dv:  It’s a pleasure talking to you; I like your work.  Tell people where you started your career and where you’re currently located. 

MN: I started my career in the suburbs of Detroit, in the city of Southfield, and I’m still there today.

dv:  Were you an aspiring Dominatrix in your childhood days?  What were you like back in high school?

MN: In high school I was a Boss Chick and I had the boys at my feet.  At that point I learned at a very young age that men are here to worship me.  And do what I say.  This is something I just built on and seemed like a natural step for me, so yes I was destined to be a Dominatrix. I love it and can't imagine doing anything else.

dv:  Who would you consider to be a mentor in the business?

MN:  My mentor is me. I don't know anyone like me.  I think ultimately it's important for people to have their own style and to do what they feel comfortable with and that has always been my approach.

dv:  Tell us about your very first session and what made it memorable. 

MN: During my first session I made a man orgasm in his pants with his eyes. He was literally hypnotized by the booty!  Every session is different of course so I can't say the first one was especially unique other than it was the first one.  I pride myself on my experience and growth more than anything though. 

dv: It's impossible to have a discussion without mentioning your body now that you bring up your booty.  It's amazing, to say the least.  Is an order to kiss your ass a punishment or a reward, lol?

MN: While not every man comes in his pants from looking at my ass, I've never had anyone resist an order to kiss it and I get a great thrill knowing the power it has over my subs.

dv:  What do your favorite scenes involve?

MN: Transformation is my favorite but my interests are diverse.  CBT, corporal, tease and denial. and bondage are a few in the wide array of kinks that can be explored.

dv: What kinds of things do you have on hand to accomodate sissification?

MN: My site has several images of available wigs, makeup, and so on.  As I mentioned, I really enjoy transformation and love bringing the girl out of the man the rest of the world sees.  No secrets between us! Off with those nasty man-shorts and let's get you dressed up in something silky and frilly. 

dv: Describe your style.

MN: I have a genuine passion for the perverse and kinky. I'm very passionate and have a strong personality.  When you come to me you had better know your place.

dv: What sort of facility do you have?

MN: I have an upscale studio surrounded with all kinds of equipment and toys ensuring a time you won't soon forget!

dv: Where can people find you online?

MN: They can follow me on Twitter and of course the first source should be my website.

dv: How do you balance everything and what do you like to do for fun, such as hobbies?

MN: My hobbies; I love shopping, I love entertaining, I love redecorating. And interior design.  I love fabulous shit, lol!

dv: What are some of your future goals?

MN: To open up a warehouse full of fun, a real huge Dungeon.  But until then, I'm happy sessioning with my many regulars and am always open to taking new potential clients.  Don't let my eye popping butt scare you off.

dv: Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your exciting and kinky life!  I appreciate your time and wish you continued success.

MN: Thank you dickie.

March 27, 2017