San Diego

Name Location Picture Description
A 6'3" statuesque, raven-haired Goddess who enjoys bondage, foot worship, spanking, mummification, fire cupping, caging, CBT/NT, sissy play, and life coaching.
Sensual Goddess equipped to take you out of your vanilla world and into Hers!
Now offering special Dom/sub classes for novices and experts alike, as well as personal sessions!
Will use Her feminine wiles against you, and take absolute delight in having you as Her slave or plaything.
One of San Diego's top Dominas with sessions ranging from sensual to sadistic!
A warm, wet welcome is waiting for you!
Pain management specialist.
When you play with Mistress Freya, you'll receive a high level of sensuality which is uncommon in most BDSM sessions.
Classical European Dominatrix; forced fitness™ instructor for your New Year's resolution!
The Blonde Domme of Tijuana. Delighted by human furniture, sissification, tying up Her subs, and other deviant acts.
A professional & lifestyle Domme who has honed and perfected Her craft for many years. She loves to hear the crack of Her whip as it lashes across your skin!
Purveyor of professional Domination and humiliation... a Femme Fatale located in Southern California. Apply and submit for servitude and worship!
A pre-op transsexual Mistress/Disciplinarian (Pro-Domme) age 46. She specializes in Dominant / Submissive role play relationships.