sb: Goddess Kyaa, i am SO excited to interview You! i am a huge fan! Please tell me about Your childhood. Were You always so dominant?

GK: Damn right, dominant, bratty, bitchy, pushy, aggressive... however you want to put it, I have been a tough chick with an attitude. I was expelled from the first gradeschool I attended my kindergarten year because I beat a 3rd grader boy and his friend for pushing some little girl I liked into the mud. In the next school I was suspended multiple times for beating up boys... not as a bully, but generally defending girls or other smaller boys who couldn't help themselves. I now prefer to only get aggressive with losers who beg and pay for the privilege.

sb: How did You start abusing losers?

GK:Well, like I said this is something that is a part of my core personality and has been my whole life so really I couldn't say... I imagine little tyke me pushing some boy in the sandbox and stealing his tonka truck, and when he didn't do anything but lay there in the dirty and watch me take his toy, I realized that I want, I take, I have.

sb: Please tell us about Your various training programs? Do You offer webcam, phone, and photo training?

GK: At the moment I am offering personalized training, on a case by case basis, with each worshiper getting his own personal goals, lessons, assignments, etc. New slaves are encouraged to confess their weaknesses and fears, past experiences as well as their hopes and dreams for their future lives as my owned pet... they will then begin being trained, sculpted one-on-one by my capable hands. Perhaps in the future I will release more hands off training programs losers can follow to train themselves to become good boys or sissies before they even contact me.

sb: Your blog is utterly amazing! You can get a loser to do anything to please You! What was the most entertaining thing a slave has done to make You smile?

GK: I like when a loser sings, dances or makes a fool of themselves in some other way on video and dedicates it to me then posts it on youtube or twitvid or some other public website. Of course if they are doing that they have to keep it clean (let me say that again, keep it clean!) but it is still very very amusing to have a slave lip-sync "I touch myself" while dancing in a pretty dress and do it all for Goddess Kyaa.

sb: i know it is an honor for a pathetic loser to be used by You. What criteria do You use to decide if a slave who has asked to serve You is truly worthy?

GK: Well, to begin with they need to be able to follow my Rules of Conduct, which you can get by emailing me a small tribute and requesting them politely or by visiting either NiteFlirt or Clip4Sale where they are for sale in either a mail-form on NF or a video-form on C4S. Beyond that it is up to a few factors... how much of an effort you make, how hard you work, makes a big difference. When a slave actually enjoys spoiling me, or when he actively enjoys humiliating himself for me, I will be much more likely to be interested in teasing and training them on a long term basis. Also, slaves who are able to worship on a more regular basis (irregardless of how much they can tribute) and who take the time to keep a worship/slave journal dedicated to me so I can read all about their worship and fantasies, are more likely to earn my attention.

Remember though, if you don't fit my ideal slave you can pretty much make up for most anything (except breaking my Rules of Conduct) by just willing to do whatever it is you can do to please me, no matter how hard you have to work, no matter how much I ask you to sacrifice... being willing to do what it takes is what will keep you in my good graces.

sb: I love Your Youtube series on Philosophy of a FemDom. Can You summarize some of Your views on this for our readers who have not seen these videos?

GK: No... go watch the videos, rate them and leave a comment with your thoughts on the videos. My personal philosophies on a wide variety of subjects cannot be summarized in a little interview like this!

sb: i apologize Goddess. Please tell us about Your AMAZING Clips4sale store! You are the ONLY Domme who has a top 10 membership site as well as a top 30 Clip Store! What kind of content do you offer there?

GK: There are all sorts of videos on my clips4sale store, many hundreds of fetish and worship videos, from my daily tease videos (showing off whatever hot outfit I have on that day for live-cam worship) to 10 part video series that challenge you to stroke for me the way I want you to stroke for me. There are also many videos showing off my body and the many gifts that my pets buy from my wish-lists (see below for links!)

My members site has currently 650+ clips and hundreds of high quality photos, but at the end of this month I will be reducing the number of clips to around 550 and keeping it there, deleting the older clips or the ones with the least number of views, as I add new ones each day. That means joining NOW is really the best timing, you will get more videos than ever for a truly amazing price. Any loser can afford the $50 is will cost you to get 30 days membership, no matter how poor you are you can save up so you can click and pay. Often horny boys click and pay not knowing what they are getting into and then find themselves unable to stop from clicking and paying for the HD clips on my clips4sale once they have a membership because watching all those clips there just drives them to need more! Hence, one of the top ranking stores and members-only c4slive sites.

sb: You probably are the best Domme around for keeping a long term stable of slaves! Please tell us about sissysplosh, pincushion M, butler dorky, and the rest of your lucky losers!

GK: The best way for you to learn about the lucky losers mentioned in your question is to read my blog and to read their slaveblogs! These boys are some of the more devoted of my hoard, each of them big spenders and 100% faithful to me. My slave butler dorky is regularly scheduled for a little cam time every single Wednesday, but I must mention that these cam sessions aren't anything dirty... no instead we talk about his week, my week, politics, religion, or whatever else comes up. I have never seen butler dorky without his clothes on and we don't discuss his... sexual habits... at least much, hehe. Instead I mainly help him by making most of the major decisions in his life, helping him choose a diet, how he spends his cash, everything... There are others too, faithful losers who deserve mention, including goodboy4kyaa who is poor but works harder than almost any other loser, Kyaas_bard who plays music dedicated to me and keeps a very amusing blog, he is more dedicated to the idea of Kyaaism than most worshipers... again, read my blog, find the links to their blogs there, and become as obsessed as they are!

sb: Was that 5k sent by doctordorky the largest tribute You have received at one time?

