City and Borough of Leeds

Name Location Picture Description
Yorkshire Mistress, an exceptionally exquisite, elegant and sophisticated, high class Dominatrix.
Multi roomed, multi floor dungeon hire in Leeds, UK
Mistress Helena of Leeds. You will submit to Her!
An elite, extraordinary Mistress who thoroughly enjoys the dark art of Female Superiority.
A tall, attractive, mature and experienced Dominatrix. She is creative, imaginative and cruel and takes pleasure in that feminine cruelty.
Mistress Vanessa of Leeds, classy and elegant, yet with an evil imagination and a wealth of experience as a Mistress.
She offers strict yet sensual bondage and domination to all submissives and genuinely enjoys Her work.
You will enjoy the dominance and humilation She can hand out to you. Fulfill your fantasies and wildest dreams.
The Goddess of wisdom and beauty; it stretches across many domains, and in the world of BDSM, it knows no boundaries.
Your journey in life has brought you to this beautiful Goddess.
Her sensitive and sensual skills add to Her supremacy!!
Leeds Mistress Gabriella - She is everything you have dreamed about. The Mistress of your darkest fantasies!
Single, double, and triple Domme, including genuine mother/daughter Domination in Her Leeds chamber!
Cruel and calculating Dominatrix.
TS Mistress. Vivacious in nature and capable of great kindness and generosity.