Name Location Picture Description
Elite British Leeds Mistress available at private Leeds dungeon, your home, or hotel. Also has Her own discreet chambers in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire!
A feast for the mind, body and senses. She's beautiful and naturally sensual, yet She can be incredibly wicked and sadistic!
Cruel and calculating Dominatrix with a powerful body, unique appearance, and a strong-willed attitude.
She's a loving Mistress, yet sadistic, possessive, strict, and demanding. She expects a slave's devoted attention in every way possible!
Mistress Vanessa of Leeds, classy and elegant, yet with an evil imagination and a wealth of experience as a Mistress.
Your journey in life has brought you to this beautiful Goddess.
A tall, attractive, mature and experienced Dominatrix. She is creative, imaginative and cruel and takes pleasure in that feminine cruelty.
Real life Mistress, exhibitionist, tease, and webcammer. She will take you on an exquisite experience you'll never forget!
Professional Dominatrix who is glamorous, educated, feminine, and sophisticated... the epitome of the femme fatale.
A sensual sadist offering every bdsm fantasy from the mild to the wild but always operating within a safe and consensual conditions.
A fully equipped and functional medical facillity, which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practitioners.
The Fetish Emporium is a comprehensive multi-roomed BDSM themed premise in Greater Manchester with resident Mistresses.
Exciting and stunning Pro Domme whose sessions include plenty of thrills! She is your ultimate and your ONLY luxury. Formidable filth: advanced sexual deviance.
Her aim is for every second you spend with Her to be enjoyable for both of you. She watches you constantly and feels your reactions!
Ranges from gentle, caring, soft Domination to harsh, strict, and sadistic when She needs to be! Only sessions with genuine, obedient, and loyal subs.
Only true submissives may worship at the feet of your statuesque, beautiful, elegant and intelligent dominatrix.
Learn the arts of Domination and BDSM from a global Manchester mistress who has tutored many practicing professionals.
Tall beautiful blonde who is a sensual yet cruel Mistress. Enter Her chambers of dark mythical torture to feel Her icy touch and sharp nails devour you!
Your desire to be controlled and stimulated by the many means at My disposal will be completely fulfilled.
She has always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led Her into the dark shadows of BDSM.
Young, beautiful, perfectly formed, raven haired Mistress, Dominatrix and Switch!
The Loving Dominant. You are unique and special, it is Her task and joy to train you, torment you, punish. Also visits London and Birmingham monthly!
Ashton-Under-Lyne Manchester Mistress... offers mild Domination services, fantasy role play, and more!
Welcome to the world of this Manchester Mistress... allow Her to intoxicate your thoughts and release your inner pervert with Her power and beauty.
Her size four feet will have no problem putting you in your place while you carry out your kinks together.
Switch Mistress enjoys both submissive roles and dominant play including strict headmistress, stern prison warden, unfair boss & Lady of the manor.
Private and discrete with a number of themed rooms including a Headmistress's Study for all the naughty boys/girls to be punished.
Consensual kidnap, in Her opinion, is the ultimate fetish experience.
Young, strict, seductive, sadistic and very sensual Manchester Mistress.
Fulfil your fantasies and wildest dreams. She will create an experience you will never forget!
Dynamic young, educated Pro Domme, whose subs will appreciate her ice cold beauty and female supremacy.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, She will tease, taunt, and elevate your fetish and BDSM desires until you ACHE for release!
She has practised the arts of bondage, Domination, and sado-masochism to the highest level of perfection.
London & Manchester. Caning Queen and Pemier Sadist, Her dominance is an intoxicating privilege and Her presence a gift of torment!
This headmistress has had twenty years experience administering punishment to naughty school boys and girls.
Born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to Her will; it resonates in everything She does and everything She is!
When you hear Her speak, you will immediately realise you have encountered a Mistress of superior breeding and class!
She has a beautiful nursery in Manchester with a full sized cot and high chair!
Mistress Valeska is extremely experienced in all aspects of female domination and also has a female sub.
Professional Mistress, naturally gifted in the art of seduction, Domination and control; your submission is Her addiction.
Luxury Rubenesque Dominatrix who adores foot fetish, chastity, and much more. 17+ years of experience!
Experienced CP specialist and professional Mistress. She offers CP services, corrective therapy sessions with roleplay, and relaxation therapy.
Stunning 6' tall Premier Dominatrix. Insatiable in her lust for power and dominance and in need of fresh slaves – submit to The Violator.
Dominant Lady who enjoys CONTROL... seductively wicked and fabulously kinky!
A natural with Her own unique style, She'll leave you begging for more. Be forewarned though, She'll become your addictive pleasure!
Her discreet and confidential service includes tailor made sessions for your Domination and fetish needs. Phone 07775451078 or email msvenus01@outlook.com!
Sexual Priestess. Tours the UK and specializes in age regression, tantric denial, role-play, prostate milking, and more!
A stunning, elegant and experienced Dominatrix. Sensual and sadistic with a passion for role-play, mind control, and ball-busting.
An agent of liberation. Sensuality and eroticism, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.
Bristol & London Oriental Dominatrix. Loved and feared, but above all... Dominant.
