Mistress Julie Simone

dv: It’s a pleasure talking to you; I’ve been a big fan for some time. Tell people where you're currently located and whether you have any travel plans for the rest of 2017.

JS: I am based in SE Missouri, three hours from St Louis. I am cutting way back on travel as I've gone back to school but I will be in New York July 24-29, Boston July 30, and Washington DC Aug 2-3.

dv:  I heard you had plans to return to school. Guys had better book while they can as one never wants to leave those bucket lists longer than necessary! Is SE Missouri where you started your career, and if not, what brought you to that part of the world?

JS: I started modeling when I was living in Washington, DC and became a Domme while living in Los Angeles. My mother moved here and I wanted to be closer to family, so here I am!

dv: Nice.  Were you an aspiring Dominatrix in your childhood days, or would the 'schoolgirl you' be shocked to learn that her future centered around disciplining men? What were you like back in high school?

JS: I don't think anyone would be surprised! The first time I kicked a boy in the balls was in second grade. I was always getting into fights with boys (and winning!). When I told one of My dearest vanilla friends she said "You were always bossy, it's the perfect job for you".

dv: LOL, awesome!  What was your initial introduction to the scene besides your natural instincts and how did that evolve into your decision to do this as a profession?

JS: My first introduction was when I was modeling. The photographer asked if I wanted to do some bondage. I didn't know what it was, but wasn't going to let him know that so I said "Sure". And My journey began. Because I was letting strange men tie Me up all around the country in hotel rooms, I started to watch what they were doing and learned to tie. I loved getting out of their ropes and humiliating them. While I have done a lot of work as a bottom, I have never been submissive. Because of My look and height, I started getting cast as the Domme role more and more until I finally became one.

dv: Who would you consider your heroes in the business and who have been mentors?

JS: There are a few people who have had positive influences on Me as a Domme. Mistrix Ms E, Bella Vendetta, Tara Indiana and Maya Sinstress have had impacts on My playing style and in helping Me to allow Myself to do the things I wanted, to give Myself permission to go to certain places psychologically.

dv: Do you recall your very first session? Tell us about one that has been memorable for you.

JS: I don't recall My very first session but I do recall one of the first ones when I started at the Den of Iniquity in Hollywood, CA. I knew technique from doing films but I had no idea how to maintain a play scene for an hour. The HeadMistress was not helpful and would make Me feel even less confident by ridiculing anyone who asked questions as if We were idiots. It was awful, the guy gave Me a terrible review and My confidence was shattered. I hated Domming at that time. Thankfully, not all HeadMistresses and Dommes were like that, and I had some great play experiences at their sister Dungeon, the Den of Iniquity in NYC. I remember the first time I did a heavy rubber smoking fetish scene. The sub had brought this fabulous hood with three tubes. I alternated between letting him breathe smokey air, fresh air and no air at all. I had to time My breath with his. It was tantric and incredibly hot to have this type of experience while both people were fully clothed.

dv: I suspect you were a quick study and am not surprised you brushed your setback aside in short order. That sounds like a hot scene, BTW.  What do your favorite scenes involve?

JS: My favorite scenes involve caning, whipping, breath play, though what makes a great scene for Me is the energy exchange. That is what gives Me the high as a Domme.

dv: What sort of facility do you have?

JS: I closed My dungeon in NYC last year, so at the moment I don't have My own space and am renting from others.

dv: What do you think people assume about Pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true?

JS: I don't think about what others may think...

dv: Fair enough; it's hard to argue with that outlook. Tell us about your amazing site, the types of things you offer besides real time sessions, and where people can find you on social media.

JS: My members site, has 17 years of content and shows My evolution from bottom to top. It covers a wide range of fetishes from Lesbian Domination, Femdom, Foot Fetish, Smoking Fetish, Solo Bondage, Mouthsoaping, Slut Training, Humiliation, Spanking, Corporal Punishment, and more.  For people who prefer clips there's my Clip Store and I can be found on Twitter and Instagram.  From time to time you can also catch Me on Niteflirt for Phone Sessions.

dv: We're fortunate to have some samples of your work here on dickie Tube if anyone is looking for a taste of your work.  How do you balance everything and what do you like to do for fun?  Do you have any hobbies?

JS: Sometimes it's hard! My downtime usually consists of spending time with family and My ever-growing herd of animals. I've been working on My house – painting, decorating, working in My garden. I am also in the process of launching an all natural skin care line for men and women that includes body butters, lip balm, beard balm and more.

dv: Cool! Good luck with the new endeavors and thank you so much for your time.

JS: Thank you.

July 16, 2017