Name Location Picture Description
Long dark mane, deep dark eyes, full red lips, and 5’5" in Her bare feet. Perfectly high size 8 arches which complement Her strong, shapely legs!
Her manner is refined and spirited, playful yet strict, and She's well versed in almost every aspect of BDSM.
Professional Dominatrix, Pervert, Fetishist, Sadist, Humiliatrix, Alpha Female. Knows exactly what you need and just when to give or withhold it!
NYC Dominatrix. International specialist in toilet slave training, role play, and many other fetishes! Float in the ecstasy of your submission...
The Mommy Domme who will dive into your filthiest fantasies & then hold you and tell you it's okay.
The NYC Teacher Dominatrix of your Dreams.
Explore your fetishes and fantasies with an experienced, erotic, and sadistic Dominatrix!
Radical Romance with Conventional Kink. Instinctively knows what you need and will teach you how to ask for it!
Mindfucking, mental bondage, foot fetish, smoking fetish, kitten and puppy play, impact play, electricity, watersports, CBT, OTK, servitude, online domination.
Discreet, experienced statuesque blonde with piercing cat-like greenish blue eyes. Specializes in erotic Domination & creative role play. Has own private space!
Lifestyle Domme, neuroscientist, shibari artist, and practitioner of the art of BDSM.
Sophisticated, Petite Asian Domina. Your interests are irrelevant to Her; you exist to be Her toy and to amuse Her.
Curvy and Sadistic Domme Next Door.
Alternative Lifestyle Fetish Platform: events, multimedia, promotions, blogs, consulting, coaching, & more!
NYC Dominatrix with decades of experience. Currently divides Her time between NYC, DC, & Savannah!
The Nylon Icon. She's a true Dominant Femme Fatale & the subtle power of Her beauty and femininity will draw out your deepest desires.
Fashionable fetishist. Professionally mean, and capably violent.
She will push your limits (within reason) because She wants you to explore the depths of your kink with HER.
Your Dominant Girlfriend. A fever dream of tattoos and technicholor. Granting wishes, destroying egos.
Professional Eastern European Dominatrix. Over four years of experience in BDSM and the fetish industry. Alpha Female. Ruthless Sadist. Reliable Psych.
Sensual Shamanatrix, a facilitator of forbidden fantasies, the oracle who gazes deep into your naked soul. Are you ready to be exposed?
Surrender to your obsession - the beauty of cruelty, freedom of helplessness, the endless allure of fetish. Devote yourself to a playfully cruel Femme Domme.
Dominatrix Next Door. Travels extensively, visiting 10 different cities & 5 different states each week but is in Boston 65% of the time. Catch Her when you can!
Female Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, Financial Dominatrix, & Sadistic Ebony Goddess. Welcome to Her Domain!
Controlling and stern, with a flair for the dramatic, She's a sensual and alluring Goddess who is kind and patient with Her servants.
Sadistic Dominatrix & Hardcore Humiliatrix who openly owns and exploits submissive males for personal gain and convenience in whichever ways She sees fit!
Professional Female Domination in Rochester/Upstate/Western New York.
Her dungeon studio is located just blocks from the downtown major hotels for subs traveling, and is copiously equipped for strict bondage and sensory pleasure.
She's always been dominant and figured out early that She likes dominating men and women, so She's a bi-domme, as well as a Findom and Princess.
Domination, a wide variety of fetishes, and more ...
Welcome to Her inter-webbed out dungeon where She dwells to catch flies and make Herself known to the slave public so that She can own your asses.
Sensual to corporal, painful and intimate, joyful and lascivious, humiliating and intoxicating... welcome to Her dark side!
She is a performance actress, usually involving acts from the burlesque to the fetish and grotesque!
6'1" Amazonian Goddess & Professional Domina. Nothing turns Her on more than your submission and full devotion.
Domme Next Door - She'll use all Her resources to create an authentic, unique and fun session tailored to your interests. Dominance is in Her DNA!
***Salacious experience with a 25 year professional kinkstress and erotic Dominatrix***
Sensually Sadistic. Bitch. Tease. Perverted sweetheart. Her job is to expand the limits of Her submissive & to entrench them further into their fetish fantasy.
The place to be just who you are!
Pre-op Transendered Pro Domme with over three years experience in the lifestyle. 24/7!
Fetish pro-switch who can give as much as she takes (USA travel & Raleigh NC local).
This Big & Beautiful Full-figured Dominatrix at House of Whispers has more than a handful of punishment to mete out!
Home of Head FemDom Mistress Windy Whispers, Ebony Queen Domina Diabla, & Transgender Dominatrix Goddess Athena.
Imagine Her above you, looking down at you & deep into your eyes; feel the weight of Her body on top of you, making you nice & hard & wet. She already owns you!
Provides a level of professionalism that intentionally creates excited repeat clientele ø Feminization, Medical Fetish, & BDSM exploration specialist.
Pre-eminent Dominatrix of the Carolinas and beyond. Over Twenty years of Experience. Accepting new devotees.
Kinky Leman. Expect the ultimate unconventional experience with Her;.better yet, your time together will be referred to as an unconventional tryst.
Dominatrix, dungeon owner, & fetish film producer with 20 years of experience. Located just outside of downtown Akron!
Alpha Female and Head Mistress of Ohio's Columbus BDSM Club. She will Shrivel your existence using your sexual depravity and Her sexual prowess against you.
Professional Dominatrix available for in person or online dominationat The Confessional Dungeon in Akron, Ohio.
