dv:  It’s a pleasure talking to you; we've been big fans for a long time.  Tell people where you’re currently located and whether you have any travel plans for the rest of 2019.

MK:  Thanks so much, it's always nice to talk to My fans. I currently call Ann Arbor, Michigan My home. I don't have any huge travel plans, but I'm always open to being hosted by My subs if they're willing to pay for My travel expenses and hotel.

dv:  Did you start your career in Ann Arbor, and if not, what brought you to that part of the world?

MK:  No, I started in Clinton Township, where I went to college. When I graduated, My boyfriend and I discussed opening our relationship. We embraced the polyamorous lifestyle wholeheartedly, and he found another significant other out in Ann Arbor. We decided to move in with Dom Mal and Their husband out in Ann Arbor, and that's where We've been for the past five years. Since then, I have also found another significant other, and am still looking for a third. Before you get too excited, subs need not apply; Alphas only. I'm not looking for a Dom to top Me (though I think dating and working with one would be HOT for My boys!); I just need someone whose personality is strong enough to handle Me.

Mistress Kiara

dv:  Were you an aspiring Dominatrix in your childhood days or did that come about later?  Would the ‘schoolgirl you’ be surprised to learn this became your profession?

MK:  I had always had a Dominant personality, but I think that "schoolgirl Kiara" would be a bit surprised at My current profession. It was never even something I considered growing up, though that was mostly due to My lack of knowledge. I just didn't really learn about it until college. I was always considered a bit of a tomboy, doing things like wrestling and karate instead of dance or cheerleading. When I grew older, I continued with combat sports, and that has also become a large part of the sessions I do.

dv:  What was your initial introduction to the scene and how did that evolve into your decision to make this a profession?

MK:  During My first year of college in 2005, a friend said she was getting into phone sex and asked if I would like to join her. I talked to the head of the company and said to her, “that’s not really My thing, but what about Domination phone sex?” and it all went from there… I learned more about the different things I did and didn't enjoy as well as the names of the fetishes I had enjoyed privately for years. My porn collection exploded when I learned what keywords to search for lol – it was such a wonderful, eye opening experience!

But then I got greedy… I saw the amount of money the company was making from Me and I said, “fuck that!”  I bought a domain name and started My own business. Now I run a similar company for My Domme friends who don’t have the time or energy to promote for themselves. It’s called Pretty Punk Princesses.

dv:  That sounds great. Who would you consider your heroes in the business and who have been mentors?

MK:  Definitely Doctor Sue, of the Doctor Sue Review and her In Bed With Doctor Sue podcast. She has been a great help and is just a never-ending font of knowledge. I've appeared on two of her podcasts and both experiences were wonderful! I also chat quite a bit with Mixtrix Fix about graphic design and self-promotion. I’ve worked with several business partners in the past but, unfortunately, none of them stuck with it. I prefer just to work with My friends Dom Mal and Empress Hana. We currently offer double and triple Dom sessions in Our area or online.

dv:  Cool!  Do you recall your very first session?  Tell us about some of the most memorable ones you’ve had.

MK:  I guess I've had a lot of 'firsts' and even more 'memorables’. I remember My first phone call session as a Pro Domme. I was at a party and had forgotten to turn off My lines when he called. He LOVED that I was at a party! I put him on speaker and made him sing and bark and entertain My guests. It was the best party I'd thrown up until then!

My first real time session was with a certain foot slave who is no longer in My area or in the scene. I remember telling him I wanted to film, and he agreed. I wanted to film a foot worship ignore session with him in a vinyl sissy dress he had brought. I aim for My clips to be between five and ten minutes, but we both lost track of time and the clip turned out to be 16 minutes long!  We filmed a couple more clips (ball busting and having him clean My table in the sissy outfit) and then he took Me out to eat and shop in downtown Royal Oak. It was so much fun!

My first foot night was also a blast! The other girls were strippers who worked at the club, so I was the only Domme there and I got quite a following! I think I made about $500 that night, which is quite a lot considering that each ten minute session is only $20. I think most of it came from tips, but the lion's share was from one guy who liked to be trampled. I think My first foot night is where My love of foot worship was born!

I also remember rather clearly the day I discovered blackmail fetish. A caller on Niteflirt asked if I would blackmail him. I said I had never done so before but would be willing to try. He was such a sweetheart and walked Me through everything. I very quickly fell in love with the fetish and it's been a staple of My services ever since.

dv:  Great stories! So what do your your favorite fetishes and scenes involve?

Mistress Kiara

MK:  My personal favorites are blackmail, hypnosis, financial domination, corporal punishment, sissification, chastity, humiliation, foot worship, and grappling. I also enjoy it when the subs act out elaborate scenes. I like to learn what makes My subs tick and then use that knowledge to My advantage.

I also enjoy scenes with subs who just want to make Me happy. I don't mean the 'do whatever you want with me, I have no limits!' type of sub. That's just annoying. Everybody has limits. But when a sub comes to Me truly wanting to improve My life, be it financially or through services he can provide, it's a huge ego boost and a real sense of power and Ownership evolves quite quickly for Me.

dv:  What sort of facility do you have?

