I recently had the opportunity to sit down with London, Englands very own Lady Bellatrix, while she was in Canada for several months.  I was a bit shocked when this take charge beauty told me to get on my knees and kiss her feet, right at my neighbourhood coffee shop, but I felt I was not in a position to question her and so obidiently did as told.  It did turn a few heads before everyone went on with their day. We were soon settled in our chairs and chatting!

dv: We crossed paths briefly at a shooting event, a while back, so it's nice to finally sit down and talk.  What brings you to Canada?

LB: I'm actually a Canadian, and Vancouver is my home so am here to catch up with friends, session in the western part of the Country, catch up with family, that sort of thing.

dv: Great, how long have you been here and when will you return back to London?

LB: I've toured through western Canada and down the United States west coast for the past four months, so I've been here awhile.  I'm here a few more days only and I'm sure by the time this appears I'll be back in the UK!

dv: How did you end up in London?

LB: I actually moved from here to Japan with an old boyfriend, where I lived for three years and then on to England. I actually worked in the media at the start of my working career.

dv: How did you become a professional Dominatrix?

LB: My interest in all things fetish was actually fostered at a Lesbian Fetish Club in Vancouver, there someone got me into trying a role as a phone sex operator where I listened to all sorts of fantasies and after that it seemed like a natural step to try a role as a Dominatrix.  I messed around with friends and becoming a strict demanding bitch not only came easy but it became a passion.  Things just developed from there and eventually I decided that I had more passion for being a Professional Dominatrix than journalism!

dv: You are very active on twitter, I find it an effective way to communicate myself, but am surprised by how many in the industry have no presence at all.  More a point than a question but I would encourage everyone out there to give you a follow, your pic page alone is really fantastic.

LB: I would not tell anyone else how to run their business but I feel it's a good fit for what I do and yes, everyone should give me a follow, good boy!

dv: Any current travel plans?

LB: This October and November (2013) I do plan to be back in North America, and will be visiting Toronto and New York for sure, and maybe some other places which will be detailed on my website and twitter.

dv: How would you describe your domination style?

LB: I love protocol, being strict and formal.  There's a certain way a slave and Mistress should interact and that plays into scenes for me, and developes as i get to know the slave better over time.  Other than that, foot worship, tease and denial, military role play, ball busting, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, and interrogation are other personal interests.  Ultimately I will take into consideration what the slaves desires are and make sure the session hits all the right buttons.

dv: Lets go back further, as a child was there a Dominatrix waiting to come out?

LB: Oh yes, I did evil things to boys, lol, and simply put I was a bossy girl and got my way.  Being me now is not a stretch, it feels comfortable being in control and having men serve me.

dv: Well, I must admit it did feel comfortable kissing your feet earlier, although I am glad you didn't bring a collar and leash along for our meeting, lol!

LB: Hmmm, maybe we can meet again in Fall?

dv: Gulp!  Anything else we should know?

LB: Yes, be sure to check out my website Lady Bellatrix for full session details, location, travel plans and so on, also be sure to check out my new project Interrogation Boot Camp.

dv: Oh, that sounds interesting, tell us a bit about that?

LB: The setting for Interrogation Bootcamp takes place in the not so distant future. World War III has just ended. In what has become known as the Battle Of The Sexes, men have conceded and surrendered their right to be classified as members of the human race. The sub-species known as “man” have now been relegated to the lower echelons of society. They must conform to the wishes of the superior species known as “Woman” and serve as their minions at all times. An underground resistance coalition has formed and six high risk suspects prisoners were summonsed and tried for espionage, treason and insubordination. They were detained in one of many authorized interrogation camps set up across the New Territory. Because of the serious nature of their offences, they were imprisoned at the Level Red security division for processing by two of the highest ranking Special Agents of The Female Supremacy.  The two Special Agents (me and special Agent Hunter) have a reputation for the strictest enforcement of The Regime’s regulations. Commended for their methodical approach to extracting information, they have been instructed by The High Commandress to use anything at their disposal to obtain a satisfactory confession. Recent rumors have suggested menfolk being herded into similar camps, never to be heard from again.

dv: Wow, sounds amazing.  I appreciate your time, good luck on your trip back to England and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

LB: On your knees, I want you crawling out of here!

dv: Yes Mistress!