Paddling two naughty boys

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Ms. Kimi's son had his friend stay over last night and they camped out in the backyard. She thinks She can trust them since they're both over eighteen. Unfortunately, She's proven wrong. As She fixes her son's friend Steven breakfast, the neighbor calls to ask if She has seen the police canvassing the neighborhood. They're looking for two tall males who were spotted spray painting one of the houses down the street. It just so happens to be the neighbor Her son hates. Ms. Kimi puts two and two together and is able to speculate about who has done this. 
When She asks Steven what he and her son got up to last night, he doesn't have much to say. She looks at him more closely and discovers orange spray paint on his hand! That explains the odd way they smelled when they'd come in to use the restroom last night. She presses him for details and flat out asks him to confess, but he claims they didn't do it.  Ms. Kimi, however, knows they did.
He's being disrespectful to Her, with a smart mouth and bad attitude. She bends him over Her kitchen counter and removes Her paddle, which hangs from its place on the wall, thinking this will intimidate the boy into confessing. When he says he doesn't t know what She's talking about, Ms. Kimi decides She's flat out had it, and begins paddling him overtop his pants, underwear, and finally on his bare bottom. She punishes him with the paddle until his bottom is purple and looks quite painful.
Now that Steven has been dealt with, She sends him to fetch Her son, who's been sleeping. Jason comes out and has the audacity to complain about how awkward it is that She has spanked his friend! She doesn't t waste any time bending him over the table, chastising him, and paddling his bare fanny with the same paddle She used on Steven, until his hiney is bruised and sore. When She decides he's had enough, She sends Steven home, letting him know She will be calling his mother. 
Steven takes his time going home, knowing Jason's mom is going to call his mother. He's not looking forward to a second spanking on his more than raw behind. Sure enough, as soon as he walks in the door, he finds his mom waiting for him with the hair brushes; not one but two! His attempts at humor only seem to make his mother more upset as she yanks his pants down and positions him firmly across her lap. She brings the hairbrush down with all the force she can muster and the pain sears across his backside as the hair brush blisters his skin.  He cries out in agony as she swings and the swats land on his bottom over and over, until he apologizes for what he's done.  

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