Madame Nicole

dv: It’s a pleasure talking to you; we love your style.  Tell people where you're currently located and whether you have any travel plans for 2022.

NS: Thank you. You can find me in Florida in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and worldwide. I don't tour, however, I do travel a great deal to broaden my horizons, and have visited six continents to date. I have also, on occasion, had a rendezvous dinner/discipline with a favorite client when time permitted. 

dv: Wow, what a unique setting; it looks amazing. Where did you start your Pro Domme career? 

NS: I discovered the professional aspect of my, how should we say, peculiar ways, when I attended uni in New York. 

dv: Lol, were you an aspiring Dominatrix in your childhood days, or did that come about later? What were you like back in university?

NS: I tied up little boys and whipped them with their daddies' belts so I'd have to say that I had a dark, sadistic side before I was ten years old. This probably wouldn't come as a shock to anyone who gave it some thought. I loved the gentle, subtle power the nuns possessed in grammar school. I loved their wicked black, flowing clothing and thought they were magical. I've incorporated their ways into my personality but I'm a bit more playful and naughty. I love convincing men to do naughty things that they secretly desire but have to be coaxed into doing, to eliminate or diminish their guilt in having these impure thoughts. After the reward and when they're out of my sight, I know the guilt returns and they must be coaxed and cleansed all over again. So wicked!

Madame NicoleI was a punk rocker before the name was penned by a local periodical. I was dark, moody, deep and intense and stayed close to my crowd that consisted of other punk rockers, Dommes and tag-along subbies. The outside world tried to get in but they only caught a glimpse through a session if they were lucky. 

dv: Outstanding! What was your initial introduction to the scene and how did that evolve into your decision to make this a profession?

NS: I was first introduced to the 'scene/profession' by a uni friend who worked in a West Village dungeon after school. The Madame asked if I'd like to be the receptionist, and before long, I was engaged in sessions. She said I was a natural and was wasting my talents answering enquiries. I loved it. The role play let me be creative and imaginative and escape into some really wild crevices of my mind. I liked seeing how outlandish I could get while having the client enthralled and totally immersed in my world. I tried to impress myself, not the client, and that happened without any effort. 

This was an after-school job, not a profession. It took me a long time to realize that something was amiss when I didn't have any subby pets in my life and wasn't engaged as a ProDomme. So it was always present in my life to some degree for my contentment. When I understood that it was financially exciting and emotionally rewarding, and that I didn't have to answer to anyone, it eventually evolved into a full-time profession. Freelance or employed in a dungeon gave me much freedom to travel and much independence.

dv: It does indeed sound like you were born to be a Dominatrix. Who would you consider your heroes in the business and who have been mentors?

NS: Mistress Lisette, aka Wicked Wendy as her accolades affectionately called her, was both a hero and a mentor. She was the proprietress of the Bleeker Street Dungeo,n where I earned my wings. She was loony, loving, creative, and generous.  I also rented a dungeon chamber by the hour from Mistress Ava, who had a loft in the West 30s during the 1990s. She was very spiritual and was also a healer. Well, I guess we all are, but she made me aware of it. She was Puerto Rican and had a room set up with life-sized Catholic saints and seven-day votive candles. Caribbean Island women tend to do this as a routine part of life, so She obviously she felt at home in her work space. Dark velvet drapes and a dimly-lit atmosphere gave this area a surreal quality. After I was dressed and ready for the session, I went there for a few minutes beforehand, to settle down from all the commotion and noise from the street below, and to focus and gather my powers while summoning creativity for my victim. I have incorporated all this into my preparation today, thanks to a wonderful soul, Mistress Ava. 

dv: Those names will bring back some fond memories for some of our readers. We love to hear stories about the past, from way back when! Do you recall your very first session?  Tell us about some of your most memorable ones.

NS: I started as receptionist at Wicked Wendy's and the second afternoon she asked if I would walk in on her session and laugh at the client. That's all; just laugh. I hesitated with my answer as I wasn't sure of exactly what she was proposing until she floated a one-hundred dollar bill before my eyes. I would have done it without compensation, and as you know, the rest is history. I derive great joy from humiliation. 

dv: In addition to humiliation, what do your favorite scenes involve?

NS: Role-play is mandatory. Forcing subordination with kindness and condescension is fun. Watching a client become unsettled, whether in anticipation or fear, is also delightful.

dv: What sort of facility do you have? 

NS: It's my home and I have a private suite dedicated solely for the use of my two-legged pets. We may also use other chambers or the outdoors if I decide it will enhance our experience. 

dv: You sound like a dream come true for four-legged and two-legged animals alike. What one thing do you think people assume about Pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true? 

NS: I don't use the word assume. I can't read others' minds. I'd be in another field!

dv: Fair enough. Tell us about your website. What services do you offer besides real-time sessions and where can people find you on social media?

NS: I love doing phone sessions through I also like to speak to new clients in depth if they have a lot of questions before a session. If they're sincere, they don't mind the tribute. Wankers want to talk and talk and never show up, hence there's no phone number on my site. I have photos for sale and other interesting things for clients on my site. I can also be found on Twitter which is not just a Domme account.  You see travel snaps and vids, current news commentary, and whatever else moves me to share my thoughts with you. 

dv: Yes, some show of commitment from a sub certainly makes sense. We've heard so many stories of time-wasters over the years and we get that it can be frustrating. It seems you've found a wise solution. How do you balance everything and what do you like to do for fun?  Do you have any hobbies?

NS: I love to pamper myself at the local high-end hotel spas, enjoy the great cuisine, sail, and spend time at the beach.

dv: Running the property must be time consuming, for sure. Hopefully a fair amount of your precious time is spent ordering subbies to do the dirty work, lol! What are some of your future goals? 

NS: To continue the blessed life I enjoy with my family. To travel to Antarctica and the Congo to see the silverback gorillas in their natural habitat. Patrons are welcome to underwrite these excursions. To spend more time fundraising for my favorite charities, North East Afghan Hound Rescue, and Jarjeer Donkey Rescue in Marrakech, Morocco.

dv: Good for you; they sound like very worthwhile causes!  Thank you so much for your time; all of us at wish you continued success!

NS: Thank you.