An Interview With The Fabulous Goddess Lilith

sb: Goddess Lilith, i am so excited to interview You! Please tell us a little about Your background. Where are You originally from?

GL: My pleasure, slavey. Born and raised in Boston, but I wouldn't exactly call Myself a "Boston Girl". I dislike it here and will be relocating to a warmer climate soon. A Goddess like Myself deserves to lounge around nude whenever She so chooses - instead of being bundled down in layers of awful, constricting clothing.

sb: Oh yes, i so agree!. Please describe Your style of Domination?

GL: I am quite cruel, and mean, most of the time. I have a quick temper and get angry when My needs are not being met. I also take great joy in laughing at morons and dishing out elaborate and humiliating punishments to disobedient, or simply stupid slaves. However, once a slave has established a relationship with Me, I can often be very kind, and caring. I do care about My pets, and try to give each one of them some attention regularly. Everyone is different, and as a Scorpio Woman, I am able to adapt Myself quite easily to the personalities and traits of individual submissives.

Here is something that one of My collared boys wrote about Me recently:
"She is both tremendously sadistic and demanding as i think She really takes great pleasure in assigning tasks to me, and when i fail to complete something to Her expectations (i am merely human after all), She always has devious punishments to execute. The maniacal laughter while She is telling me what i am to do or while she is examining my work is proof of Her enjoyment.

As if that wasn't enough, She also perfectly blends Good and Evil. When She is pleased, She is beyond generous and takes on the persona of a irresistibly cute Princess. This of course has a Pavlovian effect that only reinforces my desire to do more. i've never known someone that not only combines two polar opposites, but that also switch between the two immediately (and appropriately)."

I think this says it rather well!

sb: i know You also are a famous model and cam star. Please tell us about that!

GL: Ahhh yes. Proud to be of the net's original "camgirls"; I started all the way back in 1999. An interesting world unfolded in front of Me, which led Me down many paths, including the one I am on now. I've done many interviews and have appeared on screen to talk about My webcam endeavors and expertise! In 2004 I began modeling, and eventually became a model for Boston's "Foot Night", and was instantly hooked. I quickly became very active in the BDSM lifestyle and soon began to realize My TRUE Power, thanks in a big way, to Foot Night!

sb: When did You also start abusing losers online?

GL: I've been abusing losers online since 1999. There are so many worthless, insolent, rude boys out there, and lots of them would message Me on Yahoo, before I made My screenname private. I would screenshot conversations with them and post them on My website, along with their contact information for the world to see. To remove this information from My website would cost them money, and most of them would pay it quickly. Those who didn't would have to deal with the humiliation of having their personal information and sometimes photos, posted on My website for thousands of people to laugh at every week. I'd post their Yahoo names and have My fans harass them endlessly - I'm sure they thought twice about being rude to another Woman online again! That was only the beginning, though. Soon, tons of pathetic little morons approached Me to try and entertain Me by doing stupid shit on their webcams. LOL. There is an endless sea of them out there!

sb: Please tell me, what type of sessions You offer?

GL: I've been doing R/T for 3 years, and webcam for almost 9. Online, My personal favorite is body worship and tease, and I'm VERY good at it. Stupid little boys fall all over themselves while staring at My perfect body. I love teasing them while reminding them they'd never be able to touch Me or even get CLOSE to Me in real life. Sometimes... I reward them with special peeks if they buy Me enough presents from My wishlist... but only the best little moneypigs get such an honor from ME! I also love humiliation, and sissification - when I've had a stressful week, it's great to laugh at a silly little sissy dressed up in frilly panties and a stuffed bra, while dancing to some cheesy dance music!

In R/T, I just love beating the shit out of bad little bitches while they cough up their money and beg for more. I also LOVE trampling and stomping on human rugs. It's so much fun to take out My pent-up aggression on them!

sb: What are Your specialties?

GL: TRAMPLING, humiliation, mind fucking, wallet draining, sissification and... being SPOILED and bratty, of course...

sb: well that goes without saying! Do You allow Your ATM slaves to have the honor of paying a bill for You?

