dv:  Hi.  We've know each other for many years so it's a real pleasure to finally have this interview.  Tell people where you’re currently located and whether you have any travel plans for 2017.  Are you coming to see me in Vancouver?

GC:  I am located in Atlanta Georgia, the heart of the dirty south. I stay extremely busy here in ATL. When I travel I send out notices through My free mailing list that potential supplicants can sign up for. I absolutely love Vancouver and you will be the first to know when I visit! 

dv:  Is Atlanta where you first started your career, and if not, what brought you to that part of the world?

GC:  I began professional Domination in Birmingham, Alabama in 1999. There were little resources there at the time so I gravitated toward Atlanta. I quickly found "The Chamber" which was a nightclub dedicated to fetish and gothic culture. I met Master Chuck, Who gave Me contact information for the lifestyle group People Exchanging Power, founded by Lady D.  Moving to Atlanta was inevitable after that. 

dv: I know from previous discussions you had a Dominatrix inside you just waiting to get out from an early age, lol.  That's an interesting story so please tell us a bit about that.

GC:  Being the natural Dominant that I am, My first day of kindergarten I lured a boy into a garbage can, slammed the lid shut to trap him inside, jumped on top of it with rocks, and beat the sides of the can until he cried.  My canopy bed (now displayed in My sissy suite) was where My stuffed animals were frequently left suspended by harnesses made from My hair ribbons. Later, between the ages of five and eight, I developed a special friendship with a neighbor. She was My age and completely submissive. I had no idea at the time that spanking her and playing power exchange games was anything unusual, and didn’t know it would be considered erotic as I developed. I was just doing what innocently came natural to My prepubescent mind. We were just having fun, playing. 

When puberty hit, I became aware that I was a bit different by the reaction of the boys I would experiment on.  I carried handcuffs in My purse in the event an opportunity to use them arose. There was a shoe store in My town that carried a variety of boots and heels that had been worn only on the runway. I happened upon two pairs of leather thigh high boots – one pair was suede and the other was strict Mistress style with sky high heels! I was definitely the talk of that little town. This has been an integral part of My personality for as long as I can remember. It was a natural progression for Me to gravitate toward BDSM as I grew. In My late teens I had the joyful epiphany of discovering there were others like Me out there and I intended to find them! There are many debates and opposing points of view as to whether BDSM is a choice or a sexual orientation. My history and progression of development leaves no question – for Me it is a sexual orientation.

dv:  Who were your greatest influences?

GC:  Lady D provided Me a stable and positive environment where a collective of Dominant Ladies practiced. She led by example as to how trust, love, responsibility, and integrity are the cornerstones of a responsible Dominant. I was extremely blessed to find Her. I rented dungeon space from Her for many years. I have always been extremely aggressive in the educational pursuit of My interests. Long before moving to Atlanta, I would find BDSM conventions and travel to take classes, the most memorable from Fetish Diva Midori.  The instruction of Lew Rubens helped Me obliterate the learning curve of rope bondage. 

dv:  What do your favorite scenes involve?

GC: I enjoy all forms of power exchange and all levels of play, ranging from sensual to severe and all points in between. There are too many favorites to list here but many examples are on My website. Protocol and proper behavior are paramount. 

dv:  What sort of facility do you have?

GC:  My  dungeon rests on four wooded acres at My private estate. It is mesmerizing, with all the glamour and decadence of a bygone era, boasting custom built bondage furniture found only in the finest dungeons of the world. My "Frankenstein Chair" is one of a kind and is a 400 pound behemoth. There is no need to book a hotel. My seven foot bondage table and overnight cage comfortably detain submissives during extended stays. A bondage horse, bondage coffin, and objectifier are intimately arranged in front of the lower dungeon fireplace. The upstairs dungeon offers a cathedral ceiling rigged for suspension in front of another wood burning fireplace. I have several unique one-of-a-kind dungeon pieces to complement the two suspension points: an exquisite bondage ladder for Shibari, suspension beam, canary perch, inversion boots and medieval replica stocks, as well as a leather strap cage.

