sb: Madame Lisa thank You for giving me this exclusive interview for dickie virgin! Please tell me about Your childhood. Were You always so dominant?

ML: I definitely was a bossy child. I remember I always seemed to have a friend who would follow me around like a puppy.

sb: How did You start abusing losers?

ML: It comes naturally. I can pick out the runt of the litter immediately and My naturally sadistic nature causes Me to pick on them whether they like it or not. However, "abusing losers" is not exactly what I do. I prefer to cultivate and collect service-oriented submissive men who get off on pleasing Me.

sb: Please tell us about Your various training programs? Do You offer webcam, phone, and photo training?

ML: I offer phone domination sessions via TalkSugar, just search MadameSays or visit My Site. These sessions include Financial Domination, CBT, Humiliation and various tasks that amuse Me. Of course I love My Foot Fetish boys and the erotic calls we enjoy however simply conversing with an intelligent submissive about Femdom and Female Led Relationships etc is very stimulating. I am not always cruel and evil on the phone, I do sometimes become a Femdom Therapist if you will, helping men to understand their fetish. A sort of Kink Confidant if you will.

sb: i know it is an honor for a pathetic loser to be used by You. What criteria do You use to decide if a slave who has asked to serve You is truly worthy?

ML: If he can afford to serve Me and has a genuine, sincere willingness to put Myself and My Desires first, above his wants.

sb: Do you have any clips stores?

ML: Yes I have a C4S Store.

sb: Do You have a niteflirt? What protocol should a slave use before contacting you there?

ML: Yes, I am on NiteFlirt but don't take calls there as I am in the UK, I do however accept tributes and you can purchase some photo sets, assignments and so on.

sb: Do You have any stabled slaves? If so how many? What does a slave have to do to be allowed to consider himself being owned?

ML: My owned slaves worked hard to please Me by sending Me tributes and buying Me gifts and doing so without being told. They follow My orders without question and can afford to pay for what I want. Its that simple.

sb: Do You enjoy training sissy sluts?

ML: No I don't.

sb: How do You deal with all of the wankers online?

ML: I make it hard for anyone to get My attention. I am only interested in those who have the money to please Me and who prove this to Me. All emails sent to Me without tribute are deleted and ignored. I've also been in this game long enough to know who is worth My time and who isn't. Those who do not show proper respect and simply want Me to do something for them are an example. Until you do something for Me, you do not exist.

sb: What is the biggest tribute You ever received at one time?

ML: Not big enough! It's never enough and I always want more!

sb: Do You enjoy humiliation? Any sessions on cam You recall as particularly amusing to You?

ML: I do enjoy humiliation, it comes naturally to Me, but I am not one of those Dommes who makes a guy stick things up his anus for My amusement because I frankly find it disgusting, not amusing. There are other ways to get what I want, however, having someone cum on their own face or eat it off their office floor is amusing to Me, especially when they didn't want to in the first place.

sb: What are Your favorite fetishes?

ML: Those who get off on giving Me lots of money of course as well as those who love feet as they are always respectful and eager to please.

sb: What kind of slaves do You like the most? What kind will You not put up with?

ML: Financial slaves. Service-oriented slaves. Woman worshippers. Female supremacists. Foot Fetishists. Any true submissive who is all about pleasing Me. I don't put up with "subs" who top from the bottom and want a Domme to "do" them.

sb: Do You enjoy using cuckold slaves?

ML: Yes, I especially enjoy those who pay for My man and I to enjoy each other.

sb: Perhaps you could share one or two of your other interests?

ML: Photography and cooking in My vanilla world. Face-slapping and corporal punishment in My BDSM world. I truly get turned on by causing pain.

sb: You also have absolutely perfect feet! Do You have a lot of foot slaves?

ML: Not enough! I love foot slaves but not if they only worship My feet, they must worship all of Me and be willing to pay tribute to Me, not just My feet.

sb: i know You are one of the best at Financial slavery. Do You offer monthly payment schedules for losers as well as drive by wallet rapings?

ML: I prefer weekly payment schedules from My owned slaves as well as drive by drainings but so few of you are brave enough, its pathetic really.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts? Could You post some wish lists that lucky slaves can click to tribute You?

ML: My favourite gifts are the ones that I want, not the ones that subs want to buy Me. I have more than enough flipping shoes! I don't just want shoes because you like shoes and want to buy Me shoes! If its on My wish list, its because I damn well want it and your job is to do what I want, so buying Me whatever I want is what your purpose is as My slave. My favourite gifts are those that are bought immediately after I put them on My wish list I HATE waiting. I should never be kept waiting. You can peruse My various Wish lists, yourself.

sb: Who are some other Dommes You admire in the scene?

ML: Mz Devon has always been, to Me, the mecca of FinDom. She has always been at the top of the food chain so to speak. Classy, incredibly intelligent, creative and fantastically business minded. I also admire Miss Tierra. She understands the power of the female body and how to use it. Many women look down on those who use their sexuality to benefit themselves but why wouldn't you? The female body is supremely powerful, if you can use it, do so. Goddess Midnight, The Cam Diva, Miss Livia Bordeaux, Princess Michelle (The Barefoot Princess) and Goddess Lycia are all power players who I admire also.

sb: If someone gave You 1 million dollars what would You do with it?

ML: Buy land in a hot, safe country.

sb: What are some of Your links where losers can learn more about You?

ML: Madame Says and My Twitter, as well.

sb: Thank You VERY much for this interview.

June 29, 2011