Name Location Picture Description
This legendary Domme has a sweet, sensual, and sadistic approach. She can be light and playful, and in an instant, more intense or severe!
6 ft tall MILF, Unicorn in Her Polycule, Pansexual, Professional Dominatrix, Mom-Domme, Gentle Domme, FemDom, FinDom, Keyholder.
Pro Domme and Humiliatrix of East Tennessee. She'll challenge you and push you to your limits, but always respects the laws of BDSM.
Your ultimate tease and sexual desire. She'll love nothing more than to stare into your eyes and have Her way with you.
As your benevolent, pleasure-giving Goddess or your demanding and sadistic Temptress, She'll intoxicate you with Her presence.
Curvaceous BBW Mistress looking for subs to train.
She's the Domme next door; a sensual sadist and foot Goddess. She'll leave you powerless and begging for more. She provides an opportunity to serve and submit.
Cerebral Queen of Seduction - Professional Dominatrix
Dominatrix, Sadist and Sissifier Extraordinaire; the Dominatrix you dream to serve!
Highly alluring beauty with an indomitable force who turns heads when She walks into the room.
Dominant Companion & Benevolent Mistress ~ Devient GFE, Erotic BDSM ~ Submit yourself to Her desires with wild abandon.