dv: Hi Natalya.  It’s an honor to have this time to talk to you. I’ve been a big fan, as you know.  Before we move to the past, let’s talk about the present.  You recently moved from Chicago to South Florida.  When did that happen and what was the reason for the move, besides warmer winters?

NS: It's great to finally do this interview, as I know we both have pretty busy schedules. I ended up relocating to South Florida at the beginning of July(2016). Of course warm winters is a huge draw, but there are other opportunities down here I wanted to explore. Mistress Michelle Lacy created The Order of Indomitus events which I, as well as Ms. Lydia Supremacy, have been a part of since the beginning. I wanted to work more closely with Mistress Michelle on these events-something that's much easier to do if we're in the same state. She and I also love doing double sessions together, and have the unique opportunity to do extended sessions outdoors. The combination of many fellow latex fetishists being around as well as Fetish Factory events is excellent as well. There are various filming opportunities too. I also love the ocean, so, I developed some new hobbies.

dv: I can relate to the love of the ocean. Sadly, my ocean is the Pacific and you’re so far away.  Have you ever been to Vancouver, Canada, and to which locations have you travelled?  Do you travel much currently? Do you have anything booked for 2017 or are you just too busy to get away?  I’m sure sessions, events, and producing video all allow little time for things like, you know, sleep?  Do you have a favorite place to visit?  I have mentioned I’ll put you up at my place anytime, right?  Tell us a bit about your new hobbies as well. ;)

dv: It sounds like you've had some great adventures and I hope you take me up on the offer.  I have a big place on the side of the mountain, with nothing but forest out my backdoor... and still only a five minute drive from the coffee shop.  Let's go back a bit.  Tell us about where you’re originally from and what may have helped shape you into deciding to become a Pro Domme.  Did you bully the boys in your school days or would people from back then be shocked to learn that this is what you’re doing now?  Were you voted Most likely to become a Pro Dominatrix in high school perhaps?

NS: It sounds like you have a lovely landscape along the way just enough of the outdoors, but close enough to enjoy other things as well. I do love coffee!

I am originally from the Chicago area. While young I had—and still do have–a very active mind which needed to be stimulated. This resulted in my tearing through books as well as being involved in a variety of activities. Music and theater were balanced with soccer, track, and cross country running. In general, I was as aggressive in creative pursuits as I was on the soccer field and in races. I learned pretty quickly if I kept my grades up and was quiet in class, I could get away with a lot. So yes, I did chase down the boys who picked on my girlfriends and I...never getting into trouble. Though my Mother did tell me it wasn't proper to give a, "death stare" to those I didn't like when I was very young. Through artistic pursuits I was exposed to all manner of things, and I started having fantasies of tying people up as a teenager. Some girlfriends and boyfriends were into my experimentation, but others were not. When I started my undergraduate degree I befriended a couple much older than me. They took me into kinky stores, and attempted explaining the lifestyle to me. As a busy college student, I didn't dive in right away. It wasn't until an extremely nervous partner expressed that he was submissive things started to fall into place. I had a partner who knew what he was into, had already explored within the lifestyle, and we could talk openly about the things I wanted to learn as a Dominant. That relationship helped point me in the right direction regarding resources locally. Shortly after this the company I was doing my internship with folded. I started thinking, "what is something I would like to try while I'm young? What are my passions?" At that time I really loved everything I was learning about BDSM as a whole. I ended up looking online at commercial dungeons in Chicago. Having no idea whether or not Jade's Dungeon was hiring, I sent an email introducing myself and inquiring about employment. The owner asked for photos, and scheduled an interview. I was hired on the spot.

To finish up my degree I had to make a documentary. I decided to make it about BDSM and received consent to film certain people and scenes in the dungeon. My professor never wanted to place limits on me regarding the content. This quickly became a problem when the university censored the public screening of my film. While I did make certain edits so I could have my film shown-and therefore graduate on time-this paved the way for certain conversations with family members. My film ended up being my, "coming out" as a kinky young woman. They weren't surprised. I definitely thanked my college professor for her brazen conversations with the dean of the university and standing up against censorship. Her actions and the sessions I was having at the time fueled my drive to continuously give a place of acceptance for others.

dv: Wow, that’s sort of like having a University degree in Dominatrix! How many people can say that?  Talk about some of your early experiences as a Pro Domme, surprises, memorable experiences, things like that, and is there anyone you can really point to as being your most important mentor?

