Teaching you how to smoke turns into a snogging lesson

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Includes – adult role play – POV sex – Momma's boy – stepmom fetish – ebony MILF – cock tease – POV kissing – smoking teaching – taboo!
Ava tries really hard to be a good stepmom, but sometimes it just seems so hard! Having been pulled out of London by her much older husband, she clearly struggles with the country lifestyle she must now endure. Try as she might, a couple of bad habits aren't going away in a hurry – Ava enjoys the occasional smoke and sip of alcohol. She makes sure to indulge in these guilty pleasures only when there's no one else in the house, since her husband disapproves so much of her 'bad old habits'... besides it would be a bad influence on her stepson – you.
Ava just happens to be taking an afternoon break in the kitchen to enjoy her cigarette and whisky when you walk in on her.  She doesn't notice you for quite a while – so engrossed is she in her naughty treats – and she's noticeably flustered when you cough to announce your presence. The look on her face says it all but she pleads with you anyway, not to give up the game to your old man.
You think this might be your lucky break.  You've been dying to learn how to smoke. You've seen it on the telly and it always looks so cool.  She's reluctant at first but soon realizes she has no choice but to let you have your way. You like this new side of your stepmom. She actually seems like a normal person and not like a mirror fuddy duddy of the old man. As you talk to her, you open up some more and tell her your darkest secret – you've never kissed a girl before. Life has always been about school and studying, and your old man wants you to take over in the business, so you don't get out much. She's shocked! After all, you're a grown boy, she says to you... surely, you've tried chatting up a girl or two in your life? Nope...
Ava has an unconventional suggestion that might help. She's willing to pretend to be a girl you like so you can practise what to say to her and chat her up. You're up for this and give it your best go, but, sadly you're too uptight and clumsy. She has another idea that might help loosen you up. If you imagine kissing her – the golden prize if you win the girl – then you might feel a bit more confident. When you tell her you've never kissed a girl in your life, however, the shock on her face is clear!
Would you like to learn how to kiss then?
The words are out before either of you can take them back.
You dumbly nod your head and there's no going back on it now. Your stepmom does her best to keep the mood innocent and practical, but as soon as you lock lips, a surge of chemistry runs through both of you. Neither of you stops what happens next, as closed-lip kissing turns to deep French snogging. When she asks if you've ever done more than kiss, your inevitable answer only causes you to tumble further into sweetest taboo.
Before either of you realize what's going on, your stepmom is on her knees with your cock in her hands. She slides you into her mouth and you feel like you're going to explode deep into her mouth. You can't help yourself! You need to know what it feels like to go even further, what it feels like to do what you should be doing, now that you're a big boy.  When she lets you finger her pussy, you know she's about to give you the full round of sex education. Sticky fingers are followed by a dripping wet cock. You groan as you feel her pussy spread around your virgin cock. So hot, so wet, so inviting, those gorgeous wide hips of hers sliding up and down, pulling you deeper and deeper into your wonderful loving stepmom...

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