Under This Big Luscious Ass Of Mine

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This is a low res 90 second preview of the clip 'Under This Big Luscious Ass Of Mine' which you can see in full HERE!

The scene opens with sexy young Goddess Mia already ass smothering her slave.  “One of my favorite things to do is to make a slave fight for air” she says.  Her big luscious ass is a real wonder of the world and slaves will pretty much do anything to be underneath it.  She mentions how it turns her on to see a slave frantically kicking to breathe.  Over a minute into the scene she finally gets up and gives him his first breath.  As she leans forward, she hikes up her skirt to reveal a hot red G-string.  Her ass cheeks look amazing!  She makes the slave beg for more and he does so in the whiniest way possible, which Mia just loves.  She wants to know he’s desperate to be smothered below her; to willingly be denied air for the honor and pleasure of knowing her ass is on his face.   

She hops back on and soon the slave is fighting to breathe once more.  She does some great bounces on his face.  Higher and higher she goes, as he sucks for air with each bounce.  She rides him like an amusement park ride and her ass is as it moves up and down until she finally allows her full weight to rest on his face.  She slaps his cock as he kicks, then reverses her position and bounces again.  The bed squeaks as if a couple were fucking but that’s not the case here!  She’s fucking with her slave until she decides to give him the ultimate smother.  She encourages him by saying “Make your Mistress proud” then lets him flail for quite some time, before finally letting him breathe... but only for a second, until she sits back down on him again.  She reminds him that she makes all the decisions, including when he’s permitted to breathe.  Finally, she extends her legs in front of her  in order to provide maximum weight on his face.  The slave kicks and kicks, which only causes Mia to giggle.  She says “Maybe I’ll play with myself”, which makes her forget she even has a slave under her.

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