GK: It was the largest cash tribute I have received at once from a single slave, yes! There are some awesome clips you can buy where you can see me playing with, crushing and counting this nice fat wad of 100 dollar bills, including one where you get to see me opening the envelope he sent the cash in!

sb: Tell us about Your highly rated niteflirt service. What protocol should a slave use before contacting you there?

GK: Purchase my Rules of Conduct! They are just $2 on NiteFlirt, so there is NO excuse not to!

sb: Do You really enjoy training sissy sluts?

GK: Being a lesbian I love sissies almost more than I love big spenders!

sb: How do You deal with all of the wankers online?

GK: If a loser is a total wanker, doesn't follow my Rules of Conduct or is a dick, I generally just ignore them. Only good boys get to have personal contact with me.

sb: What are Your favorite fetishes?

GK: Financial domination, total-power-exchange, chastity, CBT, CFNM, tease and denial, feminization, body-worship and much more... just have a look through my clips4sale store to see which fetishes I enjoy!

sb: Do You enjoy using cuckold slaves who love to pay for all Your dates with your hot gfs?

GK: Yes, haha... but they enjoy it more. I love how quickly the tributes come flowing in when I announce that I'm out with my girl, and when I do some videos with another lesbian Domme you boys will lose your shit!

sb: Perhaps you could share one or two of your other interests?

GK: I read A LOT of books, both fiction (I'm a big fantasy and sci-fi fan) and non-fiction (general books on philosophy, travel or history) and I enjoy other forms of media quite a bit as well. Last xmas butlerdorky bought me a 52" HDTV and a blue-ray player on which I enjoy watching movies and playing video games, curled up with my girlfriend.

sb: You also have absolutely perfect feet! Do You have a lot of foot slaves?

GK: I have more foot worshipers than I care to try to count! There are to few hours in the day to even go there... boys just can't get enough of my size 9 pedis.

sb: i know You are the best at Financial slavery. Do You offer monthly payment schedules for losers as well as drive by wallet rapings?

GK: Like I said above, each loser is treated on a case-by-case basis... as I develop more training programs that losers can use without having to tribute for my personal attention, IE- more video series training, etc, I will announce it on my blog, so make sure you read it at least once a month. For now, any horny boy that wants to tribute needs to begin by sending at least a small one (buy some clips, send a gift card, something!) and then they can email me and ask for help on figuring out the best way to empty their bank account for me!

Some losers will pay small amounts weekly, some will send large tributes monthly, others will be raped whenever they are able to get online for as much as their bank account can handle... it all depends on that losers personal situation, and how I feel like taking advantage of it.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts? Could You post some wish lists that lucky slaves can click to tribute You?

GK: These are my wishlists, click it and then click and pay for something nice for me. If you get things for me you will be rewarded if you make sure to email me after your purchase with the information on what you bought, then you should send me shipping updates as you get them from amazon... once it arrives you could get yourself photos or even a video of me opening/trying on/playing with whatever you bought!

sb: Please tell us about Your new worship group!

GK: This is something that there will be lots of new information about soon enough, it was only just started and all the rules and regulations for it will be set out soon so make sure to bookmark my blog!

sb: Could You please list all Your links where slaves can learn more about

GK: Start with my livejournal blog, and my twitter, which you should check at least weekly, though checking my twitter daily could clue you into random freebies, public cam broadcasts, and more cool stuff that are only announced on my twitter and only available for a short notice. Next watch, rate, and comment on my public videos on you tube and my femdom clips.

Then you will be ready to start clicking and paying, buying up some videos at my clips4sale store, photo sets on my images4sale site, joining my members site... so much to do and all you need is your horny dick and your credit card.

Then you can contact me directly by calling me on NiteFlirt! Make sure you have my ID's and Rules!! Just $2 on NiteFlirt, but if you don't have an account there and want to worship me on cam anyway you can send an gift card of at least $10 ( then email me with your order number and a request for my Rules of Conduct. After that you will be allowed to tribute for the honor of worshiping me on cam like all the losers on NiteFlirt:

sb: If someone gave You 1 million dollars what would You do with it?

GK: Buy a castle somewhere and turn it into an awesome place to rule over my empire from.

sb: Of all the clips You have done, which one really stands out as one of Your favorites?

GK: I really love the clips I did with my hair in a hot '40 style updo, including this chastity slave POV clip, and of course the amazing 7 day masturbation challenge videos.

sb: Goddess Kyaa, thank You VERY much for this very exclusive interview for Dickie Virgin! It was really a great honor for me! Please tell prospective slaves how You can be contacted.

GK: Read that question above about my links... use those links, click and pay, then you can tribute for my Rules of Conduct and perhaps be allowed to serve me! In fact I have very recently put these up for sale on clips4sale both in a text-only form for just $4 and a 30 minute live video of me explaining the rules in a hot schoolgirl outfit starting at $19.99.... Click below, go there now and buy them before you contact me:
Text only version
Full length 30 minute HD loser lesson video

sb: Very good thank You Goddess. You are truly gorgeous and thank you very much for this exclusive interview! It was really an honor for me!

GK: But of course it was slave b!

July 2, 2010