sb: Oh man, am i excited to get Your first interview anywhere Mistress Karin! Please tell us a little about Your background. Where are You originally from?

MK: My family originally comes from Prussia. Before I moved to Arizona I lived in small town close to Frankfurt. In 1999, I graduated in marketing and management with bachelors degree.

sb: How Were You introduced to The Scene?

MK: In Germany I met a girl who was an Au-pair and she was from America. A year later I came to America to visit her. It turned out that Her step mother was a Dominatrix. She loved her work and was very involved in it. I was raised catholic and I knew nothing about it. I was a virgin at that time. I lived in her house and She did not hide what she was doing from me.

I noticed she was having a wonderful time. She was always happy and smiling. I was curious about what She did and She told me and invited me to accompany her. I truly did not understand what was going on. The arrangements that we had was that I would do what she said. We were to see Her favorite slave. This slave was a young marine Sergeant with short hair, muscular, very polite, clean.

She stripped him naked, tied him up and whipped him to make sure he would obey her. I had never seen a naked men before, much less a cock before, and his was growing to proportions that were thrilling to Me. She invited Me to use him with the whip any way I wanted to. I had never whipped a man before but the crack of the whip in my hand and the redness of the welt it caused sent vibrations of excitement through my body that I didn't know existed!

She invited me to take my clothes off and to wear as little as I felt comfortable with. For some reason it didn't bother Me at all. My nakedness seemed to flow with the scene. Sadie encouraged Me to aim for his cock, and to leave behind any restraints. I loved it and was so thrilled I shuddered.

Sadie put a rope around his balls and I pulled on it while I hit his cock. She then tied him to a rack that stretched him out so he couldn't move. his back was arched and his cock was sticking straight up. Sadie had no idea and it never occurred to Her that I was a virgin. She was having a wonderful time with him. She straddled him and sat on his cock. I had never seen cock sink into a Woman before.

The reason She chose that man was that his cock was huge. I did not know the difference because I had nothing to compare it with. When She got off he was quivering and She was delighted to see that look on his face. She invited me to try him out. I was not embarrassed to be naked but I was so embarrassed for not knowing what to do. I had never done this before and here was My opportunity.

Sadie led me gently over to use this monster's cock for my pleasure. She showed me how to position myself and I brought my body down and felt the end of his cock touched inside of my cunt. I had experienced pain before and I understood the connection between pain and pleasure. This was the first time I could feel the sting of the stretch of my cunt and savor its deliciousness as I felt that cock sink into me. he came. Sadie knew and grinned. Now every time I want to be turned on I remember that vision of cum and blood running down my legs.

sb: Wow that must have been some scene! Where did You start Professionally?

MK: Tucson, AZ

sb: This might seem like a dumb question because You look so forceful and authoritative to me, but were You ever submissive?

MK: Yes, I was submissive only to my father. He is the only one who ever whipped me. I was never afraid of being whipped . I pierced my own nipple and put in a ring and loved the excitement. I had a professional pierce and put in a ring in my pussy lips. I enjoyed the anticipation, I liked the idea that others were watching as I got naked and got into position with my legs spread for the piercing. I welcomed the needle and the feeling.

sb: How old were You when You started Professionally?

MK: I was 21

sb: Did You train under someone?

MK: Yes, Mistress Sadie.

sb: What is Your favorite type of scene?

MK: When man is richly striped on his ass, his cock is tied up and being pulled. I grab him by his hair and make him worship my body.

sb: And may i say Your body is pure perfection Mistress. :). What was the most intense scene You ever did?

MK: Well, there is no doubt that the most intense scene in my life was this introduction that I did with Sadie.

sb: i believe that. Can You tell me the most humiliating thing You ever did to a slave?

MK: One time I had a slave in very nice restaurant. I had a string tied to his cock. I held it underneath the table. I also tied to this rope a jingle bell and when I pulled on it you could her its tingle around the room. I had his cock outside his pants and I would jerk on it. He had this look on his face that I just loved. I had no panties underneath my dress. I took a wine glass from the table, I put it between my legs as I slid out and I filled the glass all the way to rim. I took the glass from out of the table and poured it over his chicken salad. I filled another glass for him to enjoy with the rest of the meal.

sb: Oh wow that is really cool! So You enjoy public humiliation?