GL: I much prefer to go shopping with My human ATMs, but of course, BILLS are a very unpleasant part of life that must be dealt with, first and foremost. Rent is *very* expensive where I live, so I make sure it is taken care of, usually through the efforts of multiple ATMs. I am an Exquisite Beautiful Goddess, I should not have to toil away, working some awful job that stresses Me out or makes Me stand on hours for end on My pretty little Princess Feet! I have spent too much of My young teenage and adult life doing so, and I NEVER want to have to go back to that miserable lifestyle AGAIN! I have a page where a certain bill can be "adopted" and taken over on a monthly basis, and some of those bills are still looking to be adopted, boys!

If you can't handle the commitment of taking on a monthly expense, then just deposit some cash into My Amazon, Niteflirt, or Paypal account, and continue about your day ... knowing that you have made your Goddess happy, by ensuring She doesn't have to worry over mundane and troublesome things like electricity and heating bills!

sb: Do You enjoy using cuckold slaves?

GL: I just LOVE making My LOSER cucky slaves pay for expensive dinner dates or weekend getaways for Me and a worthy Lover!! In fact, I just had a very lovely 2-day getaway in a nice motel with a heart-shaped hottub that was funded completely by some of My subs. It was absolutely Divine, and even better, knowing it was all paid for by My slaves. WE had an amazing and HOT couple of nights. For My very addicted Cuckold boys, I will send them a graphic, detailed account of My activities with a REAL man, so they can cry, masturbate, or
whatever the fuck they like to do (they're all different). I may even send a picture or two, or even an audio snippet of My activities to REALLY torment them with

This is one of My favorite types of D/s relationship, boys, so if you're reading and want to get in on this, I'm always looking to have more sizzlingly sexy dates on YOUR money! Go to niteflirt for the payment button, or contact Me to send cash directly in the mail or through PP.

Sometimes, I make My live-in stay in his bedroom downstairs from Mine, when I come home after a date, so he can listen to My passionate activities upstairs, and be sad that he could never have such an honor with Me! hahaha! For very good Internet slaves, sometimes I may let them listen in to Me in the throes of passion, via Niteflirt or Talk Sugar, provided they cough up a nice hefty Tribute first - and then of course publicly thank Me for the honor, on My website or web group.

sb: Awesome! Do You have any personal slaves? Please tell us about them.

GL: I currently Own 3 collared bitches - one who is a live in, and takes care of all of the chores and mundane expenses. It's nice to have him around - I haven't had to change any cat litter, wash dishes, or touch any filthy garbage in over a year. I keep him in his place, and he is happy to have a purpose in his otherwise meaningless little life. My longest collared slave, rimmon, has been serving Me for almost 4 years, he has proven himself worthy of being collared with many years of hard work and dedication... and of course, a fat paycheck to devote to his Goddess every month.

My other collared pet is overseas, and is always very busy with his work. I am what brightens his lonely days, and he has been a very loyal pet indeed. He loves to shower Me with gifts and flowers, and of course he helps pay some of My expenses every month like a good minion is expected to. The rest of the boys in My stable, are simple pets - they are not
collared, but they're good little underling minions anyway. I am extremely selective in whom I collar; I require a long period of obedient servitude before putting a pet under consideration of such an honor, so you can rest assured it is one that I don't allow many to have.

sb: i know You love humiliation scenes. Please tell us a good one You had with a loser?

GL: I love to take out My anger and frustration on a loser, handcuffed to a chair, while I verbally rape him. I also enjoying throwing objects at said loser, like eggs, tomatoes, rotten food - whatever is handy. Of course the slave must thank Me throughout his torment, and then clean it all up afterwards, sometimes with his mouth if I'm feeling really nasty that day.

I also love to bring ATMs out to the mall with Me, and I strictly enforce a leash rule - if you're going to be seen out in public with MY Beautiful Self, it's going to be clear to everyone, what O/our association is. I can't be walking around in public with some pathetic loser, and having people think that he and I are a couple! How atrocious! Lots of boys are very uncomfortable and embarrassed being led around in public by Me... it brings Me joy seeing their faces all red while I parade them around! hahaha.

sb: Very cool Goddess! Do You enjoy water sports?

GL: I don't particularly enjoy GS as I find it messy, but I sure do give them in some of My R/T sessions, if the loser is willing to pay the hefty fee for such a Divine treat from his Goddess!

sb: Your legs and feet are absolutely exquisite. Do You enjoy foot worship?

