Name Location Picture Description
A fully equipped and functional medical facillity, which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practitioners.
The Fetish Emporium is a comprehensive multi-roomed BDSM themed premise in Greater Manchester with resident Mistresses.
Her size four feet will have no problem putting you in your place while you carry out your kinks together.
The Loving Dominant. You are unique and special, it is Her task and joy to train you, torment you, punish. Also visits London and Birmingham monthly!
Consensual kidnap, in Her opinion, is the ultimate fetish experience.
Switch Mistress enjoys both submissive roles and dominant play including strict headmistress, stern prison warden, unfair boss & Lady of the manor.
A young, strict, seductive, sadistic and very sensual Manchester Mistress.
She has practised the art of bondage, Domination, and sado-masochism (BDSM) to the highest level of perfection.
With a varied range of skills and interests, Mistress Sakura creates a custom experience for every naughty submissive she chooses to spend time with.
She enjoys the control, the power she holds over your mind and body, pushing you to the edge of pleasure and pain.
High class Manchester Mistress with two chambers in Manchester. Caters to all BDSM fetishes.
This headmistress has had twenty years experience administering punishment to naughty school boys and girls.
Learn the arts of Domination and BDSM from a global Manchester mistress who has tutored many practicing professionals.
Only true submissives may worship at the feet of your statuesque, beautiful, elegant and intelligent dominatrix.
Your desire to be controlled and stimulated by the many means at My disposal will be completely fulfilled.
Private and discrete with a number of themed rooms including a Headmistress's Study for all the naughty boys/girls to be punished.
I’m a young, beautiful, perfectly formed, raven haired Mistress located in Manchester.
Mistress Valeska is extremely experienced in all aspects of female domination and also has a female sub.
She encompasses the natural traits of a lioness; dominating, powerful, royal, and ferocious.
She has always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led Her into the dark shadows of BDSM.
This Manchester Domme has turned Her innate BDSM passion into a highly skilled craft!
A Beautiful, Sensual but cruel Dominant Mistress who has many skills!
She is a professional Mistress, naturally gifted in the art of seduction, Domination and control; your submission is Her addiction.
Momma Bea has a beautiful nursery in Manchester, full sized cot and high chair.
A sensual sadist offering every bdsm fantasy from the mild to the wild but always operating within a safe and consensual conditions.
Mistress loves nothing more than to torment and interrogate you and have you admit your deepest dark places to her.