MK: Yes I do. It is so exciting. I like to have man dressed up as a Woman and make him go out side so everybody can see him.

sb: So You really get into crossdressing scenes also?

MK: I love to dress men up. Put make up on, wigs and have her do a nasty dance for me while she plays with her pussy.

sb: Awesome! Do You enjoy watersports?

MK: One of the most exciting visions that I can imagine is to have my knees bent, my pussy spread and have a man with an open mouth, holding him by his hair and watch my delicious golden stream tinkling into his mouth and make him swallow it.

sb: i'm sure any slave would do that to please You Mistress. Do You enjoy foot worship?

MK: I have few slaves that are good at this. I stick my foot in their mouth and their lips and tongue feel so tender on my toes. With my hand I like to pull a string attached to their cock so I can reach it with my other foot.

sb: Do You like heavy corporal?

MK: I like to see a man who is sensitive to pain and who will open himself up to the whipping as it progresses.

sb: Do You ever do sessions with other Mistresses?

MK: Not yet. I hope to some day though.

sb: Can a slave who scenes with You also be photographed if he wishes?

MK: Of course he can. He can also have his picture posted on my web site.

sb: Cool! That would be a real honor for a slave! Do You have any personal slaves?

MK: No, I don't

sb: You might soon get 1000 requests for that after this is posted. :) What kind of slaves do You like the most and least?

MK: I like a man who appreciates who I am and what I do and they trust me when I take power over them.

sb: What is Your favorite type of clothing?

MK: I like the shocking effect when a man gets a hard on he can't help. I love the power of nakedness. I feel fully dressed wearing make up, earrings, stockings and of course high heeled shoes or boots.

sb: Yes, i can certainly see that! What is the greatest thrill You get from Domination?

MK: It is the idea of seeing men for the first time knowing that in few minutes I'll have him naked, exposed and I'll play with him. The power to do this is thrilling.

sb: Do you session with novices?

MK: Oh Yes, I like to introduce them to a new world of pleasure in pain, give them life experience.

sb: What is one of your favorite positions to have a sub in?

MK: I guess my favorite position for a sub is to have him naked in the middle of my room, tied up with his hands above his head and legs in a spreader bar.

sb: Great choice! What is your favorite drink?

MK: I don't drink alcohol although occasionally I'll get a glass of wine for a dinner. I love carrot juice.

sb: What are some of your other interests?

MK: I'll mention just a few, skiing, tennis, sailing, traveling. There is always something that keeps me busy.

sb: Do You have any videos for sale?

MK: Yes, I do. Please visit my video page. It gives me a great pleasure to know I am being watched in my videos over and over again. I got lots of compliments about them and I hope to make more in the future.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

MK: I discovered that people who would call me and ask me what kind of gift I want never gave me anything. On the other hand I have men that bring me wonderful gifts using only their intelligence and never need to ask me what I want.

sb: Do You play in Your personal life?

MK: Yes, I do

sb: What is the harshest scene that You ever witnessed but did not participate in?

MK: I've never been a witness, I've always participated.

sb: i figured that. :) Do You also work with Women and couples?

MK: I love to have a man watch me whip his girlfriend or wife.

sb: How do You feel about anal training?

MK: Dildo training is one of my favorites. I train the man so that they can take more and that I can enjoy My strap-on.

sb: Yes and You certainly have some large ones there Mistress. :) Could You describe what would be the 'perfect scene' for You if the slave gave You complete authority to do whatever You wished?

MK: In most sessions I do whatever I wish. I discuss a session with a person and he understands I do what I want.

sb: If someone gave You 10 million dollars, what would You do with it?

MK: Only 10 million dollars? Well, I am sure I'd have lots of ideas what to do, but I'll let you know when I get them.

sb: You are really very stunning. Have You ever modeled professionally?

MK: No, I haven't.

sb: That's hard to believe! Anyway, Mistress Karin, thank You again for giving me Your very first interview. You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful Mistresses i have ever interviewed, as well as being one of the coolest. :) Please tell everyone how You can be contacted for a session?

MK: Please visit my contact page for details.

sb: Thank You again Mistress Karin. This was really an honor for me!

MK: You are welcome bruce. You seem very respectful and that is a good trait for a sub.

November 1, 2012