dv: It’s a pleasure talking to you; I’ve been a big fan for some time.  Tell people where you’re currently located and whether you have any travel plans for 2017.  Are you coming to see me in Vancouver?

HC: I’m located in NYC. I’m an independent dominatrix.  I session out of Parthenon Studio also known as NYC Rubber Studios.  I do have travel plans this year.  I’m going to DomCon LA in May and Vegas in September.  I will be making trips to DC, FL & PA, just not sure when yet.

Vancouver! Never been there before, it’s something I’ll have to look into.

dv: It's an amazing city, especially in summer, and I know you'd love it.  Is NYC where you started your career, and if not, what brought you to this part of the world?

HC: Yes, I started my career in NYC.

dv: Were you an aspiring Dominatrix in your childhood days, or would schoolgirl you be shocked to learn that her future centered on disciplining men?  What were you like back in high school?

HC: No, I was aware of that scene because of my mom but didn't see it in the cards. In high school if you were not in my clique I didn’t talk to you. I was like a Daria Morgendoffer on the cheerleading squad.

dv: That's funny and I'm sure a lot of our readers are Beavis and Butthead fans. What was your initial introduction to the scene and how did that evolve into you deciding this was something you would enjoy doing as a profession?

HC: My mother is a Dominatrix and when I was younger I used to sneak into her closet and try on her shoes and fetish wear. I would check out the fetish magazines that she would be on the cover of, looking smoking hot of course! For 20 years of my life I was embarrassed to embrace my kinky side. It was my mother’s thing.

What opened me up to exploring is that at the age of 20 I had a boyfriend who was into feet. It’s been a wonderful journey since then.

dv: I've seen some of your foot videos and your feet look, um, delectable.  I bet he still thinks of them.  Who would you consider your heroes in the business and who have been mentors?

HC: My hero in this industry is my mother Mistress Ariana Chevalier, of course. She’s the most inspiring, amazing, intelligent and beautiful woman ever. She has guided me into being the strong and confident woman that I am today. She has so much experience and knowledge, I can always go to her.

My mentors are also some of the best people in the scene. Mistress Eden, Cybill Troy, Elena De Luca & Miranda Mayfair have taught me so much and have helped and continue to help me in my journey of Domination. Mistress Adrienne her style! I aspire to have the amazing wardrobe that she has, her Boots and Leather collection is to die for.

dv: That's an amazing story.  I know of your mother as well and love her work, too.  Do you recall your very first session?  Tell us about some of the most memorable sessions you’ve had.

HC: My first session was a cross-dressing double with Amanda La Fatal. Oh boy was that fun! I just loved turning that “man” into his true form and violating his willing body. My most memorable session was the day I first used sounds. I used Rosebuds and Vanburrens, it gave me a rush and I fell in love right away.

dv: I have a soft spot for Women who like to transform men into girls.  Actually, that was my primary reason for seeing a Pro Domme many years ago and probably played a role in my creating the dickie virgin website.  What do your favorite scenes involve besides feminization?

HC: I enjoy foot worship, CBT, and humiliation but my interests are extensive so guys should check my site for all details.

dv: Yes, fellows; that can be done by clicking on any of the images in this feature, so be sure to go from here to there.  What sort of facility do you have?

HC: I rent out of the Parthenon Studio, a fully equipped dungeon in Midtown Manhattan.

dv: Nice; I'm familiar with the place.  The bondage bed, lockable cage, suspension equipment... I guess the possibilities are limitless.  What do you think people assume about Pro Dommes, or more specifically you, that is just not true? 

HC: I think people assume that we are money hungry women. It’s not true, we  just know what we deserve.

dv: I'm sure I speak for every submissive male who says “thank goodness for Dominant Women, and yes, you deserve whatever you get... and more”.  Tell us about your site, the things you offer besides real-time sessions, and where people can find you on social media.

HC: My current website was designed and made by me. I’m very proud of it. It’s the first site that I’ve ever built. Other than realtime session I offer skype session, text/kik session, I use niteflirt, and I also have femdom videos on Clips4Sale. I do offer custom videos. Social Media, I have twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and fetlife.

dv: Wow, you've done a great job and put a lot of work into everything.  So how do you balance everything and what do you like to do for fun?  Hobbies and so on?

HC: The way I balance everything is with a simple to-do list and calendar. For fun in the summers I like to explore nature, I horse back ride, play tennis occasionally, bossing people around and of course playing with my kitty Eli.

dv: Great, and I love bossy Women.  I imagine having to bring a tennis ball back to you on all fours and kissing your sneakers because you've demanded it... but I digress.  What are some of your future goals?

HC: One of my future goals is being able to practice the art of BDSM throughout the world.

dv: We have readers from around the globe and I'm pretty certain every one of them can imagine falling to his knees in your presence.  Remember, Vancouver is part of the world, lol, wink wink! Thank you so much for your time and I wish you continued success.

HC: Thank you, dickie!

March 8, 2017