ABDL Lifestyle Pro Mommy. Enjoys all types of age-play from sweet and innocent to dark!
Experienced Dominatrix who artfully combines playfulness and dominance in Her BDSM sessions.
Alpha Female and Head Mistress of Ohio's Columbus BDSM Club. She will Shrivel your existence using your sexual depravity and Her sexual prowess against you.
Natural redhead. XXX Star. She's not bad; She's just painted that way!
Alpha Female and Head Mistress of Ohio's Columbus BDSM Club. She will Shrivel your existence using your sexual depravity and Her sexual prowess against you.
BBW Ebony Mistress who loves to be served and paid. Offers both online and real time sessions!
Addictive Ebony Mistress. When She breaks you down to complete submission, She'll allow you to experience something indescribable.
Sissy Hypnosis, Sissy BBC Hypno, ABDL and Diaper Hypnosis. Audio recorded by Head Mistress Katelyn Of The Columbus BDSM Club. Real Hypnosis!
Full-figured, 40s Dominant. Your psychological and physical limits will be tested and then pushed gently on a continuous basis.
A deliciously sensual, intellectually provocative, and infinitely seductive kink muse.
Forced Feminization & Sissy Play, French Maid Serving & Slut Training, Humiliation - Verbal and Physical, Cross-Dressing Fantasies and more.
She offers 4-48 hour ABDL in-person sessions and interactive days full of activities! Mommy loves big wet bulky diapers, cummies, and lots of crinkling ...
Certified Graduate of The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy. Loves to discover Her submissive’s kinks, fantasies, and fetishes in a judgement-free space.
The only independent sex worker collective in the Midwest, they offer professional sessions, kink education, mentorship, fetish photo/video prodiction, & more!
Cpt, ​infantilism, cbt, ​rope / tape bondage, toilet training, suspension, asphixia, binders / traps /​ cuffs, ball busting, and more!
Sweet and sexy professional dancer is waiting for Her beautifully imperfect, caramel pecan-colored dancer's feet to be worshipped, coddled, and more.
Amazon FemDomme Looking for TPE & Your Financial Enslavement! Tall, Curvy FemDom available NOW!
This Giantess pushes you to your limits & puts you in your place. Dominates but also educates and tries Her best to make people better than they were before!
Ready for you to beg. Be good for Her and be rewarded; be bad and be punished.
✨Emotion and connection through the portal of power exchange✨
Specializes in naturally-occurring altered states of consciousness, taboo, edge-play, and long-term slave-training. She's both devious and nurturing!
Soft spoken sensual sadist. First and foremost, you are here to serve Her; do not forget that.
Intelligent, cultured Temptress who knows just what buttons to push. Most at home with a slave dutifully at Her feet, eagerly awaiting Her command.
Sensual, seductive, & sadistic. Your BBW Dream Domina!
Spicy sadomasochistic switch. Feral tattooed babe. Electro - fire - cosplay - wrestling - medical - JustForFans/MischiefMorningstar.
Indulgent & nurturing to brutal & punishing... let Her bring your fantasies to life. At 6' tall in Her bare size 11 feet, She is THE NYC and Portland Domme!
Black Professional Dominatrix. Silly & sensual sadist. Femme Daddy of your dreams. Lover of outdoor kink & BDSM. Sissification.
Sensual, spiritual, healing, worship, role play, bondage, control, and more. Enjoys creating detailed ritual and kink scenes that will indulge all the senses.
The long, slender branches of a willow tree may sway gently in a breeze or be used as a switch for whipping ... wander into Her Woods.
Elegant cruelty and sophisticated dominance. Assured, precise, devastating.
International Dominatrix Provocateur. From this moment on, you will be Hers; you will relinquish all control and submit.
Stunningly beautiful Asian Dominatrix. Protocol, ritual, and sensual sadism. 忍
Your muse into psychosexual submission. Provider of dreams and fantasies who derives joy and pleasure from kink and BDSM!
Gender disrupting Divinatrix. You are safe to be you, safe to explore, safe to ask questions.
Petite, busty, blonde Mommy Domme bombshell.
Powerful sadist and intuitive dominant. Leave the mundane world behind as you sink into Her realm of uniquely curated sensory experiences.
Portland's Dominatrix Next Door & FemDom Event Host with fully equipped luxe private fetish space. It's time to crack you open & let those secrets out to play!
TS Dominatrix lives to bring the thrill of sensual living to slaves through Her brand of affectionate cruelty.
Blasphemous Femdom sadist, debauchery enthusiast and Mistress of Asylum of Sodom!
ProDomme who desires true submission: to be at Her feet and ready to be shaped into the best version of yourself.
Professional Asian Dominatrix
With looks and a body that could kill, you’ll become completely entranced by this elite Dominatrix.
Seduction into submission best describes Her style of domination.
Philadelphia's exclusive Arab and Muslim Sensual Dominatrix.
Sensual Sadist in Philadelphia & beyond!
Sexy, mature, red headed Domme will tease, seduce, and control you! Your dark bondage dreams made real.
Looking for experienced, committed, loyal, safe, obedient, and generous slaves/toys who can take direction from, submit to, worship, & adore Her!
Sadist, savage and precise; Empress, intuitive and insightful; Mother, demanding and nurturing.
Hypnotic Temptress who makes encounters new and exciting every time. She enjoys using Her wide array of expertise to take you further down the rabbit hole.
Experienced and alluring purveyor of kink with a penchant for devious, perverted behavior.
Philadelphia's Black Amazon Goddess!