Offers the ultimate in curated escapism: educated – experienced – imaginative – discreet. Taking sessions in Bristol and Plymouth.
Mistress Blaze will smile sexily as She dishes out commands and punishments, dragging you kicking and screaming into Her world.
Bondage, cbt, restarint, wand play, forced oral, face sitting, trampling, foot / body worship, pet play and much more!
The Smiling Mistress, If you're looking for something new & French, She is the one.
Cute but cruel, highly addictive, highly creative British Femdom based in Bristol and Swindon!
The elite Dominatrix for your pain and servitude at Her Bristol Dungeon.
Sensual International French Dominatrix. Travels between Singapore, Hong Kong, and UK!
She is Mistress Sammie, a stunning TV Dominatrix and quite possibly the most convincing TV Mistress currently available in the UK!
Stunning, sadistic, and has a different approach towards Domination, where She offers a safe and secure environment for fetish and BDSM lovers.
Edinburgh's premier BDSM dungeon with several resident Mistresses and regular visiting Mistresses. Fabulously equipped BDSM play space & fetish nights!
Expereinced, mature, professional cougar Dominatrix resident at the Maison de Debauch. Seeking subby sissies to worship at Her feet.
Stylish and elegant domination for those seeking 'Venus in Furs '.
Nottingham' s finest Femdom. She speaks softly but carries a big stick!
Sadistically seductive Dominatrix and Tormentress – an iconic fetish conoisseur for whom style and sophistication are highly important.
She will delight in using her feminine charms to humiliate and punish her slaves.
Double Domination services as well as pegging, milking, forced multiple cumming, forced feminization, and more!
Sophisticated, strict and sensually sadistic, she will teach you how to honour, serve and obey your Mistress.
She will play with your mind, emotions, and body... this lovely British Mistress has experience in most things so don't hesitate to ask Her about anything!
Strict English Mistress - highly experienced. Taking sessions in Bristol and Plymouth. Medical play. CP specialist.
She is Athena and She is war; She is Valeria and She is love!
Mistress Kearna is a very seductive, intelligent and strict Female Dominant.
Sensually sadistic professional Mistress. Nothing makes Her pulse race quite like having a submissive at Her feet...
Cpt, caning, whipping, spanking, belly punching, face slapping bondage, nipple torture, ball busting, trampling and more!
Strict, sadistic and sensational!
A hypno-manipulatrix, sharp-tongued pro-domme and fetish writer.
Transgender Mistress with a love of fetish. Specialist in sissy, humiliation, crossdresser, adult baby, nappy lovers, bondage, discipline, and puppy play.
Professional Glasgow Dominatrix... She's a natural brunette with an hour glass figure that will have you begging for more minutes!
An experienced Glasgow Dominatrix having played with a countless number of subs who have numerous types of fetishes.
Well articulated, degree educated, natural redhead with a temperament as fiery as Her hair. She is wicked in mind and sadistic in nature.
Versatile Mistress who loves nothing more than to treat Her submissives as they should be treated... although She's fair, She has sadistic tendencies.
Petite Ebony Mistress experienced in the art of Domination of submissives, slaves, whimps and miscreant males.
Sensual yet sadistic Mistress who will toy with you and mix pain with pleasure in such a way that you'll beg for more!
Tall, sexy Mistress who is wicked, fun, and sadistic. Has a private dungeon and is ready to play!
Highly experienced sadist with a penchant for perversity!
Green eyed, silver haired, professional Dominatrix who works within a discreet location in the heart of Glasgow.
Has a passion for all things kinky. Come visit Her chamber of pleasure and fantasy, where you can carry out your ultimate fantasies in a fully equipped dungeon!
A professional Scottish Dominatrix located in Glasgow.
Two Mistresses experienced in the Domination world... they know how to train slaves (especially Scottish ones)!
Strict and cruel BBW Mistress with exacting standards, who specialises in corporal punishment, anal training, squashing, and humiliation!
Mature lady in Her prime with the life experience to know how and when to be the Disciplinarian you've been yearning for!
Sadistic, experienced, beautiful, and creative. She's a Mistress, and upon request, a bratty sub to those who dare!
A deviant fetish escort - tall, strong, specializing in erotic domination, from light tie-and-tease, up to extremely intense.
Classy, sophisticated, beautiful, intelligent, creative, powerful, with a strong desire towards having Her slaves serve.
Stunning British Dominatrix and Sissy OWNER located in London for 10+ years. Youth, beauty, and experience with facilities to match!
Petite Oriental Camden Mistress with 20+ years' experience, specialising in fantasy enactment and roleplay fetishes. Incall and outcall service in London!
A petite pretty naturally Dominant Lady who offers discreet sensual domination & bondage in Her own private fully equipped Dungeon room in Primrose Hill, NW1.
Elite Femdom Mistress & Seductress; true Goddess of tease, seduction, and discipline. She will make you feel desperate and helpless as you crawl on your knees!
Stunning and experienced London Goddess. Understand and take heed – this is all about Her and Her wants...you're solely here for HER pleasure!
Cruel girlfriend or mixed wrestling experience. Sadistic yet loving; crazy yet sensible.
No Mercy Mistress from London/Brighton UK. Offering some of the more taboo kink others wouldn't dare think about!