dv: It’s a pleasure talking to you. I’ve been a big fan since I first came across your site.  Tell people where you're currently located and whether you have any travel plans for 2017.  Are you coming to see me in Vancouver?

AA: I currently reside in New York City. I frequently travel to Europe and also to New Orleans, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. I am embarrassed that I have not yet reached Vancouver. Especially gutted because I SHALL be at Montreal Fetish Weekend this August but I still won't manage to make it to the West - I'm so sorry! It's definitely in My plans and I hope that Vancouver clients might contact Me to persuade Me (hint!).

dv: Well I hope so, too. It would be great to meet up with you here.  Is New York where you started your career, and if not, what took you to that part of the world?

AA: I was born in Basel, Switzerland; but I didn't start playing until far later in My life. 

dv: Were you an aspiring Dominatrix in your childhood days, or would the schoolgirl you be shocked to know that her future centered around disciplining men?  What were you like back in high school?

AA: Don't you wish that you were 15 right now? - imagine that. If I were a 14 or 15 year old growing up in Basel now - then I should have the whole internet at My fingertips. I would have known so early that I was a female supremacist and maybe that's a bad thing. Maybe that would have robbed Me of those years of discovery. As it was: Wikepedia about general, basic kink and certainly free fetish porn weren't accessible to Me until My early twenties: that was when I got to put a name to what I always felt.

dv: Yes, it's hard to imagine what early access might have meant to current fetish desires.  I go way back and only had access to  Playboy magazines to build my fantasies around, lol.  What was your initial introduction to the scene and how did it evolve into your decision to make this into a profession?

AA:  Ha ha, those events are separated by at least two years! The scene never introduced itself to Me - rather I crashed into it one day (long, long after I should have) in a clumsy, messy and embarrassing way. It was an accident and it was not at all pretty but it was the beginning of everything. 

"Every cloud" - as they say and now I knew that THERE WAS a community who were kinky like Me - it existed and I am not the only one. That was the most enormous, life-changing revelation to Me. I can't convey how that changed everything. It was something like changing the filter on an instagram photo but changing the filter on life - all of life - forever, and never going back. That was the biggest change in My life I have experienced - and I have moved to five different countries in my life, just to demonstrate how big it was!  Once that shift took place then I guess it was only a matter of time (in My case one to two years) before it became so much My life that it was also My career.

dv: I'd be remiss if I didn't ask what that particular event might have been. Can you elaborate?

AA: Haha. Oh it's far, far too long a story!

dv: Okay, some things are probably best left for the imagination anyway, lol.  Who would you consider to be your mentors in the business?

AA: I was so nervous when I first tried Domination PROFESSIONALLY.   It's one thing to bring it into your personal life - if that doesn't work then you move on and blame the chemistry - quite another to understand a person so quickly that you can create their world in a "cardboard cut-out", constructed manner in a short period of time. I struggled with veracity, I struggled with integrity and I struggled with My own sexuality - it was difficult. But weirdly (unlike any other "job" I've ever had), I never wanted to quit. 

Probably, if I had had a "mentor" then My journey would have been easier. Sisters need to work harder to mentor each other but it is difficult. DomCon taught Me about "pass on what you received": I received little but I ADORE this mantra and strive to adhere to it.  My first nine months were spent as an (unpaid) apprentice to many various Dommes throughout Italy (where I lived at the time) but My education was left up to Me. I am forever grateful to the Goddesses who taught Me, though, they -ahem- knew their shit!

dv: I appreciate that honest reply; I think it's natural that getting started would be difficult but it's evident your concern for developing your skills has worked out and your clients are the benefactors. Who would you consider your heroes?

AA: I look up to EVERYONE in My business! Is that weird? Should I be more arrogant?  Listen, I'm a female supremacist - if you are a woman who is self-employed then I am already in love with you in a non-sexual way! If you are also Dominant sexually then I adore you even before We met - period!

All the Ladies in this business are magnificent. If pushed then I would name Irene Boss who, very very early on, flattered Me with a reply to My fanmail!

dv: I'm all for women supporting women so love your attitude.  Do you recall your very first session? Tell us about some that have been memorable for you.

AA: I was an apprentice the whole time I was studying for My Masters Degree, so I saw A LOT of crazy, crazy sessions. My first solo session was - of course! - a foot worship session. How could it not be? I always knew that was what I wanted to specialize in. Sorry to be boring but, all My most memorable sessions would also probably have foot fetish at the core - just with other crazy interpretations/fetishes/roleplays to side-salad!

dv: You have amazing feet, so I guess asking what your favorite scenes involve is a pretty easy question to answer, isn't it?

AA: Yes, that's the easiest question in the world, but the most quickly misunderstood, and maybe not what you expect.  My favourite scenes involve submissives with an open mind, an honest mouth and a free heart. Easy. But easier said than done. One of My favourite clients once told Me that "the way to live in life is to be a boat - throw yourself upon the waves of your Mistress, trust that you won't drown and allow her to take you where she wants". That's it. 

My favourite sessions are the ones where I know everything I need to know about the boat - its restraints and its capabilities - and then I use that knowledge plus My own proclivities for us both to go on a journey together. In the best sessions: neither of us know the destination and we are both happy and surprised when we arrive.  

dv: What sort of facility do you have?

AA: Back home I had My own place - I REALLY, REALLY miss that. My aim is to replicate My space here in the USA but I can see that will take time.  When I first arrived in NYC I was very frustrated by My restrictions. Then I made a decision to turn the word "restriction" into the word "opportunity". In other words - having no fixed space gives Me the chance to change environments to suit My client and My session. 

All My locations are in Midtown; but they range from photographic studios to rooftops (exhibitionists), from private lofts to hotel suites (private clients) and from commercial dungeons to derelict building sites (role-play).  My favourite location was a role-play where his "car broke down" and My "abandoned apartment" (found through contacts in real-estate!) was the nearest address! Zero furniture might appear to be a challenge (and it is!) but it adds such great ambiance that you don't mind overcoming the hurdle (with rope, in case you were wondering!).  

dv: Uh yes, rope, lol.  What do you think people assume about pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true?

AA: Wait - you want an assumption that isn't true? or just an assumption? My clients know Me very well and I try to stay "real" (*makes sick noises*) with social media rather than simply post filtered pics and airbrushed news alerts, as is the fashion now, so probably most assumptions are true!

The error most frequently made is in My personal life: I keep a stable of three to five live-in slaves and every submissive man I talk to thinks that serving Me 24/7 would be endless bliss. They don't have a clue how truly arduous it is, how high My standards are and what a true bitch I am!  They soon learn!

dv:  And despite that, probably 98.999% would still like to try. ;)  Tell us about your site, what types of services you offer besides real time sessions, and where people can find you on social media?

AA: You can find Me at or I love twitter because it gives Me immediate expression.  My handle is @AureaAmazon.  I am definitely more powerful in a voice and real time session than text and I do find that My European accent helps when delivering webcam or phone instructions! Call Me on NiteFlirt.

dv: How do you balance everything in your busy life?

AA: Haha, probably badly. A recent encounter in London, UK, taught Me that I should probably be more mindful of My own life and loves. I guess even Goddesses can learn things!

dv: What are some of your future goals?

AA: As I mentioned already, I should be very, very happy to command My own dungeon space in NY.

dv: I'm certain you'll make that happen, although I did like the way the rope and empty apartment sounded, personally.  Thanks so much for your time; it's been great getting to know more about you and I wish you continued success!

AA: Thank you, dickie.

May 12, 2017