dv:  Hello Mistress UltraViolet, I am thrilled to talk to you, as you know I am a big fan.  Are you currently in Atlanta or travelling?

UV: Yes, I am in the Dungeon. I just finished a session.

dv: Nice, lucky guy!  Let's go back, how long have you been a professional Dominatrix?

UV: Five years professional, eight years total including lifestyle.

dv: I hear different things how a woman realized her power over men at a young age, others got steered in that direction by a submissive friend or partner, how about you, when did you have that ah ha moment?

UV: I began having fantasies about BDSM at a young age.  I started acting on them in my teens with various very willing boyfriends.  I started attending BDSM parties & events at 18.

dv: Where do you think those thoughts came from, I know as a submissive there were particular things I saw as a child that planted the seed?  

UV: I have had BDSM related fantasies since I was very young I believe many people in the Lifestyle are simply born interested in it.

dv: Did they ever involve you being the submissive or always you in control?

UV: Many of these fantasies have been about being submissive to women and I have acted on them at times.

dv: Yummy, I love girl on girl, I'd pay for a front row seat to see you and a women together. Definitely more appealing than a baseball game!  

UV: I do lesbian cuckolding sessions often! In the Dominant role of course. Its truly part of My lifestyle.  Atlanta Dungeon has several beautiful submissive girls.

dv: Yes, I enjoy checking the pics of all the Ladies there, everyone should! When's the last time someone told you you were gorgeous?

UV: Less than an hour ago.  A bound submissive was repeating it over and over while staring up at my ass!

dv: Now that's an enviable position, your ass is fantastic.  Do you think beauty is one of your most potent weapons?

UV: I believe beauty is one of a Woman's most powerful weapons along with intelligence, and of course, a sense of humor.

dv: Yes, sense of humor is important to me, sign of intelligence, so very sexy!  

UV: I agree, anyone can have sex in the back of an 89 Mustang. True BDSM play is all about the mind.

dv: Were you born and raised in Atlanta, tells us a bit about your background and how you ended up there as I try to clear that visual from my head so I can keep my wits about me?

UV: Yes, I was born and raised in Atlanta but spent many years traveling, and few years ago landed back in My hometown!

dv: Well it's a better city with you in it! Does it ever get tiring, hearing men babble about your perfectness?

UV: I love hearing men babble!

dv: I, babble, babble, babble, um, I mean, what were we talking about, babble?  Oh, speaking of Atlanta Dungeon tell us what your role is there and how long you have been affiliated?

UV: I am currently the Head Mistress of Atlanta Dungeon, but We are all one big happy family.

dv: Do you have a specialty or a favorite type of session you most look forward to?  

UV: I love CBT, corporal punishment, and sissy/feminization sessions. Medical play has also become a favorite.  Atlanta Dungeon has a very realistic medical room that I love to do those types of scenes in

dv: What are some of your favorite cities to visit and anything planned in the near future?

UV: I tour extensively throughout the South and Midwest, and I'm planning a trip to California in the near future.

dv: No plans to visit Vancouver? ;)

UV: I'd love to visit Vancouver.  Are you inviting Me?

dv: Yes, I have a nice little fetish suite with a private entrance right in my house and would love to have you as a guest. I could also do maid duties, and such! :)

UV: I will be on the next plane!

dv: Let's make that happen! Who were some of the Ladies that helped you along, or you looked up to, in the early days and who do you enjoy shooting or sessioning with now?

UV: I was a huge fan of Mistress Sabrina Belladonna and Mistress Ilsa Strix. I read and studied everything I could about them, when I was starting down the road to being a Professional Dominatrix.  Mistress Ayn was My mentor when I first came to Atlanta Dungeon. I enjoy shooting with all the Dommes there as well as the visiting ones!

dv: What's the most memorable thing you have done with a sissy?

UV: I've done public humiliation scenes with crossdressing sissies, several of My Dungeon Sisters have been involved, We had a blast!

dv: I love stories like that and I imagine some lucky cd's have had experiences that will last them a lifetime.  You also produce video, tell us about that? I shoot and produce video so can do that when you visit as well! :)

UV: Sounds wonderful, I will bring My bull.

dv: Yes, do! :)

UV: As for clips, it's like a bunch of Atlanta Dungeon home movies. I also work with Bart from Syren productions, all in all We have tons of fun making them.

dv: So if someone wants to be a fly on the wall it's easy to do through your clip store?

UV: Yes, we work with several members of the fetish community and Dommes from all over the world to bring something for everyone at our Clip Store.

dv: Yes, I know those names after 18 years managing my own site!  I've heard many great things about you as a pro Domme and must add you have been nothing but a true pro in all of our dealings, so I have no problem saying you should be on every subs bucket list.

UV: Thank you very much, I work very hard to be a consummate Professional. I strive to improve My skills daily.

dv: Well you're already the best! Do you have a live in slave and how many requests do you get to fill that role? Is it possible for someone to actually exist 24/7 as a slave in your opinion?

UV: I am simply too busy to have a full-time slave underfoot. I enjoy the idea, and am approached constantly by applicants. Maybe someday.

dv:  Yes, I can appreciate that, sounds good in theory, lol! Tell me about some of your other interests away from the dungeon?

UV: I enjoy kickboxing, hiking, traveling, and the arts.

dv: Wow, that must be handy for CBT!  Any other key piece of information a sub should know about you that I've overlooked mentioning?

UV: Atlanta Dungeon is the South's premier house of Domination. We are located in the upscale area of Buckhead, near I75 & I85.  The Sisterhood of Atlanta Dungeon includes some of the most beautiful & talented Dommes, Switches, and subs, in the country.  With this fantastic play-space and these gorgeous Women, I can facilitate almost any fantasy request.

dv: I will add all your links but if someone is interested in sessioning with you what should they do right now to start the process?

UV: They should head to My website and Atlanta Dungeon's website, to learn more about My interests. Be sure to fill out My application.

dv: Great, I've enjoyed talking and getting to know more about you, thanks so much for your time, You are a true gem!

UV: Thank you, I look forward to visiting you and your Mistress and now I'm off to another session! 

dv: See more of Mistress UltraViolet at these Sites:

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September 22, 2014