An Interview With The Amazing Goddess Lexi

sb: Thank You VERY MUCH for this interview for dickie virgin Goddess Lexi! As You know i am a huge fan of Yours and so excited! Please tell us a little about Your background.
Where are You originally from?

GL: Well my heritage is German and English, but I am a southern California girl originally from Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in Sherman Oaks and had a very “normal” upbringing. While in school I kept myself very busy and involved. I was enrolled in Advanced placement or honors courses, and participated in Cheerleading, Soccer, Yearbook Editor, Key club President, Winter formal Queen, Peer helper, Photography club. It still makes me exhausted just writing about it.

sb: Were You always so dominant and powerful?

GL: Yes, I have always had a dominant personality. My power first started to grow as I discovered my sexuality, and the control it gave me over men.

sb: Would You consider Yourself a sadist?

GL: I am definitely a sadist, especially an emotional sadist.

sb: When did You turn professional?

GL: Well I started dabbling with domination at 18 I couldn’t believe how much attention I received my personal add at When I first started privately I took on a house slave to run errands, clean, take out the trash and buy shoes. He always paid a tribute to me for my time, I just though it was a normal part of service.

At 21, I opened myself up to pro sessions, within days it became a full time. I think Los Angeles was aching for a young bitchy Mean Girl. I have been going strong since.
sb: Please describe Your style of Domination?

GL: My style has always been different from that of a “typical” dominatrix. I am bitchy, playful, fun, and a tease. I love to laugh and have slaves amuse me. I just let my naturally dominant personality flow in play. I can be very cold and cruel when necessary but I prefer to have a more natural approach to domination.

sb: Do You also own lifestyle slaves?

GL: I am a LIFESTYLE DOMINANT so of course I have lifestyle slaves. My slave bob has been with me for 5 years now, and I went as far as having him move cross country with me from LA to DC to be my live in dungeon slave. I enjoy being a slave owner, and I keep several in my stable at all times. Currently I have 5 lifestyle slaves at my beck and call. Since opening my video site I have had a need to own more slaves than ever before.

sb: What is Your favorite type of scene?

GL: HELLO?!? Humiliation of course! And I have a knack for very creative humiliation scenes.

sb: Duh, yes, that was a stupid question! What is Your ideal slave like, Goddess?

GL: I like total submissives through and through, guys that are putty in my hands, no limits, no boundaries, subs that let me get into and totally fuck with their heads!

sb: i so LOVE Your clips4sale store! The extreme humiliation ones are the best ever! Please tell everyone about it and what are some of Your favorites?

GL: I love making videos, not many people can compete with my creative and twisted mind. All the videos I make are based on MY fantasies, scenes that I find interesting and please ME. Right now I am especially into sissy training, forced bi, and strap-on scenes.

sb: Do You enjoy cuckold slaves?

GL: Yes, cuckolding is one of the most extreme forms of humiliation. Cuckolding makes a sub realize his inadequacies as a man, and gives the Cuckoldress the perfect opportunity to reinforce his role as a mere slave. Cum feeding is particularly entertaining.

sb: i know how much You love humiliation scenes. Do You truly enjoy degrading Your slaves as much as it seems?

GL: Yes, cant you tell by the smile on my face while performing degrading acts?

sb: i LOVE Your FemDom Empire website! Please tell us about it!

GL: I created the Mean Girls Club to share my love of humiliating men with the world.(smirk) I have really out done myself with this site, it includes everything I love doing in session. I have collaborated with many of bitchiest girls on the net to create the ultimate humiliation destination.

There are so many kinky and humiliating scenarios captured on video. Lots of strap-on, foot domination, ass worship, forced bi, cum eating, slave milkings, sissy training, chastity, SMP. I hope to keep growing the site and working with other talented Dommes.

sb: Do You enjoy training cross dressers?

GL: Yes, so much so that Transformations and Forced Womanhood magazine is doing a article on me and my sissies.

sb: Wow awesome! So You like public humiliation?

GL: Yes, but I don’t like to embarrass myself in the process. One great story involving public humiliation is when my slave took a girlfriend and I to Cabo San Lucas. We spit in his margarita right at the table in front of everyone. I leaned over, bitch slapped him, and told him to “DRINK UP!” then started laughing hysterically. The waiter replied with, “Wow she is vicious!”

sb: HAHAHA! Your legs and feet are to die for! Do You enjoy foot worship?

GL: I do enjoy foot worship. While I lived in LA I had a personal slave just for my feet. For over 2 years he would take me for a pedicure every Sunday, then worship and rub my feet for over an hour.

sb: Do You like heavy corporal?

GL: I do! Bruises, welts, its amazing to see how much slaves will endure for me.

sb: What is Your favorite implement for this?

GL: I like whips best of all. I can double single tail and crack it many different ways.

sb: Do you session with novices?

GL: I have trained SO MANY novices. They are attracted to me like a moth to the flame. They all tell me that I don’t look too harsh or brutal, little do they know my looks can be very deceiving…..

sb: What can a slave visiting You for the first time do to please You?

GL: Trust is key in a introductory session, I like when a new sub is able to give himself fully over to me. Or Bring me a lot of money, shut the fuck up and be showered?

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

GL: Too many to list, I definitely enjoy “stuff“. There are links to my wish lists on my site, but I enjoy fetish clothing, shoes, perfume, fur, dvds, I appreciate them all.

sb: What is proper slave protocol for someone about to session with You?

GL: I require that you be polite, respectful, prompt for our appointment, and well groomed.

sb: Do You have any more cool ideas for clips coming up You can share with us? You are so innovative!

GL: There are always naughty ideas brewing my head. I just shot a experimental medical video including amputee style bondage Electrical cbt, piss enemas, fucking machines.

sb: WOW! Could You share one or two of your other interests?

GL: Traveling, Playing with my dog, working out, watching smut reality TV.

sb: Is there any type of scene you do not do?

GL: I don’t enjoy infantilism, blood play, or anything else that would put my health or well being in jeopardy.

sb: i know You are friends with Mistress Coral, a fabulous Domme who i sessioned with. What other Mistresses have you worked with?

GL: I have a great circle of Dom friends you can see me in videos with Mistress Coral Korrupt, Goddess Sativa, Mistress Veronica, Mistress Sidonia, Mistress Thora Nang, Goddess Eden Winter, Ms Jennifer Lemonde, Lady Cheyenne, Mistress Aie, and many other dominant women.

sb: What is Your traveling schedule in the near future for slaves hoping to book a live session.

GL: I travel periodically to NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, and Vegas. I always list my travels on my session website.

sb: You are totally gorgeous Goddess! Did You ever consider a modeling career?

GL: No, I don’t really like doing photoshoots. My personal slave is my main photographer, I only like shooting with him because if the photos suck I can beat him!

sb: he is very lucky! Do You attend any public functions where your many fans can meet You?

GL: I regularly attend fetish events including, Fetish Factory Anniversary party, AVN, DomCon.

sb: Do You have any fan clubs, Yahoo groups, Myspace, or Youtube sites?

GL: My blog can be found at Snobby Bitch.

sb: Do You also work with Women and couples?

GL: Very rarely, I prefer paying with men. I will only play with couples that include a dominant female.

sb: How can prospective slaves contact you?

GL: My current e-mail address can be found on my session website.

sb: Goddess Lexi thank You so much for this interview! I feel so privileged to have gotten it. You are absolutely gorgeous and oh so superior!

GL: Yes I know, bitch.

February 8, 2009