Manage Your Ads

You can log into your account at the left or HERE.  Once you log in, click on 'My Account' and you’ll see a toolbar just under your username.  From here you can edit your existing ads or create new ones.

1) You can post one ad or multiple ads.  We recommend multiple ads if you regularly session from multiple cities and also when you tour.  Each ad should list the specific city you visit. That way, people who do a search by city will see your ad targeted for that city.  If it’s a six city tour, run six ads.  If you’re posting for multiple ladies who work from one facility or for duo sessions, multiple ads also work well here. For best results, be sure to include the dates in your heading!

2) You can include a stop date at the top of the ad, so that once your visit to a particular city is over, the system will automatically remove the ad and you won’t have to deal with people who contact you for sessions in a city you’re no longer visiting. Or, to help with future bookings, leave the ad in place so people are aware that you travel to that particular city.

3) You can run a single ad and bump it back to the top of the page in order to keep it fresh. If you post an ad and let it keep sliding down the page, you're not making the most of this free service.  It takes less than ten seconds to open one of your existing ads and hit the 'edit' and 'save' buttons to move the ad back to the top of the page.  Everyone has ten free seconds! 

If you can't easily find your ad on the page, do this: (1) click on 'my account', then on ‘your classifieds’; (2) select your ad, click ‘edit’ then 'save'.  You can modify the ad if you like or just keep it as is (we do recommend that you modify the title so your ad looks fresh but it's your call).  Click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page and BANG - your ad is back at the top of the page. We suggest you let a few days pass before you move your ad back to the top again, but if your tour of a particular city is about to end soon, go ahead and refresh it daily!  If it's the last day of your tour, we also recommend you add something like 'FINAL DAY' to the caption, in order to create some urgency.

Tip: include your travel dates in the subject heading!

This service is 100% free, so hopefully we can all work together in order for dickie to remain the best place for ProDommes to promote their services.  Thanks for your continued support and we wish you much success! heart