sb: It is really an honor to interview You Princess Lisa! Were You always so dominant?

ML: For as long as I can remember the answer would have to be yes! Growing up I was an only child and always ended up getting my way. I would never take no for an answer. If I had to kick, scream, bitch- the results always ended the same way. As I grew older the boys would do as I said and buy Me things that I wanted. The authorities also did not stand in My way! When I first got My drivers license I would speed all over and would get pulled over a numerous amount of times- I got out of every speeding ticket, illegal turn, wrong way, no insurance, tinted windows, no registration, open alcohol tickets there are! Ha ha It was only a matter of time before I would use My skills and start building an empire.

sb: How did You start abusing losers?

ML: This goes hand in hand with the 1st question. When I started to realize I would always get my way just by being a bitch or a brat I used it to my benefit. Who wouldn't?!? LOL.

sb: What is one of the weirdest things You did to a loser?

ML: Wow, where can I start, there are so many different things. One that comes to mind which was actually just the other day was having one put lotion in a zip lock bag, microwave it until it was hot and then stick his dick inside and stroke (needless to say he made it too hot and burnt himself- ha ha how can you not laugh at this) So for all you morons reading this who are eager to try WARNING --> Don't burn your cock off!

sb: hahaha, Wow! What is the biggest tribute a loser ever gave You in one night?

ML: Are you going to match it if I tell you?!?!? LOL

sb: Ha, i probably don't make that much in a month! Please tell us about Your various training programs? Do You offer lifestyle training?

ML: I do chat and cam, you can check out My website for more information on this.

sb: i know it is an honor for a pathetic loser to be used by You. What criteria do You use to decide if a slave who has asked to serve You is truly worthy?

ML: First and foremost a slave must be prepared to tribute their Princess. If you are serious about serving Me I will expect a tribute right away to see how serious you are. There are so many wankers out there that just beg and beg and wont leave you alone - it's disgusting. This is when you get blocked loser!!! By tributing Me it shows that a slave is dedicated and willing to obey and be loyal. I also give them daily regiments to follow with exact methods on how to worship Me. If you cant keep up you are dismissed.

sb: What kind of slaves do You like the most? What kind will You not put up with?

ML: The slaves I like most are the ones that follow through with what they say, they are loyal and dedicated. Your word is most important. I like My slaves to purchase clips on a regular basis and support Me in every way possible. I like them to entertain Me and make Me laugh. Those that do so I will add to My collection. I will not put up with wankers! I will not deal with a slave that is not committed or does not obey- its as simple as that.

sb: Do You enjoy humiliation?

ML: Yes I do. I throw it in with almost every clip I create, whether its ass worship, foot worship, financial domination you name it - it's usually included.

sb: Do You enjoy training cross dressers and sissies? Do You enjoy forced transformations?

ML: Interesting you ask- I just got into this not too long ago when I opened up My email one day and received a custom clip request for this type of video. I can honestly say that I like it a lot. I just love dressing a sissy in panties, bras, high heels, applying their makeup and whoring them out. Its fantastic!

sb: What is Your favorite type of clothing?

ML: I'm a jeans and a t-shirt type of girl, but don't get me wrong I also love dressing sexy and making you losers weak!

sb: How do You deal with all of the wankers online?

ML: I don't. They get dismissed right away.

sb: Do You enjoy using cuckold slaves?

ML: That's an easy answer- Hell yeah!

sb: Have You ever modeled professionally?

ML: No, but I have gotten a countless amount of offers.

sb: i believe that! You also have absolutely perfect feet! Do You have a lot of foot slaves?

ML: But of course! Who doesn't imagine licking and sucking on My perfect soles and toes! Ha ha!

sb: Do You offer monthly payment schedules for losers as well as drive by wallet rapings?

ML: Yes, I love financial slavery. I believe every Princess should get what she wants, when she wants it. When I am online I usually have them send Me money, however when I am not online and I want something I will command them to send it or buy it for Me. And I always have a link posted on blogs, myspace pages, facebook pages etc. for the drive by wallet rapes.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

ML: I rarely request for items off the internet. I prefer money over gifts. I'm very fickle when it comes to most things I want- i like something one second then Ill change My mind the next. So I have My slaves send Me money so I can go out and blow it anywhere and anytime I want.

sb: Do You have a website and LJ where slaves can learn more about You and see more of Your awesome photos?

ML: Yes My website (Princess Lisa), with a members area, is HERE, and My LJ page is HERE, however I have to remember to update it regularly!

sb: Tell us about Your awesome clips4sale store! What are some of Your favorite clips?

ML: I opened this Store over 2 months ago (October, 2009) and I am getting amazing feedback! I love all the clips that I do and have a blast creating them. I cover just about every fetish you freaks have. Go buy them now!

sb: If someone gave You 1 million dollars what would You do with it?

ML: Blow it on myself, family and friends and then ask for more! Isn't that obvious?? LOL

sb: How can a slave contact You?

ML: First impressions mean everything so when contacting Me you shall address Me as "Princess" and if you are serious about serving Me then a good slave would already know to have his wallet out for a tribute. All contact addresses are located at My website as well.

sb: Princess Lisa, thank You very much for this exclusive interview for dickie virgin!. Any closing thoughts or messages to prospective slaves?

ML: Yeah, what the fuck are you waiting for slave - you just learned all about Me, so do what is expected of you.

January 2, 2010