The dungeon is loaded with whips, canes, and accoutrements that complement each piece. My French Provincial suite is every sissy's dream room, filled to the brim with shoes, wardrobe, make-up, and baby supplies. It features an antique vanity and professional salon chair, as well as 1800s East Lake furniture, ready for tea to be served. My medical role-play room is a convincing replica of what you wish for during a kinky fantasy exam, complete with OBGYN table, IV pole and a vintage medical cabinet filled with electrical toys and all sorts of devious devices. My fetish menagerie is a testimony for My love and dedication to the BDSM lifestyle and FemDom being truly FEMALE OWNED and OPERATED by Me. 

dv:  An amazing facility indeed.  You and that dungeon.  Wow, every sub should have it on their bucket list in my opinion.  With that in mind, I have to add one of my favorite photos of you, because your body is AMAZING.  Woah, now where was I, lol?  What do you think people assume about Pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true?

GC:  The most common misconception from submissives is that they believe they are not well trained enough to serve Me. They feel they are not "good enough" or they see really intense hardcore domination videos of Mine and cower in fear. The truth here is that as a submissive, you are supposed to be intimidated. I am strong, intellectual and skilled. My wardrobe, gear and environment are top notch.  If you are selected to serve Me, you will be taught, trained and molded.  Your boundaries will be respected. I value My slaves. I value their trust. Will I push your limits? Hell yes! What I will not do, is push you into activities that are hard limits or those you have no interest in. BDSM is not one size fits all. My level of experience is vast. I create scenes based on mutual interests, customized specifically for each individual. I take many factors into consideration such as boundaries, physical and or mental limitations, medications and injuries, psyche, goals, types of service and submission, and hot buttons. I find your control panel and take over.

dv:  I know you are one of the great professionals out there and keep many subs walking on air for days after their time with you.  Tell us about your site.

GC:  Warning! Huge plug for coming up.....

dv: Do tell!

GC: The focus of Opulent Fetish is Real FemDom and Authentic Mistresses representing the BDSM lifestyle and Professional Domination with authenticity and integrity, from Atlanta Georgia and across the world. A true Dominatrix has a wide skill set of BDSM activities and interests and a firm grasp on the psychology of power exchange, taking years and a lifetime of commitment to develop. Self made and self actualized Dominant Women take control from the dungeon to the desk top, creating a subculture as well as an industry based on Their experiences and desires. The difference in perspective, presentation and execution between fetish and Femdom productions created by Real Lifestyle and Professional  Mistresses, and those created by the mainstream male dominated porn companies, is vast!

The fetish clips and kinky movies at Opulent Fetish center on the Domina owning and controlling not only Her male slaves, Female slaves and sissies, but Her entire world, starting with the scene itself. All bondage at Opulent Fetish, including Shibari, is rigged by the Female Dominants right on the set. The banter is as real as the corporal punishment and whipping. This is FemDom, where Women Rule and men obey. The Ladies featured here are in charge whether it be the softer side of Female Domination such as foot slave training, pantyhose fetish or sissy training, chastity and adult babysitting, or strict male slave training including strap-on, bondage, leather, latex, discipline, whipping, caning and spanking. The greatest power and beauty of a world class Dominatrix lies in Her kinky and devious mind!

Opulent Fetish boasts highly skilled and beautifully cruel mistresses, real slaves, and top quality BDSM productions, with custom bondage furniture and suspension in the dungeon of your dreams.  Unique in grandeur, style, and function, it’s all brought to you by one of the most well known and experienced Mistresses of classic Domination today, Goddess Cheyenne of Atlanta. 

dv:  I love your site.  What things do you offer beside real-time sessions, and where can people find you on social media?

GC:  I also offer live cam and phone sessions on NiteFlirt,  I have a book "Yes Ma'am: A Submissive's Guide to Meeting a Mistress", which is recommended reading for potential supplicants. Downloadable clips can be found at my Clip Studios at Clips4Sale, iWantClips and Kinkbomb.  As for Social Media, the friskiest os Twitter as they allow adult content.  I also have Instagram and FaceBook (under Bradley Unnerstall and hosted by one of My slaves because it keeps getting pulled). 

dv:  What are some of your future goals?

GC:  I have many new projects about to roll out soon. dickie, you will be the first to hear about it when they launch!

dv:  I sincerely appreciate that.  Thank You so much for your time and I wish you continued success.

March 18, 2017.