NS: The overlapping of my undergraduate studies and Professional Domination could be seen as that. There were some very valuable lessons.  My early experiences were varied. It was a very fascinating time at Jade's when I started there. Mistress Arika from Tokyo(now retired) had been visiting Chicago before I started working there. During her visits I asked if I could sit in some of her sessions. A few of them were done completely in Japanese. She became one of my rope bondage mentors. Mistress Jillian(also retired) taught me more than I could possibly express in this interview! Within my first year there we had a masochist book a weekend long session centered around caning and interrogation. Every Lady at the dungeon was a part of it. The aim was to keep him disoriented-never knowing what was next. We only allowed him bread and water per his request. Showers were with cold water and supervised. This will always stand out for me due to the intensity, length, and camaraderie with all the Women involved.

dv: Wow, I suspect he was a better man for it, but enough about him, lol. I gather you're very much a sadist.  What sort of pain do you enjoy inflicting on a slave?

NS: Yes, I identify as a consensual sadist as well as many other things. While I love caning and bullwhipping, there are many other implements and scenarios that fuel my passions. Predicament bondage has to be mentioned here! The combination of control I have, pain and discomfort of the bottom/sub/slave, and "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation expresses a variety of my interests well. It's also a great way to leave lasting reminders on someone without physically marking him.

dv: What other fetishes do you most enjoy?

NS: Latex definitely tops my list of fetishes. I love wearing it, putting others in it, and using it for bondage. Encasement must be included as well. I love using all sorts of materials for encasement, and take pride in meticulously creating that silhouette of a helpless human. High heels, boots, gloves, and stockings must be added as well. I could definitely go on, but think the media I've been in and created shows examples of my fetishes.

dv: Do you have a live in slave and what are your thoughts on the whole concept of someone living 24/7 in that capacity? I know it’s a fantasy for many.

NS: I do not currently have a 24/7 live-in slave, but did at one point. This is definitely not for everyone who fantasizes about it. All too often the fantasies cloud practicality. What happens when other aspects of life throw curve balls? This is essential to consider. There is a huge difference between long term consensual power exchange and codependency. Typically the inquiries from those seeking 24/7 slavery have been from individuals who aren't employed and don't have many financial resources. They're primarily looking to have someone take care of them and provide free housing. All too often what is slavery to one person is not the same to another either. An individual may think being a slave centers around specific kinky interests and not imagine actually being of service. In general, positive examples of 24/7 live-in slavery are very rare.

dv: Yes, that makes sense.  I guess that's the real beauty of seeing a Pro Domme though. It can be as real as you like, but for only an hour or a few hours at a time, or maybe even a weekend. You do extended sessions as well; is that correct?

NS: Oh yes, it's definitely real! For many it's important to compartmentalize in life. Whether it's an hour, multiple hours, or even a whole weekend there are responsibilities people must eventually get back to. Though that time away can be cathartic and necessary to reset one's self. I love extended sessions for those very reasons-it's an immersion where time evaporates. A variety of things can be explored and the pace doesn't feel rushed. There's time to feel truly helpless in bondage and/or focus on the service aspects of slavery while be corrected for missteps. Certain sessions fit nicely within the hour time frame, however, I do love extended sessions!

dv: What advice do you have for someone reading this who has never seen a Pro Domme and is trying to build up the courage to call you?

NS: Everyone who sessions was at one point in your shoes. At one point everyone was nervous, excited, and perhaps attempted to put their desires out of their minds. One of the worst things is to feel regret-to feel like we missed out on opportunities because of fear. You never know what will happen next, and I'd hate to see an individual never be able to session due to declining health, an accident, or some other negative circumstance. When you are ready, read my whole website. Follow my protocol and plan ahead. Take into account anything you'd like to ask and breathe. It's far easier to write an email than to be put on the spot during a phone call, so, I prefer novices to make initial contact via email.

dv: Showing up on time and odor free would seem like common sense but are there other tips you can offer prospective clients?

NS: Make sure to be well hydrated and to have eaten a light snack beforehand. Trim finger and toenails especially if our session will involve rubber bondage of some kind. Reread any particular instructions I've given via email, as I often mention things that are session specific.

dv: In the early days when we did these interviews, we would ask for a website URL and an email address but social media is a big part of the business now.  What are the various platforms you use and what is the best route someone should take to contact you?

NS: It's interesting you mention this, as I like to use social media as a bridge to my website rather than being contacted for sessions through direct messaging on social media. I'm on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Fetlife, and Facebook. I prefer all session inquires be sent to my email address:

Social media is a great way to see various kinky things I'm doing, stay up to date on announcements, and see what FemDom clips have been released. My website reflects any announcements as well, though social media gives extra insight into my personality.

dv: : Is there anything else you would like to mention that I’ve overlooked?

NS: Stay tuned to my website and social media for upcoming travel announcements, Ladies I do double sessions with, video updates, and other information. I also offer distance training, and those not local to South Florida are welcome to inquire about setting up a distance training program.

dv: Thanks so much for your time.  I appreciate it very much and wish you continued success!

NS: Thank you very much for this interview, dickie! It's always a pleasure to correspond with a perv such as yourself. ;)

dv: blush (blush)

March 23, 2017