An Interview with the Gorgeous Princess Meggerz by slave bruce

sb: Wow this is really a great honor for me Princess Meggerz. You are the hottest Domme on the net now and i have gotten tons of requests for You! When did You first learn of the power You had?

PM: Very early on I learned how easily I could manipulate any situation to My advantage. The less acknowledgement bois were given the harder they tried. As far as online goes, I had quite the following of chat room losers back in the good old days of dial up yet I couldn't have been much older then 13. It was pretty tame back then.  But of course slowly yet surely over the years more and more bizarre request came rolling through. Using pathetic old men online was just a perk back then.

sb: What is one of  the weirdest things You did to a loser?

PM: Christ, there are just too many to mention in one interview. Everything from forced shit eating to cupcake cock, one little faggot gets excited every time he sees beef jerky sticks while another was once to forced into stealing a pair of mommy's dirty panties to wear on cam while I laugh My ass off. I have no problem getting a slave do whatever I tell him to do. It becomes very clear almost instantly who the boss is.

sb: Wow i certainly believe that! What is the biggest  tribute a loser ever gave You in one night?

PM:  More then some of you bitches make a year.

sb That's amazing! When You are not laughing at and raping pathetic losers, what are some of your other interests?

PM: I am 3 miles from one of the sweetest beaches in the country. So naturally relaxing in the sun. Spending piglets cash. I adore eating out, traveling, and partying! Also I am a full time student, not that I completely enjoy this one, but it does keep My brain stimulated after dealing with all the same lame bullshit all you losers put Me through.

sb: I know You and Your man live an awesome life of luxury while all Your pathetic slaves work hard for you, please tell us about some of the places You have travelled and things You have done on loser's cash!

PM: I've seen half of Europe, half of Asia, and South America all on your dime! The cost of international travel is insane these days but luckily for Me, I have your paychecks continuously funding My extraordinarily rich and cultured existence. Next up I foresee all My little loyal fucktoys completely funding our romantic get away to Bora Bora. Get ready pigs!

sb: What are your views on sissification and forced homosexuality?

PM: There is nothing more amusing then using and exploiting an old man's weakness into a cock sucking humiliation session. The pure and simple fact that I am turning a man into a cock servicing machine excites Me. If you want to wear a wig and panties while you do it, more power to you! In fact I am working on one at the moment. Cumdump has been attending Cock Sucking U for the past few months now and he is doing a fairly decent job on all homework assignments. Keeping all orifices plugged with cock like contraptions and paying his insanely high weekly tuition keep him in My 'whore in training' attendance book.

sb: Do You enjoy humiliation and cuckolding as much as You seem to?

PM: Is it that obvious? uhm, YEAH. Nothing beats little fucktards preforming on cam like trained monkeys. "Please Princess ruin me." It's My second favorite phrase to, "yes Princess, it has been paid." Coming up with new and disturbing tasks is too easy.

But cuckolding, that's some sweet shit. I get My Man's hot cock AND some cucky loser paying for US to enjoy Ourselves. Cuckolding is My speciality. Nothing beats some loser paying Me to have sex with My boyfriend just to feel like he played a small part in our excitement. You would have to be crazy to turn that shit down!

sb: Yes i certainly know that!   Give us one specific thing You have made a loser do to amuse you that really stands out?

PM: No loser will ever stand out to Me. Obedience is expected.  I'm waiting for that whale. When I get his total worth and retire rollin in the $$$ that ruined his life, that one I will remember.

sb: Yes Princess.: Your feet are really hot? Do You have tons of foot slaves?

PM: Are you fucking kidding Me? The foot whores ADORE Me! I've got pedi credit for the next 20 years. Oh and the shoes... My 4 pair of Giuseppe Zanotti are My fav! about $2700 for 4 pairs of shoes... it's ridiculous how spoiled these soles are. Point, wrinkle, spread! It's too much fun. And before I forget, socks... I've sold so many socks I could put a kid through college. you whores are so pathetic, it makes My pussy wet. No wait. you wish.

sb: Besides cuckolding and sissification what are some of your other interests?

PM: CASH, whores, blow job homo training, tease and denial, cash, obedience, cash...anything to put a smile on My pretty little face, Yep.

sb: How can a loser contact You?

PM: First impressions are CRUCIAL. I do NOT accept any old retard on their knees begging to be apart of My master plan. "Hi Princess" 9 times out of 10 will result in a block. Tribute and "Hi Princess" normally results in an opportunity to continue serving Me. Those who really impress Me just send the cash and keep the fuck out of My way. The ultimate servitude.

sb: Tell us about Your amazing clips4sale store. i hear You recently made top 20!

PM: My clips are fucking amazing. I cover every perverted little fetish you freaks can think of and more. Go buy them HERE and thank Me!

sb: do You have any wishlists where slaves can spoil You at?

PM: That is HERE and remember, I have over a million pairs of shoes. Buy something you know I will enjoy. Think with your head on this one, not you cocklet.

sb: If someone gave You one million dollars what would You do with it?

PM: Laugh and expect more.

sb: Thank you VERY much for this interview Princess. It really was an honor for me!

PM: Yes I realize this job is the highlight of your pathetic little life...  Heh!

October 16, 2009