GL: Why thank you! Of course I enjoy foot worship - it's how I first became involved in the lifestyle. What Woman wouldn't appreciate a nice, long, foot rub after a long day? But, you'd better keep that tongue in your filthy little mouth, piglet, or you'll get a nice sharp kick to the face from Me!

sb: Understood, Goddess! What is the greatest thrill You get from Domination?

GL: I am in complete control, which is what I am accustomed to in all aspects of My life even aside from BDSM. I ALWAYS get My way, no matter what it takes. I love watching boys turn into pathetic little worms, groveling at My feet, doing whatever it is My heart desires. I especially love business men who come to see Me - it's given Me a whole new outlook... you never know who you're sitting next to on the train, or standing behind at a line for a restaurant... businessmen ALWAYS seem to have dark, twisted desires. I don't look at any of them the same way anymore!

sb: What is Your opinion of slaves who try to top from the bottom?

GL: Foolish! Know your place, dog! Act in such a foolish manner, and you are ejected quickly from My world. I don't have time for such garbage.

sb: i know You specialize in Financial slavery. Do You offer monthly payment schedules for losers as well as drive by wallet rapings?

GL: Money bitches are expected to cough up every week; some of My ATM's are on monthly payments. If I have something coming up that I'm especially needing funds for (like trips, or a new sexy piece of fetish wear) I have a couple of losers who's accounts I have access to, and I simply drain their cash as needed - sometimes dropping them a nice little email saying something like, "Thanks for the new dress, it's lovely!" haha. Sometimes I even send them some pictures and/or video clips of Me wearing or using what I bought with their money.

sb: i know it is an honor for a pathetic loser to be used by You. What criteria do You use to decide if a slave who has asked to serve You is truly worthy?

GL: First of all, he must be at least semi-intelligent, and if he isn't, he must have VERY deep pockets in order for Me to put up with his sorry ass. Secondly, he must be committed, and faithful to ME, and only Me, unless I give him permission to spoil one of My girlfriends, on a rare occasion. Third, he must have something valuable to offer Me on a regular basis - be that money, knowledge in certain areas, a car I can use whenever I want, or special skills that I can make use of. No matter what, he MUST be able to follow simple tasks from Me - or else be prepared for quick exile. I have absolutely no patience for slaves who cannot follow SIMPLE instructions to keep Me happy -- Just empty your wallet and get the hell out of My sight!!!

Sometimes, I look for new little piggies to use in My videos or photos - of course they must pay for this honor - but I'm not quite as picky with My little bitch models since I tend to use them and then just discard them like the piece of garbage that they are.

sb: What type of cam shows do You offer?

GL: Body worship, tease, and denial - My favorite!! I also love humiliation cam-to-cam sessions where some silly loser pig is dressed in frilly pink undies dancing around like an idiot while he gets to see My pretty face LAUGHING at him, hahaha. If he has a smoking fetish, I'll smoke on cam for him as well.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

GL: Money. Cold hard CA$$$H! MONEY is what makes the world go round, and I know My own needs better than anyone else, and therefore know where to best allot your tribute. I suppose roses are always nice, if you really INSIST on a gift... but let Me just say it again, My favorite form of tribute is CURRENCY! Life is full of expenses as well as pleasures, you know - I need to be able to take care of both - so open up that wallet and hand it over like a good boy!

sb: Do You attend any public functions where Your many fans can meet You?

GL: Yes, I do! I often appear at many of the fetish events New England has to offer, sometimes even as a performer! My RSS newsfeed is the best place to find out about My public appearances (found on My portfolio website linked below)!

sb: Do You also work with Women and couples?

GL: I do work with some girls, although they are much harder to find, generally. I don't usually work with couples, I'm not a marriage counselor.

sb: Please tell us about all Your fabulous websites?

GL: HERE is the main part of My Online Empire. This is where you will go to worship Me DAILY and find out when/where I post updates, new content, links to all of the other places you can find Me on the web, and info on where My next event appearances may be. you can also access My premium content here, instead of paying for individual clips and photos on the other sites I list them on. Any would-be slave who wants to be under serious consideration must join My Members area. HERE is My modeling and acting portfolio site, with information on My Professional work - I keep this site relatively vanilla, and it is for listing My credentials and accomplishments in the entertainment industry. A good place to visit and find out some of My background outside of the fetish world, and to stay updated on My live performances/appearances.

sb: Do You have a Myspace and mydommespace where slaves can worship You?