MK:  I've done some work at Debauchery Detroit, but they shut down, so I obviously no longer work with them. I don't do house calls, so I usually have the sub rent a hotel suite for us. Living so close to the airport creates plenty of options. I have dreams of opening My own dungeon in the Ann Arbor area at some point, but it's just more than I have time for right now.

dv:  Great, be sure to let us know when your dungeon is open for business! What do you think people assume about Pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true?

MK:  I think people assume that Pro Dommes in general are just glorified prostitutes. That couldn't be further from the truth, for Me at least. I do enjoy real time sessions, but I will never be naked in front of a sub, and I will never engage in any sex acts with them, either. I enjoy pegging, but that’s a form of prostitution in My state. Therefore, the only pegging I’ll do is with private subs (not for pay) or for filming. Funny loophole – if you film it, it's considered porn, not prostitution!

Speaking for Myself personally, I’ve gotten a name for being a blackmail Mistress. I even purchased and started setting up a new website recently, I think many subs are scared to contact Me because they’re afraid to be blackmailed. The thing is, I don't blackmail anybody who doesn't want it. I have countless pictures on My computer of sessions I've done that will never see the internet because I respect the privacy of My subs who don't wish to engage in blackmail.

I also think I have a reputation for being solely a money Mistress. While it is one of My favorite fetishes, I also enjoy several other more 'classic' fetishes and have been trained in many forms of BDSM. I am a professional, so I will be compensated for My time, but I do not expect every sub who contacts Me to be a pay puppet.

dv:  Great work ethic. Tell us about your site now.  What services do you offer besides real time sessions and where can people find you on social media?

MK:  I currently have five active sites and one in the works. My main website has been around for years: There, you can find My blogs, pictures of Me and My subs, contact information, means of tributing Me, and links to My preferred clip sites.

Next on the list is Pretty Punk Princesses, where I work with Empress Hana to team up on subs both online and locally. We make a great team, and We're always looking for local or visiting Dommes to work with.

Mistress Kiara

After this we have, which includes FemDom hypnosis, findom brainwashing, and mindfuck clips made by Me, a hypnosis blog, and you can also contact me there for hypnosis sessions.  You can even order a custom hypnosis clip of your very own through the site!

My latest and greatest success, though, is Rate My Tiny Penis. It's a silly side project I started a while back that has exploded in popularity! It's a free website where guys can post penis pictures, and anyone can rate and/or comment on them. We get about 300-400 unique hits per day and about 10-20 new submissions each day as well. We have over 600 pending posts at this moment and we're working on figuring out a way to cut down the backlog while still giving everyone their fair chance to be on the front page. I'm also going to implement the 'hall of shame,' where the lowest-rated boys each week (or maybe even each day!) can be seen in all their... well, glory isn't the right word, but you know what I mean.

Lastly, I launched a website dedicated exclusively to My love of blackmail a couple of years ago, It has stories, media appearances, a gallery of subs (both good and bad >:3), and information on the many different types of blackmail I offer.

For social media, I basically just use Twitter. I had to create a new account recently due to a Twitter issue, so am pretty much starting from scratch.  I found Facebook to be more annoying than it was worth, and I never really got into Instagram or Tumblr, though I've been thinking about rejoining.

dv:  Everyone, let’s show some support to Mistress Kiara and follow Her on Twitter!!  You certainly have a lot going on.  Do you have any hobbies?  What do you like to do for fun and how do you balance everything?

MK:  Basically, with caffeine and submissives, lol. I have a sub who does 80% of the work for so that's simple enough. I make the big changes and do the coding, but all the updates are done by him. he also does a ton of graphic design for Me and occasionally edits My clips. davros is a good boy ;3

As far as the rest is concerned, I just take it as it comes, and enjoy frequent breaks for My hobbies and significant others. I love astronomy and art. I have the entire Northern hemisphere of constellations tattooed on My right arm and plan to get My favorite nebula, the Orion Nebula, M42, tattooed on My left thigh. I also enjoy music, particularly singing. I have a memorial tattoo on My right thigh. It’s an excerpt from a piece of music from a friend who worked at the Renaissance Festival as a bard. I’m very passionate about art, particularly tattoos, and plan to have as many as possible. I currently have seven, including one that's half finished (a phoenix on My left arm).

I also do a lot of fight sports. I enjoy Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai, as well as Olympic-style strength training.

dv:  Wow, that’s all very impressive! What are some of your future goals?

MK:  I want to get on track with all My websites. I know there aren't enough hours in the day for everything I have planned, but I strive for perfection! I want a brick-and-mortar dungeon, I want to release at least two clips each week, I want more Girls working for Me at Pretty Punk Princesses, and I want Rate My Tiny Penis to be the biggest sph website on the net.  I have countless other projects in the works as well, but those are going to have to remain a secret until I officially announce them.

dv: You certainly do have a lot of great plans.  We’re dying to know about your other projects so be sure to let us know when you’re ready to announce them!  All of us at dickie virgin wish you continued success with everything and we appreciate that you took time out of your busy day for this interview.

MK:  Thanks for interviewing Me. I really do enjoy talking with My fans... for a price of course.

May 2, 2019