Name Location Picture Description
Who desires to be dominated or initiated into BDSM and all kinds of fetish play by a young and sexy Pro?
Divine Dominican Dominatrix with a sharp wit and whip. Beg at Her altar.
Cruel & Sadistic Dominatrix to worship, endure, & serve on your knees. Mainly enjoys playing with kinksters who think of the brain as their biggest sex organ!
Divine disciplinarian sadist and THE one for you to worship. Specializes in foot fetish and is also into strict domination sessions as well as S&M play!
BBW Punk Bully Bitch... intelligent and witty comedian, sexy slut, and playful trickster Goddess.
Cruel man-eating Seductress who finds pleasure in physical and psychological domination. Dominant and alluring, sadistic yet sensual...
World Class Mistress of international renown who has practised the delicate art of BDSM since 1998. Dominates with finesse, not vulgarity.
Dominatrice et Dresseuse de mâles
Sexy, sophisticated, intelligent, and very physical.
Experience an intoxicating FemDom journey with a Professional Dominatrix.
Professional Dominatrix and Sadist. She's a strict and severe Mistress who loves to break men in two... once you enter Her world, you never leave!
Beautiful Montreal-based Russian Dominatrix. Kneel before Her and beg Her to bring your fantasy to reality!
Looking for new charms? Abandon yourself and please Her...
It’s time to refresh your training with the strictest Domme in Montreal... a professional in the entertainment arts of Domination, BDSM, and Fetish!
The House of Mistress X houses Montreal’s most gorgeous, naturally superior, no-bullshit Dominatrices.
Her heart fills with wicked pleasure when she provokes and excites her submissives.
Her personal hot button is rope. She occasionally loves playing the stern teacher, harsh military captor, or evil nurse!