dv: It’s a pleasure talking to you; you're so gorgeous… if you don’t mind me saying. Tell us where you're located and whether your Pro Domme career has always been in this location.

MV: Why, thank you. I am currently in Asheville, NC for school, and no, it hasn't. I've relocated quite a bit over the past five years. My career started when I was living in the DC area, and I've since lived in Providence, Baltimore, Durham, Greensboro, and now here. Chances are that I'll keep moving, so keep your eyes peeled. My next location is central VA, most likely Richmond. I'm a nomad at heart, and love to travel to my old stomping grounds – so you're in luck if you live near any of the aforementioned places.

dv: In that case, I'd suggest every sub in that area call you right now before you're gone.  I know you also travel.  Tell us about some of your upcoming travel dates and plans for the rest of 2017.

Mistress Vika SirinMV: Well, I am in Charlotte, NC very frequently. You could say that I split my time between Charlotte and Asheville. I plan to be in Atlanta towards the end of the month. I also have plans to visit Richmond and the Baltimore/DC area later this summer. New Orleans for DomCon in October! And I am considering a European tour this coming winter.

dv: I know that news will be well received by many of our readers here.  Does your dominant nature go back to childhood?  How did you get interested in domination?

MV: Oh, absolutely. I've never been overtly aggressive – which in my opinion, rarely denotes control or mastery – but I was always a mischievous kid. I was feminine, but always a bit of a tomboy in that I loved to roughhouse. That seems to be a constant in my life! I loved and was inspired by the archetype of the femme fatale in old films – the woman who knows how to wield her erotic power to make men crumble. I think that these elements coalesced into a style of domination that is by turn playful and coy, classically seductive – and then severely and genuinely intimidating and stern. I am sweet at first impression, but have an authentic and unquenchable fieryness and intensity to my nature which truly does intimidate.  I genuinely believe in Femme Supremacy, and the superior wisdom, sanity and rightness of what patriarchy has degraded in our culture. Things must shift. Sexuality, femininity, the wild – this is what rules when you step into my world and what strips you of your illusive and artificial power.  Erotic dominance came to fruition in my life quite naturally as I explored myself and my desires. Growing up near a big city was very helpful when I was coming of age and exploring my sexuality. We had BlackRose Society, Kink for All, a thriving kink and queer community. There were a lot of resources to aid me in actualizing myself at a young age.

dv: Were there any early mentors who helped you develop your style?

MV:  Not really. I learned a lot through observation, attending events, and reading.

dv: Are there any other Ladies you work with or who you admire in the business?

MV:  I am just beginning to form these collegial friendships, but I am so inspired by other dommes that I meet and collaborate with. I hope to continue networking and forming community. We're a fierce, creative, brilliant group of people! I had the pleasure of collaborating with London domme Mistress Anastaxia recently, and then Miss Annie Addams who was visiting from Dallas. They are both lovely and talented.  I've been hoping to collaborate with Mistress Letharia and Domme Discordia in Austin. I once had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Tyler in DC, and thought she was incredibly inspiring and full of so much knowledge.

dv: Do you have a clip store or a membership site?

MV:  It's in the works! My clips4sale and membership site will be up within the next few days. There is a lot of exclusive content available on Patreon and as goody bags on NiteFlirt.

dv: Awesome; let us know when the links are up.  Do you recall your very first session? Tell us about some that have been the most memorable for you.

Mistress Vika SirinMV:  Yes! I am still good friends with my first client. I was nervous – but it all came so naturally to me. We explored a lot of spiritual (non-sexual) Goddess worship, which was spectacular for both of us. We both loved high protocol and I relished the meticulous control. Some of my favorite sessions have involved public humiliation. I love creating a spectacle, disrupting business as usual and pushing the limits of the status quo – and I absolutely adore watching my subs tremble before a flabbergasted, unsuspecting audience. I'm an exhibitionist, and my subs become my willing props. I love walking a a sub around on a dog leash on a highly frequented hiking trail, slapping him and leading him by his tie in front of the store clerk, writing "Slut" on his face in red lipstick. I can't get enough!

dv: That's amazing! What a lucky sub to be in that position – those are the memories that linger. What do your favorite scenes involve besides public humiliation?  Would you say you're well known for any specific fetish?

MV: I am consistently told that I am unmatched when it comes to Tease and Denial. I've always relished the art of tease, and now I've taken it to a delectably sadistic level. I believe that the power of lust and consequent psychological suffering can bring someone into a state of desperation physical pain can only scratch the surface of.  However, I love corporal!

dv: I'm sure every slave falls in love with you – you clearly understand how to mold a slave.  Tell us about your session location and some of your favorite implements or equipment.

MV: I have a well equipped private play space 40 minutes north of Asheville. I have a St. Andrew's Cross, a stand up jail cell cage, stockades, and walls and shelves lined with whips, floggers, and canes. I have an assortment of electro toys, restraints, CBT devices, pinwheels, plugs, dildos, and other goodies.

dv: Sounds like heaven.  What do you think people assume about Pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true?

MV: I find that the average person doesn't even know what to think about a Pro Domme, but I guess I will address the aggressive bitch archetype that's so prevalent. I find that Dommes and seasoned kinksters, more than anyone else, know how to integrate their shadow sides. We know how to play with darkness and fire, but most of us are kind, sane, ethical people.

dv: Pro Dommes are some of my favorite people so I'll agree with that.  In addition to your website and real time sessions, where else can people can find you online and on social media?

MV: NiteFlirt, Live Cam Model Shows, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon. Clip store coming very soon!

dv: How do you balance everything and what do you like to do for fun?  Do you have any hobbies?

MV:  It helps that kink is integrated into aspects of my daily life in meaningful ways. I'm a writer, voracious reader, outdoors enthusiast, gardener, and burgeoning herbalist.

dv: Ironically enough, I just posted something on Facebook asking if this massive growth in my garden was a flower or weed.  Now I know who I should be asking.  What are some of your future goals?

MV: To collaborate with other highly creative Dommes and fetishists to produce high quality fetish content with actual artistic merit, in the vein of what some feminist pornographers are doing these days, but BDSM and fetish specific. Like Erika Lust (if I can ever aspire to such a thing!) but way kinkier.  To open a lavish dungeon somewhere beautiful and idyllic that can be a FemDom residency of sorts.

dv: That sounds amazing.  Thank you so much for your time and I wish you continued success.

MV: Thank you!

July 5, 2017