Stages of Bimbofication- Extended Preview by Maya Sinstress

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Stages of Bimbofication Preview-
In this 30+ minute video, Maya Sinstress physically and mentally feminizes you to your fullest sissy potential. Admit you are not a real man and you need to be transformed into a bimbo. You can't keep faking it for much longer. Sinstress strips you of your masculine attire. She cuts up all your boxes since you won't be needing those anymore. You will now be wearing panties for the rest of your life. You will train with falsies and a bra until your natural breasts grow from female hormones. Miss Maya will do your makeup and give you huge lips until it's time for you to get lip injections. Once you fully look the part, Sinstress teaches you how to be the biggest bimbo whore. You will be gag trained until you learn how to master deep throating. Your ass will be stretched until you can gape for huge dick. Once you are physically and mentally trained, Sinstress is going to make you a true whore. You will have to service all the alpha cocks. You are so excited from your feminization training. Sinstress will allow you to stroke for this last time. But, it's anal orgasms only from here on out. Now, eat up your cum!
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