No Fuck Just Farts

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Kandy takes special pleasure in punishing losers who assume they can get into her pants. She invites one such loser over, who thinks he's scored a hot and quick piece of ass. The next thing he knows, however, he's waking up to find himself locked in her toilet box... and there's no way out! Kandy tells him he's not going to get what he expects, but rather, he's about to be buried in toxic farts. So you can both see and hear the farts, Kandy sits up off the back of the box, to begin. Her plump ass is a treasure to behold and she lets out a series of long farts that will excite any worm who knows subjugation in this form is what he needs. You are a lowly fart sniffer to a superior Woman. Watch closely as Her anus opens to expel each fart. Watch as Kandy moves her ass over the opening,and seals it tightly before continuing with more farts. Her v1ctim kicks frantically and begs to be let out, but Kandy is having none of it. She gasses him with one ripper after another – hot, juicy, Mexican fiesta food farts. In fact, she's farting so copiously that she believes she's about to sch1t! And look who's ready to receive the luscious tuurd! This is definitely a classic you will enjoy today and every day for years to cum.
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