dv: I'm in Vancouver and you are down the road in Seattle, so why don't we start by finding out how often you travel and do you ever come to Vancouver?

VR: I have been to Vancouver twice and enjoyed it immensely! I will be doing another tour in the Spring of 2012 where I'll be revisiting Vancouver as well as San Fran, LA, Boise and New York!

dv: Well, make sure you look dickie up on your next tour! How did you become interested in domination and at what point did you think it was something you would enjoy doing as a career?

VR: I've actually been a little kinky for as long as I can remember. I will spare you the details but I've been caught spanking my friends, tying up boys and making playmates polish my knee high boots for as long as I can remember.

I always got such a charge out of power exchange and I pursued it actively in my sex life when I was old enough to do so.

By the age of 18, I was well practiced in shibari, impact play, electro torture and a whole host of other fun things, the Internet really aided in learning much more then I should have I suppose.

I officially applied to work at a dungeon in Downtown Ft Lauderdale shortly after I turned 18, I was barely old enough to work there, but I was hired without any issues after a short audition. I've been professionally practicing BDSM ever since - at the time of this interview, that'd be 8 years!

dv: Awesome, I remember hiding in the bathroom when I was a boy and hearing a neighbour girl pee, I'd have been on my knees in a second had she spotted me and told me to polish her boots. You must have had some of your early partners going insane with lust when you took control? Ever converted any 'straight and narrow' guys who weren't originally into being dominated?

VR: It's a strange thing, even in my personal life I look and act almost exactly how I do when in session, it's just who I am. That type of natural seductive attitude attracts the strangest types; especially those who haven't really explored or even considered kinky play before.

I'm like a magnet for those average Joe's and yes, I've converted MANY to the darker side of things. It really just takes the right person to open you up to these experiences, then when it happens, it's like you can see a light being turned on in their minds. Their own personal "Ah ha!" moment. I never get tired of it.

dv: Do you have favorite scenes and how has that changed over the years?

VR: I used to enjoy scenes that were more about "the physical" back in the early part of my career. Things like foot/leg worship, impact play and physical restraint took up the bulk of my sessions just because I felt these things were most carnal, it satisfied my flesh lust.

I still deeply enjoy those activities and use them nearly every day, but now I delve more deeply in the psychological aspect of certain scenarios. I have a particular fondness for role play, medical scenes, interrogation, heavy bondage, cbt and electro torture. I feel those sessions work best for my style simply because they are a little more complex and allow for more focus and intensity.

dv: I know having experienced some intense play myself, over the years, that when the hardcore action ends, it's not as easy as splashing some water on your face and walking out the door. What are your thoughts on after care, how do you deal with that, and any unexpected emotions from any of your clients that stand out?

VR: I've seen some pretty interesting reactions, laughing, crying, convulsions, or sometimes just a huge sign of contentment and relief. It's a beautiful thing to watch someone go through the spectrum of emotions because of something YOU did to them.

Beneath it all, I'm a very nurturing woman, after care is vital because I need to make sure my play toys are going to be perfectly fine before I can let them go about their day. I typically give my slaves a warm blanket, a glass of ice water and a hug while they come back down; conversation flows freely as they regain their motor skills and ability to communicate.

It's all too easy to get high on adrenaline and endorphins when you indulge in this type of play. I'd never want to send anyone back to their car if they were still out of their mind on hormones.

dv: Awesome, I'm already thinking this Woman could beat me any day! Did I mention we live close to each other? Ha! Ha! So you're young and sexy and talented, is there any need to go on? Oh, why don't we talk about Your Web Site! Outside of the obvious, booking that appointment, what might one find when going there?

VR: Well, aside from the basics of booking, etiquette, a gallery and my interests, I also keep myself open to connecting with others through various forms of social media. There's several links on my website where you can follow me on Twitter, FetLife or Facebook. I also have a link to my Wordpress blog which is updated VERY regularly with random exploits from both my personal and professional life. I a good amount of photos with stories that I could never share on my website. So, if you're curious about getting to know me on a deeper level - you simply must subscribe to my writings!

dv: Who do you consider mentors in the biz and who are others that you currently admire or work with?

VR: With so many fine ladies in this industry it's very hard to nail down who I've been inspired by the most. I would have to admit, I've always been in awe of both Isabell Sinclaire & Cleo Dubois....but then again who hasn't? January Sereph is a current Femme Domme crush of mine, she's beautifully kinky and very talented! I do hope to work with her in the future, though we haven't crossed paths just yet!

dv: Hey, maybe I could set something up as far as a meetup goes, with you and January Sereph, is there a finder fee for that, maybe an over the knee spanking, or something? Seriously, you are very generous in your words but I certainly do agree... some many Dominatrix's, so little time!

How about public events, are there any you attend there, or else where, or do you prefer private play only? Vancouver has regular events like Sin City, Noir and the Dommes Gone Wild parties at my own studio... you can see I'm still trying to get you across the border! ;)

VR: Ha! I'd give you a spanking just for doing this interview!

January and I have been in touch, she's very responsive to emails and Tweets so I'm sure one of these day's we'll have a chance to play.

You on the other hand, you will certainly be seeing me at one of these events. I'm just settled into Seattle so I am looking to run a tour, perhaps I'll plan one around one of these gatherings. I had no idea they existed until right now, how wonderful!

dv: It would be great to see you out this way, where else do you plan to travel that someone might be able to session with you and where are you located in Seattle and what sort of play space do you have?

VR: I'd love to travel to Europe, but more locally, I'll be visiting Vancouver, Boise, SF, NY, Ft Lauderdale & Key West.

My current play space is a 1200 square foot fully equipped residence in the International District of downtown Seattle... though I'm actively looking to purchase a Victorian home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for my kinky exploits.

dv: This is the actually the first interview I have ever done, trying to take some of the load off of Bruce, I must be missing something, what else does my reader need to know about the amazing Victoria Rage, that I have overlooked?

VR: If I could leave you with some parting thoughts, I would like to mention that I do keep a very popular BDSM blog. It is updated very frequently with content I do not often share on my website. Everyone who is curious about me should take time to read it over, get to know me, then when temptation gets the best of you...give me a call!

dv: Thank you so much, I enjoyed getting to know you better!