Name Location Picture Description
Blond or Brown! Reconstruct the Heart. Women until the end.
She recently opened her own studio. Débutants, experienced slaves and couples
Fall in love with THE Hypno FIndom-Miss Gia Grace. Controlling your mind, heart and wallets. Financial Dominatrix and Hypno FinDom Extraordinaire.
She is in the metamorphosis game. Role-playing games are her theater. Inequitable and merciless.
Severe transsexual Domina, with cock for men and women!
She leads a life of domineering transgender person. Bdsm is not her hobby, but her life!
Lifestyle Dominatrix, her deep and powerfull nature is one of a Queen, an Amazon, a Mistress, a Sacred Goddess.
Testimonies of boris and other slaves of the sublime Mistress of Paris.
We offer you various services ranging from simple consulting to the complete organization of an evening or an event to BDSM theme.
She will calm your pains: the pains She has inflicted and the pains of your life.
The infamous Mistress Eleise, international femme fatale and former resident Domina of The English Mansion, is now based in Paris, France.
Her imagination knows no limits; She defines Herself as a phallic highly psychologic Mistress.
Manipulative, sadistic, experienced, bewitching!
Cruelle et divine. Maitresse fétichiste à Paris.
A true disciplinarian artist!
She's a card-carrying, global-perveratti member. An American FemDom in Paris!
Feminization, Domination and many fetishes explored.
Shoes, boots, foot worship, nipple torture, trampling, facesitting, spanking and more!
Sexy and elegant, lingerie tailors, dancing shoes, or more fetish, in vinyl or leather, boots and waders.
A Mistress to listen to your fantasies, ultimately satisfying while respecting your limits.
Become the slave of Her will, offer Her your body and She will give it back to you... well, maybe.
Practicin everything that is legal, non-violent, non-hazardous and which leaves no marks, except in the soul!
Handcuffs, bondage, mummification, cellophane, sissi-training, dog training, spanking, caning, humiliation, sputum, insults and more!
A very experienced Mistress perfectly mastering the nuances and limitations of each fetish.
Flogging, whipping, domination, spanking, latex, fetish, dominatrix, fetish, mistress, masochism.
She is the Mistress of your pleasure, the housekeeper of your fantasies and Empress of your enjoyment.
A fetishist outfits enthusiast, She loves wearing rubber and PVC.
Experienced Domme. Punishements range from soft to hard!
Humiliation, bondage, bdsm and many more fetishes.
Experienced Dominatrix, refined, sexy and sensual.
Beauté, Jeunesse, Sex Appeal et Puissance Gynarchique.
She will use you and abuse you with the severity of her superiority, you pervert.
Charismatic, refined and mysterious.
Control, Dominance, Discipline!
She has always felt deep inside that she was born a Mistress... It's now 10 years having a true passion for BDSM.
She loves to teach little boys like you a lesson!