sb: Please tell us a little about Your background. Where are You originally from?

MM: I was born and raised in Orange County, I moved to LA in My early twenties to go to college and never left. I love the variety of people I meet here, and I can find anything My heart desires. My heritage is Armenian and Irish, which makes a fantastic mix. It adds to My head strong and stubborn personality.

sb: Please describe Your style of Domination?

MM: I’d say My style is very varied, I really don’t follow one method of domination. I don’t like to put Myself in a box, I find mixing things up keeps things fresh and exciting for Me. My style tends to evolve with the different subs I play with. I have a sense of humor so I like to have fun during sessions, I love being able to laugh at someone degrading and humiliating themselves for My amusement, but can easily be very strict and severe the next minute. I like My natural dominant energy flow and see where the scene takes Me and My mood.

sb: What is Your favorite type of scene?

MM: I have an absolute love for whips and canes, so whenever I can play with a heavy masochist I am in absolute heaven! I really enjoy heavy corporal sessions, they always manage to put a wicked smile on My face. I also have a love for humiliation! Finding new ways to degrade and humiliate men is a favorite activity of Mine.

sb: Please tell me the most intense scene You ever did?

MM: That’s a hard one. I would say it’s a tie between two that come to mind. One was a slave that would come and see Me pretty often who absolutely LOVED being bullwhipped. I would see him for a multi-hour session and just go to town with almost every whip in My arsenal, he especially loved being hit with My 10-foot whip. I would whip him for about 3 hours straight sometimes, we counted 1000 hits one night! He would take it and always come back for more, not wanting any mercy. Those scenes would get very intense. The other was a fear scene, I didn’t know My sub was into fear play and he let it slip while we were playing after I started messing with his head a bit. Needless to say it was like showing the color red to a bull! I was all over it. We had an amazing fear session after that! I love mind play, and being able to get into his head and explore his primal fears and actually have him questioning how much I just might be capable of doing was exciting for both him and I. It was definitely a session to remember.

sb: i know You love humiliation scenes. Had any good ones lately, You would like to share with the readers?

MM: I do love humiliation scenes, LOL! I had a fun blackmail/humiliation scene lately that was especially sordid. I had his phone and if he didn’t want Me to start sending out photos of him in compromising positions to all his family and friends he would have to entertain Me. Needless to say he did everything I told him, from cleaning My spit off the floor with his tongue, cum eating, being dressed up as My sissy bitch, and some very dirty dirty things to a watermelon! Ever heard of watermelon cream pie? In two hours I think he went through some of the most humiliation he ever experienced!

sb: How about crossdressers? Do You enjoy these type of scenes?

MM: Yes! I love turning men into My little sissy whores.

sb: Do You enjoy watersports?

MM: Indeed I do. I find that it is an effective method of humiliation for many subs, and for the others it is their way of showing their devotion to Me. Either way I find it to be lots of fun and I usually end up laughing through it. I particularly enjoy making sure they are blindfolded so they never know when it’s coming.

sb: Your legs and feet are absolutely exquisite. Do You enjoy foot worship?

MM: Thank you! I thoroughly enjoy having My feet pampered. I love getting pedicures and making sure they stay in perfect condition. I love foot worship sessions and having My feet massaged for long periods. I also have an incredible heel fetish (I own probably close to 200 pairs if not more) so making sure My feet are appreciated and spoiled is very important to Me.

sb: Do You like heavy corporal?

MM: I think I answered this above, but since it needs repeating; the answer is an overwhelming YES! The harder the better. I’ve never been a fan of soft and sensual sessions, gave it the old college try and I can say that if a session doesn’t have at least a little pain involved then I start to lose interest, unless of course it has some heavy humiliation or foot worship. Heavy corporal sessions really allows My sadistic side come out and that is when I am at My most content.

sb: What is Your favorite implement for this?

MM: Canes, hands down. Don’t get Me wrong, I am an avid fan of whips, heavy wooden paddles, riding crops and the such. However, there is nothing like the sound of a cane coming into contact with some fresh skin, and the welts it leaves behind are beautiful!

sb: Do You have any personal slaves?

MM: Indeed I do, I am extremely selective when I take on personals. It takes a lot for Me to open Myself up to taking on a personal slave, a lot of trust and familiarity. I rarely take on personal slaves because of this.

sb: What is the greatest thrill You get from Domination?

MM: Seeing how much men will take to please Me, it can be quite empowering to see My marks all over a man’s body and them begging for more. I particularly enjoy the power exchange that occurs during an intense scene.

sb: What is Your opinion of slaves who try to top from the bottom?

MM: The fastest way to annoy Me. I won’t tolerate it. I only like to play with real submissive's that don’t try to control the scene or Me. I’ve had My share of those who attempt to top from the bottom and I don’t have the patience for it anymore. Go find someone else to play with.

sb: Do you session with novices?

MM: When I first started accepting sessions I had so many novices, I loved breaking them in and expanding their interests by introducing them to new types of play. Now I prefer to play with seasoned submissive's that have the experience to clearly communicate with Me their interests, limits, and fantasies. I don’t take as many sessions with novices anymore unless they really catch My interest.

sb: What can a sub visiting You for the first time do to please You?

MM: Be honest, about your expectations and interests. Just because I love heavy corporal sessions doesn’t mean you have to take it. If a slave is honest from the beginning about what their interests, fetishes, and pain tolerance is then it usually leads to a more enjoyable session all around. Don’t tell Me you are a hard core masochist who can take unbelievable amounts of pain if one crack of the whip has you tapping out.

sb: But you are much more than a professional and lifestyle Domina, perhaps you could share one or two of your other interests?

MM: I really enjoy hiking and working out in general. I’m an avid reader, I especially enjoy many of the old classics, psychology, philosophy, history, historical fiction, almost anything. I also enjoy playing with My cats, traveling, shopping, and just hanging out with My friends.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

MM: A sub can never go wrong with a pair of sexy high stiletto heels. I’m an avid heel fetishist and am always pleased with a sexy pair of heels. Other than that, I love white wine, books that appeal to My interest, corsets, latex, high end and vintage stockings, I do enjoy receiving gifts in general. My wish list is always a good place to get ideas as to what I may enjoy.

sb: Do You attend any public functions where Your many fans can meet You?

MM: The age old question. I rarely attend functions these days. I occasionally attend Domcon in L.A. but other than that, I find Myself focusing on My own projects and less focused on attending events these days. Everyone can keep praying however…

sb: What Mistresses do You admire in the scene?

MM: Lexi Sindel is one of My dear friends who I always admire and enjoy working with. I have known her for years and have always found her creativity to be very inspiring. Maya Sinstress is also a friend of Mine whose dark and sadistic humor always keep Me on the edge and laughing. I absolutely love creative people. Isabella Sinclaire is retired now but I was fortunate to be able to work with her and be trained with her, someone who I have always admired and appreciated. Another powerful woman I am happy I am able to call friend. She still inspires Me to this day.

sb: Do You also work with Women and couples?

MM: Not as much. I always prefer playing with men. I enjoy playing with the couples when the woman also takes a Dominant role, but I always prefer to dominate men over women. The dynamic is much more appealing to Me.

sb: Please tell us about Your fabulous clipstores?

MM: I have two, you can see them HERE and HERE!

sb: Miss Mina, thank You VERY MUCH for this exclusive interview for dickie virgin! It really was an honor for me! How can prospective slaves contact you?

MM: Yes I'm sure it was bitch. My email is on My WEBSITE, which is always the best way to contact Me.