dv: Madame Caramel, it's a thrill to interview you, I love the attributes you offer of black, beautiful and voluptuous. How long ago did you identify the power this had over men and start to exercise your dominant personality?

A: Thank you dickie, its my pleasure, what a fantastic directory you run, I absolutely love it!  Well, I have been dominating white slaves for well over 7 years, professionally; and no signs of stopping!

dv: Do you only dominate white boys, or is that just more a preference? Did I mention I'm a white boy? Unfortunately, we are half a world away, but a boy can dream, right?

A: Because I love racial play I mostly dominate white boys, Asian!  It's really a turn on having a white boy crawling at my feet. Serving me, pampering me!  Where are you from?

dv: I'm in Vancouver, the west coast of Canada. I totally understand the racial angle, it has the same effect on me, from the opposite end of the spectrum. So before we get into some of your interests and experiences, tell me what a typical day might look like for you? I always think a Goddess should be sleeping in every morning, breakfast ready for her as she awakes, but I'm sure that tends not be the case! Do you have days away from it all, do you have a personal slave(s)?

MC: Wow! I'm a great friend of Vancouver Domina (Miss Jasmine) so one day I might visit! I'm a extremely busy pro Domme so not always do I get to have the full Goddess treatment! As I run my own BDSM Apartment and also my Femdom Club, plus time spent on my Main Site, plus my professional sessions! Yes, I do have personal slaves, so I allocate days for real servitude where they pamper me for the entire day!  The search continues to find my live in slave. Maybe you?

dv: No kidding, I know her very well, myself, and ironically just sent her a message a second ago on anther topic. It is a small world. A double Domme session with the two of you, wow, that would be amazing. Me as your live in, makes me shiver just at the thought... wicked!  Tell me about your favorite things, hardcore BDSM, cuck training, toilet slavery, any one or two things that you would call your favorite?

MC: Ooooh, toilet slavery is my thing. Deep form of humiliation. I like submitting my slaves to the worst, and then it only gets better. dv: Have you ever taken a slave from mild to really wild, including full toilet duty, overtime, and maybe someone who never thought he would go there or was revolted at the very thought?  While it is considered taboo, I know from polls, here, a high percentage of slaves, at the very least, have toilet fantasies.  Can you think of some humiliating situations you have put a slave in, something that sticks out in your memory maybe more so than others and curiously did you ever see the guy associated with that again?  I'm thinking someone becomes addicted or he runs for the hills?

MC: Of course yes, like everything I start mild then introduce the slave to my style of dominance, FemDom and BDSM. Most are revolted at the thought, to start, but if it is introduced properly, combined with a slave love for me, it becomes easier to please my needs.

Slave jimmy from Berlin, I decided to make him a toilet after months of training! One day I just decided to shit on him, then put cello tape over his mouth, so the only option would be to swallow.  I then put him in a rubber hood. Ha ha ha, and whipped his arse until he swallowed all my shit. I have a clip on C4S called severe whipping, only we know that he had shit in his mouth and was forced to consume it, ha ha! 

Both things do happen though, sometimes they turn and run for the hills, but others stay forever.  The ones who run away, years, or months, later email back as the fantasy and reality of it stayed in their mind... and they MUST come back for more.

dv: Tell me about your facility, where do you session from and what are upcoming travel plans? What is your favorite city to visit?

MC: I have a beautiful BDSM Apartment in the city of London, 10 minutes from old Liverpool Street. My next trip, really the end of my tour is Amsterdam the 7th to 9th of December.  New dates and cities will be announced on my site as they come up.

dv: What about nights out, are there social events, fetish or non-fetish, that you like to attend and what sort of things might a slave expect if you dragged him along with you? I'm thinking some sort of humiliation would be in store, correct?

MC: I do attend lots of social events from charity events to the most outrageous events. Love going to the races (ascot) on ladies day, when I'm in my best finery, and yes I drag my slave with me! One can't be fetching her own drinks, right? It's nice to have my boy/boys around me!  I'm founder and hostess of Club Black Whip an exclusive FemDom club in UK where white man can worship black Dommes!

Humiliation degradation is great but it depends where we are, of course, if it's vanilla, I just keep the slave behind, not allowed to talk.  I love when everyone wonders who the man is!  They see him attend to my needs but never talking, ooooooh I love it.

dv: Let's jump back in time, where were you born, talk a bit about your upbringing and when did the interest to become a lifestyle Domme come along?  What would you be doing if not in this lifestyle?

MC: Well, I born in Angola but raised in Portugal.  It all started when I met a beautiful man that only unlighted what was inside already.  I come from a great family with strong woman, so it's in the blood.  Like I said the gentleman just showed a different name (femdom) to my attitude towards weak boys, lol!

dv: Do you do double Domme sessions and who are some of your favorite Ladies to do this with?

MC: Yes, with Mistress Kiana, Miss Delilah and Mistress Esme.

dv: Thank you so much for your time and continued success, and maybe we will meet one day down the road!

MC: You're welcome, dickie.