscular, yet feminine body.
Young, bratty, everything you can't get. Pay, play, obey.
29 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Goddess of sissification and the Queen of tease and denial, She's on the hunt for submissives who need domestic discipline. Tours extensively!
Beautuiful, leggy, sensual, strict, and seductively cruel London Mistress offering a whole spectrum of BDSM and fetish!
Sexy and sensual erotic hypnosis from deep trance to fantasy role play. Have you experienced a hands-free orgasm? Discover one today!
28 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Der große BDSM- und Fetischratgeber. Kostenlos als Video, Podcast, Blog und eBook. Reinschauen lohnt sich!
An elegant, imaginative, highly skilled, and professional Dominatrix who offers an extensive range of BDSM experiences.
27 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
This Supermodel Dominatrix with Her rock hard, gym-toned 34-22-34 body and perfect unblemished skin will leave you weak in the knees!
As a naturally dominant and sexually sadistic woman, She relishes the opportunity to control every aspect of Her submissive’s being.
26 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Internationally known from many fetish and BDSM movies, this German Mistress is a revelation in any aspect of Domination and also offers sessions in Spain.
Superior Femdom Goddess and fetish video producer. Bending men to Her will is what pleases Her most!
Free humiliation for small dicked losers! Real tiny penises rated by real Mistresses!
25 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Stockport Dungeon offers multi-roomed premises with FREE off road parking and its own private entrance.
Your ultimate Goddesss! Are you ready to serve Her? Are you ready to submit to Her your body, heart and soul?
24 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
World's first and only BDSM film series starring superior German Goddess Baroness Davina Dust.
Bonafide Pro Dominatrix & Slave Whisperer. Just look around... there is NO ONE like Her. International traveling Dominant NYC Based.
She might be interested in acquiring a few more exceptional subs to add to her stable but sessions are no longer available. Membership site!
Find yourself under the spell of this erotic enchantress. She will control all of your darkest desires.
23 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
From classic bitch goddess in skin tight PVC to curvaceous post modern pin-up with all sorts of kinky delights behind Her elegant facade.
Mature Sensual Lady who adores indulging in fetish and fantasy role play. Extensive travel – check Her schedule!
Discreet playful Sadist with a very naughty sensual side. Worship a REAL gorgeous Asian Goddess!
22 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
French and English speaking Professional Dominatrix dominating men in Switzerland and England!
Female supremacist, Dominatrix and lifestyle purveyor of all things Fetish.
She was born a hot young Dominatrix and and has been Dominating men for years!
Sophisticated Alpha Femme with a penchant for sadism, subversion, psychology, and undermining taboos!
20 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
The sweevil fetish kinkstress!
Professional Japanese Femdom based in Europe and Tokyo. World wide travel!
No Mercy Mistress from London/Brighton UK. Offering some of the more taboo kink others wouldn't dare think about!
19 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Stunning Dominatrix with kinky fetishes! Always on tour! Many fetish clips and daily updates!
Sensual & sadistic, intellectual & intimidating: meet your dark escape. Temptation awaits...
A naturally dominant and seductively cruel London Mistress!
18 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Dominant Confidante offering sessions in hypnosis, sensory dep, medical play, x-dressing, domestic service, electric play, and much more!
Elite Pro Domme who will turn your darkest fantasies into reality!
Towering Amazon Femme – strikingly beautiful & sensually sadistic – facilitator of fantasies!
17 Jun, 2017
Name Location Picture Dickie says
Sharp, competent, sophisticated, and independent Domina who strives to share with submissives, slaves and fetishists alike.
Female Domination galleries and videos!
She is a Femdom, a Findom, and a traveling ProDomm... She loves religious dominating and is proud to be unique.