GL: Check these links that include My modeling profile, My music profile, which is full of hateful anthems directed at the scum who walk this Earth - death metal from a BRUTAL Goddess, if you can handle it and My Domme Space.

sb: Could You post some wish lists that lucky slaves can click to tribute You?

GL: HERE is where you will find this info, if the following links ever change check My main wishlist, but make sure to check out all the different categories, on the left side so that you can see the FULL list! Also, My cash collection page, TRIBUTE OFTEN and even anonymously!

sb: What is Your favorite type of clothing?

GL: I love vinyl, leather, and latex!

sb: If someone gave You 1 million dollars what would You spend it on?

GL: First, I'd pay off My college tuition and buy Myself a nice car, and a nice home. I would donate quite a bit of it to different charities (rainforest protection, cancer, and animal rescues as a start). I would give a nice chunk to My parents, for putting up with Me during My rambunctious teenage years, and then I'd spend the rest of My life traveling the world, buying beautiful things for Myself at every stop.

sb: Do You have a clips4sale store and youtube?

GL: Of course youtube is HERE for My free clips, and C4S is HERE where you can go and buy videos of My Hotness NOW, that's an order!

sb: Yes Goddess! Have You travelled extensively?

GL: Why yes I have, and I simply adore traveling. I've been all over the USA (just this summer I went on tour with a band I am affiliated with, and we went across the entire continent!), I love Canada, and I've had the pleasure of spending an entire week in none other than Amsterdam. It was so lovely. I want to continue traveling and visiting other places as much as possible! Fund My traveling adventures, loserbois!!

sb: Do You offer chastity training for losers?

GL: Indeed I do, I find it ever so delightful - but only with a slave I am in a developed relationship with. I could really care less about the sexual activities of My mere playtoys.

sb: What type of luxuries do you enjoy?

GL: I love to travel. I dislike staying in one place for too long, and feeling stagnant. As mentioned previously, I love going on SEXY dates with a Lover and spending slaves' money doing it! Like most humans, I also enjoy fine dining, and I adore trips to the spa. I would love to be able to go on a weekly basis. I lead a very hectic life and pampering time is essential to My well-being. Wouldn't you like to be the one to provide it for Me?

sb: Oh wow, thank You so much for this great privilege of interviewing You for dickievirgin, Goddess! Please tell us how slaves can contact You?

GL: Register on My lifestyle website, and leave Me a comment. you can also search for Lilith Astaroth if you seek more information on Me. if you want My yahoo ID, you'll have to make a tribute up front! If I gave that info out to just anyone, I'd be up to My ears in pathetic losers with nothing to offer! I suppose, JUST for readers of this interview, you may contact Me here but you'd better put "I read Your interview by slave bruce" in the subject line, or it will likely be deleted, and you'd better have sent a proper tribute before daring to contact Me there! I always enjoy cards and hand-written letters (but make sure there's something IN them, of course), and you may send them here:
Goddess Lilith Astaroth
PO Box 960521
Boston, MA 02196-0521

sb: Very good Goddess! Is there anything else You would like to add in closing?

GL: There is always room in My stable for WORTHY minions and underlings. If you are truly dedicated, hard-working, and are prepared to provide for a real Goddess you may approach Me, but be aware that I truly loathe having My time wasted, as I have very little time to waste. I am a busy Goddess, and if you waste My time you will anger the Gods Themselves. That being said, I treat the trusted minions in My Empire very well. Visit all of the links I have provided in this interview, and know My website and My work inside and out before you contact Me. Cucky boys and ATMs will have priority. You know the saying, MONEY TALKS. And, if you're too chicken shit to actually contact Me then BUY MY VIDEOS and PICTURES. Join My members area of My site. Listen to My audio recordings on Niteflirt of My Sexxy Voice. I'll never even have to know you exist, and you will still be paying Homage to My Perfect, Beautiful Self.

December 30, 2008