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Princess Isobel Devi – Become Her Coveted Object!

Princess Isobel Devi of Hollywood, Florida is a very kinky girl and She likes to have things Her way.  She knows you can’t take your eyes off Her beautiful face and body, and She has no intention of holding back on any of the wicked fun She can have with you. This glamorous Princess enjoys a true submissive, one who is strongly driven by their thirst to satisfy Her in any way they can.  And if you’re not so submissive but would like to embark on a kinky journey with Her nevertheless, She will still be happy to consider your polite request. Or you may browse the extensive selection of FemDom clips She produces.

This ravishingly lovely Princess believes submission isn’t just endless devotion banter and an occasional 60 minute play session; it’s about becoming an auxiliary portion of your Goddess's life.  Because you live to serve, submission will motivate your desire to belong to a Goddess this marvelous and this perfect; She truly enjoys teaching Her submissives the correct protocol for more in-depth servitude. She doesn’t dote on all the submissives in Her life, but of course, nothing worth having is easy to obtain. ​ She already dominates Florida, Colorado, New York, and California, and She can’t wait to make you Hers as well. But don’t let the daunting task of contacting Her perplex you; She really would like to learn all about your dirty secrets and thoughts, so click on any of Her bewitching photos below to get to Her website... your journey begins NOW!

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Lady Bellatrix Takes Over Paris, France!

It’s been a tumultuous couple of months for Lady Bellatrix, International Glaminatrix, but the dust has finally started to settle. After three glorious years at Chez Bellatrix in Buckinghamshire, it was time for this Lovely to pack it all up and start the next chapter of Her life – in Paris.  Bellatrix has been visiting the French capital on Domme Tour since 2013, however, She has been travelling to Paris a lot longer than that. Also known as La Maîtresse Parisienne, Bellatrix had always dreamed of living in that fine city and has now decided to make Her dream a reality.  She operates out of a fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondisement. The dungeon features a bondage bed, whipping bench, gynae-chair, and also boasts a large selection of toys for all sorts of FemDom scenarios.

Lady Bellatrix looks forward to seeing Her long suffering Parisian slaves but also welcome new slaves to come forward and visit Her.  She has an established crew of photographers in and around Paris and will hold Her first shoot at the new premises very soon.  In the meantime, if you're a film slave located in Paris, She may be recruiting soon (naturally, tribute applies). Click on any of Her one-of-a-kind, super hot and glamorous photos below to get to Her website, where you’ll find additional information.  Trust us, the Lady Bellatrix experience is one you don’t want to miss!