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Sara Lips is ripping through this planet of ours like a rare comet, and lands here with cruelty, hurting poor Charles, who realizes early that he is outclassed and out-muscled by the hot Irish girl. Sara is so pretty with her long brown hair and wide open eyes. She yanks up on his trach with forearm jolts, then takes him down in a rear naked choke that showcases her incredible arm muscles. She does everything with violence. She hurts his trach with a jerk; she hurts his back by slamming up on a locked-on camel clutch. 

They each know she's stronger as she seems to try to break his back. She throws him over like a feather; she drops her shin across his throat, and presses down -- a machine of mean. She steps and jumps on him. Sits her olympic ass reverse on his face and punches him in the stomach. She pours power down with her forearm, drives him into her muscular ass with her huge calves. 

Sara has incredible calves -- some of the most impressive and outsized in this thing. She makes him kiss the bottom of her shoe. HOM as she sits on top of him, pinning him, hurting him; he's purple. All she wants to do is hurt him. Again, she seems to try to snap his back in a Boston crab. A body splash takes his wind. She wants him to look at her as his eyes fade, demands it, and is annoyed when he doesn't. 

Sara Lips is stacked and beautiful and smart as a lash, and she is a sadist with ability. A brilliant and violent debut here by the star Irish bitch, Sara Lips. 

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